19 thoughts on “Anybody Know Any Good Limericks?”

  1. A time ago in July
    The Navy had some brave guys

    they went to hostile shores
    and risked even more

    and returned back to the fleet
    and their mission was complete

    But this wasn't the end
    for someone had to pretend

    An ordinary failure
    of Dope Smoke stature

    Was watching the heroes
    Concerned about being a zero

    So Sitting on his perch
    A fatwon thought with a smirch

    Even back then
    stroking the double chin

    He decided to spin
    for what he thought was a win

    That he went ashore
    the silly lying whore

    claiming to dig in the rubble
    Till AB filed for the bubble

    The FOIA that said
    That this was a lie instead

    And that's the end of the story

  2. I'll try, but I'm not as good as all of you at this.

    Baby Hughie was a pervert,
    His family could plainly see,
    And when he raped a neighbor
    They all packed up to flee.

  3. That Gail was a crusty old whore
    Who never got weary or sore
    She never got sick
    Of sucking on dick
    That broad just kept begging for more!

  4. There once was a cuckhold named DUMBFUCK,
    He thought his failures were from bad luck.
    But he was too stupid to see,
    In-between bouts of fear pee,
    That everyone abandons him for a reason.

  5. There once was a seaman named Bill
    Who made semen a regular meal
    A sucker of dick
    A regular prick
    A cunt, a weasel, a heel.

  6. There once was a man with a complex
    who fantasized often of scout sex
    His proclivities (not well-hidden)
    lifted the lid on a midden,
    fantasies a normal man rejects.

  7. There once was a stupid dumb fuckwit,
    Who liked to examine his own shit.
    Rolled up in a ball,
    Then he sniffed it so all
    Of his readers would know all about it.

  8. There once was a stupid dumb fuckwit,
    Who was mailed Slovenian horseshit,
    The smell was so bad,
    He fell down the poor lad,
    Oh, wait, that was just Bill being a lying sack of shit as usual. Nevermind.

  9. Although she was nobody's looker
    Bill's wife was Elkridge's top hooker.
    With skilled lips, tongue and hand
    She was in such demand
    Ashley Mad'son was hired to book her.


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