10 thoughts on “What I'm Sure It Meant To Say Was…”

  1. I often wonder if it's possible for Dumbfuck to be more of a dumbfuck.
    Then he goes on to prove, not only is it possible, but entirely probable on any given day. Dumbfuck's gotta dunbfuck.

    Don't ever change. Dance, Dumbfuck, dance.

    1. And he thinks that these comments of ours somehow indicate "hurt fee fees". 😀

      If that's what he needs to think about hysterical zombie laughter to get him through the day, it's no skin off our noses. Though he might want to think twice about it - his idiotic pronouncements trying to prove that we're stupid invariably lead to yet more zombie laughter. 😀

    1. And those four tweets ending up proving exactly the same grammatical mistake as I had pointed out, that you can't prevail a thing upon a person. You can prevail upon a person to do a thing, but that verb is all important.

      Really, he has absolutely no reading comprehension skills whatsoever, and I don't think he can blame any of that on his PD.

  2. I'm not sure we need to go beyond the repeated and unambiguous admission that "I am an idiot." I would not have been that harsh myself (because he seems to have more brains, although perhaps less self control, than any other member of Team Kimberlin, including the CAPTAIN of the team, who has managed to spend much of his life in jail and seems as well to have screwed up his daughter's social life big time). But who am I to argue with someone with so much more intimate a knowledge of Willie's mental competence.


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