12 thoughts on “Wait…What?”

  1. Do you think he knows how to setup the microphone properly and refrains from eating food or slurping drinks during broadcasts?

    Are his thoughts coherent and organized for maximum entertainment value or are they jumbled and disorganized for maximum entertainment value?

    Do you think he used the insurance money to buy airtime or equipment?

    Is his broadcast sponsored by a terrorist pedophile bomber or child porn consumers?

    Do you think his family talks to him on a regular basis and in a cordial manner?

    Does he dip Snickers bars in jars of mayonnaise for a snack?

    Has he been on a Lebanese beach unarmed at one point in his life?

    Do the shocks on his car last more than 5,000 miles?

    Does he carry a Speed Graphic and tripod into hospital rooms to photograph the dead or dying?

    Would you consider the value of his wardrobe to be equal to or more than a tincasa in Maryland?

    Be Well. ;D

  2. Look what's second on the list over at Stacy McCain's:

      1. "This Ain't Hell" is the next stop when I can find a few minutes today. Let me know if you've already hit them up, Howard. If so, I won't bother them again. Also touched base with a friend who is a huge veterans' advocate via Twitter.

        There are a slew of folks out there who have very little tolerance for lying scumbags like BS. Oopsie Poopsie.


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