Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Gee, I’m trying to think of the last time I got tossed out of my own showplace tincasa by someone I get along great with and run out of an entire state with nothing but the clothes on my back…

Or when I watched my beloved wife pass through the bottom of a rocks glass, when I wasn’t too busy checking KREEEEEEEENDLEERRRRRR’S blog and tweeting about the death rattle that was ruining my podcast…

And I know for an absolute certainty that I never filed a lawsuit only to abandon that shit when it turned out my vaunted pro se proficiency wasn’t scaring anybody, and I had to dismiss with prejudice to avoid facing counterclaims and being laughed at by my puny pro se pedophile palsy walsy.

If a DUMBFUCK wants to talk cowardice, it should start there, don’tcha think?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. He is back to his old ways, just as many predicted. Judging by his attacks on Aaron the other day, he is scouring Twitter for his name. If only he knew that people discuss him all the time on Twitter, only they use nicknames. The photoshops can be pretty funny, too.

  2. Not using Twitter and not reading the blogs of Bumbling Bill, I am left guessing at the context of the latest posts here and at Billy Sez.

    In general, I am guessing that Blustering Bill has returned with his usual spew of racism and misogyny. More specifically, I am guessing he has threatened to go after agile dog and AD's wife because (a) agile dog, as a SUCCESFUL defendant in a suit that Witless Willie initiated, filed an exhibit that included a picture taken by and published by Willie, and (b) AD will not confirm that Grady is Krendler, a wholly unnecessary act because Willie the Witless already has asserted his knowledge that Grady is Krendler.

    How good is my guessing?

      1. Bob

        I have never tried Turtle Wax. Is it as tasty as Johnnie Walker Red? Am aquiver with as much anticipation as some are at the sight of a Cub Scout.

  3. We have found the root of BS's problems.

  4. Classic Hits, WMS-DB ‏@classichits365 14h14 hours ago

    When you don't drive, you go shopping when your sister has time to take you. I did get some nice shirts.

    No, you take the shuttle, bus, etc instead of being the dependent asshole you've been your whole life. When your wife was alive you had her stepping and fetching all the live long day. Once she passed you suddenly could take the train to Baltimore and walk a mile round trip to file you stupid lawsuit that you cowardly fled from. But now that you have someone else to step and fetch for you, you can't take the shuttle to Walmart to buy a shirt? Fucking lifetime loser right there folks. That is weapons grade dependence.

    1. True, that is weapons grade dependency, but no one has perfected a delivery vehicle. The rolly walker is just too limited...

      1. Don't you DARE shame the only effective limitation the Democrats ever got from Strategic Arms (well, legs) Limitations Talks. The Rolly Walker is the pinnacle of peaceful limitations.

        Too bad Rolly is the cousin of Bill's lawyer, Johnnie Walker, and his brother, Aaron, Bill's nemesis.

        I would cue up Dr. Horrible saying "Dude. You're not my nemesis." but I can't find just that clip. Besides, we've got three months now until Bill gets promoted to "some poser in a parka."

      2. And crutches don't count. Because as (thankfully) former Rep Carolyn McCarthy (DF, NY) said, nobody needs "that shoulder thing that goes up."


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