Actually Now That I Think About It…

…this, while really fucking disgusting, is perfectly in line with DUMBFUCK’S other…predilections…9-30-2015 3-20-48 PM

But it sure isn’t very wise to admit that sort of thing about one’s own sister…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

4 thoughts on “Actually Now That I Think About It…”


    Another admission that William was needlessly harassing Patrick Grady.

    1. He's a fool, throwing around the "coward" canard.

      He should be down on his knees, thanking the relevant saints, and God himself, that John Hoge, the Causeys, Pat Grady, and AD are all civilized people who rely upon the courts to remind him of the basics of courteous behavior.

      He really should.

      1. This. The reason peace orders, restraining orders, etc exist is to provide a method way short of beating a twerp to a bloody pulp to get them to leave you alone.

      2. As Glenn Reynolds has recently posted, there is a social contract.

        The state will provide justice. And the people will seek justice through the courts, not the streets.

        If one fails, the other becomes an option.

        I will note once again, in passing, that WJJ Hoge is a far better man than I. He has my respect, I do not know I would have his patience.


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