Intelligence operations take a long time to plan, develop and execute.

Team Pedo-Bomber, in their arrogance, believes they are some sort of PSYOP/HUMINT/SIGINT gurus with a monopoly on intelligence operations. Why should we stop them from believing anything else? After all if you think you are invincible you aren’t really putting up a defense. Or as Napoleon said, “Never interrupt with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Bill Schmalfeldt has, quite helpfully, placed so much of his own Personal Identifiable Information (PII) out on the internet since the early 2000’s that it was shocking to see it all. The independently run honeypot operation “March Madness” was not even the tip of the iceberg in the PII that Bill has placed in public domain. Despite having associations with people who, generally speaking, are pretty good with safeguarding their own PII, metadata and staying off the grid I don’t think any of them bothered helping Bill protect himself and one or two were actually helping out the opposition.

Nice friends you have there…;D

The information that follows is NOT about “some other William Schmalfeldt,” as it was obtained using his full name, date of birth, place of birth and exact service dates (04/09/1973 – 10/04/1985) among other PII he had left strewn in public places across the internet (proof that everyone has a purpose, even if it is only to serve as a bad example; seriously people—learn from his mistakes and guard your own PII). The majority of the information received from the federal government was then corroborated by other agencies, by his own public postings on forums, blogs and twitter and when possible re-verified with specific federal agencies.

Bill Schmalfeldt has been afforded all the due diligence in fact finding and verification prior to publication that he refuses to do on his own victims.


To begin, let’s look back at a special tweet Bill sent to the entity known as “A.B.” many moons ago:1

I think Bill had an inkling of what was going to happen, but good ops take time to develop, and lulling your enemy into the belief he has dodged something throws him off balance. Bill thought his long time secret was coming out then…oh no, Bill. Not at all.

Next, let us review the DD Form 214 posted by Bill Schmalfeldt’s alias “The Jovial One” on the website www.xmfan.com:


A DD Form 214 is the paperwork given to a veteran, which acts as his proof of service and verification of certain pertinent information on the service record. A service member will sit down and review with a personnel specialist the information contained on the DD 214 such as name, date of birth, SSN, rank at discharge, dates of service, awards and any remarks. Only after verifying that the document is true and complete will a service member sign it and a personnel specialist countersign it. The service member will receive copies of the DD 214, and copies also will be filed in his personnel records, which are forwarded to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis for permanent storage and archiving. These records are open to public inspection and are the property of the federal government – NOT the service member.

So in the case of Bill Schmalfeldt, he would have served his first enlistment (active duty 05/30/1973 – 05/29/1977) and then at separation reviewed and signed off on his DD 214. He received a copy, and NPRC received a copy for archiving. A few years later Bill served a second enlistment (active duty 01/08/1981 – 10/04/1985) where he again reviewed and signed off on his DD 214 at separation, received his copy, and NPRC got their copy for archiving. Please keep this in the back of your mind as you read on – there will be a quiz.

On Bill’s second enlistment DD 214 (above) we are concerned with several blocks – specifically, the blocks highlighted in red which–from top to bottom–are blocks 1, 4a, 4b, 5, 7, 11, 13, 21 and 30.

  • Block 1 contains his name: SCHMALFELDT, WILLIAM MATTHEW
  • Block 4a contains his grade, rate or rank: JO2
  • Block 4b contains his pay grade: E5
  • Block 5 contains his date of birth: 04 January 1955
  • Block 7 is last duty assignment or major command: in this case the USS Midway CV-41
  • Block 11 contains his primary military specialty: JO – 0090/0000
  • Block 13 contains his awards: Good Conduct Medal (First) 29 May 77, (Second) 07 Jan 85; National Defense Service Medal
  • Block 21 contains his signature validating the document as complete and true.
  • Block 30 contains his initials requesting a copy of the document.

For our purposes, the majority of these blocks validate the authenticity of the document as belonging to former JO2 William Matthew Schmalfeldt and reflecting the status of his record as of the end of his second enlistment in October 1985. However, even without this PII we can infer its authenticity because he voluntarily posted it online to prove his military service. The authenticity of this document or its contents is not in question, and they represent the facts of Bill Schmalfeldt’s military service.

However…there is a discrepancy between what appears on this document and Bill’s prior military service.

I direct your attention again to block 13 and ask you to note the awards it contains.

  1. Good Conduct Medal from 29 May 1977
  2. Good Conduct Medal from 07 Jan 1985
  3. National Defense Service Medal

This DD 214 accurately reflects the SUM TOTAL OF ALL AWARDS for his service from May 30, 1973 to May 29, 1977 and for January 8, 1981 to October 4, 1985. That is, in his first term of service in the 1970’s, he was awarded a single Good Conduct Medal plus the National Defense Service Medal, and in his second term of service he was awarded a second Good Conduct Medal.

Hell, even NPRC agrees by listing what awards he earned:


In fact, I had to verify with NPRC twice (and mind you, that is a 4-6 week turnaround each time) for proper due diligence and to give Bill the benefit of a doubt he absolutely does not deserve. NPRC re-verified his records and wouldn’t you know it, they found they were still right.

The National Defense Service Medal is the rock solid proof in this whole mess to show the Navy included his earlier service awards on the DD 214 for his second enlistment. The NDSM has only been awarded for FOUR PERIODS OF SERVICE and there are specific time frames defining those periods, as follows:

  1. Korean War period – June 27, 1950 – July 27, 1954
  2. Vietnam War period – January 1, 1961 – August 14, 1974
  3. Persian Gulf War period – August 2, 1990 – November 30, 1995
  4. Global War on Terrorism period – September 11, 2001 – Present Day

Service members who did not serve during the time periods listed did not receive the National Defense Service Medal – end of story. There are Marines who were wounded or killed in the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983 that were NOT ELIGIBLE for this particular medal by reason of being outside the award periods.

Bill was awarded the NDSM because he served during the Vietnam War eligibility period (January 1, 1961 through August 14, 1974) – he had enlisted on May 30, 1973. In fact Bill has mentioned in previous tweets that he claimed a 5 point veteran’s preference for federal hiring on that basis.


There is even a picture of Bill fresh from Navy boot camp in 1973 wearing his NDSM:


Why is this so important?

Because of the exclusive periods of eligibility for a NDSM, Bill COULD NOT HAVE EARNED ONE during his second enlistment from January 8, 1981 to October 4, 1985.  The NDSM had not been awarded since August 1974 and would not be awarded again until August 1990 – sixteen years later!

So, how can an award that he could not have earned in the 1980’s appear on his second DD 214 along with a Good Conduct Medal from his first enlistment? The answer is that the personnel clerk typing his second DD 214 was using his first DD 214 as the source document, transferring the awards from his first enlistment to his second DD 214 – if there were awards on the first, they were included on the second, and if there were not, the clerk certainly would not have added them.

From this, we can conclude that his second DD 214 is accurate in that those are his only awards for all periods of his service!

The easiest way for Bill to prove or disprove these questions about his award would be to simply produce a copy of the DD 214 from his first enlistment, right?

Unfortunately, when pressed on this point by A.B. in February of this year,  Bill claims he turned his one and only copy of that DD 214 in to the Office of Personnel Management to establish that he was in the navy during the 70’s:



We think it is much more likely that Bill knows what that earlier document will show – that he is entitled to only two awards: the Good Conduct Medal and the National Defense Service Medal. And that happens to jibe with the records the NPRC provided under an FOIA request of his records, and their own independent search of his records.

This leads to a very interesting question… if Bill’s official, verified, signed and countersigned, true and complete DD 214 AND the NPRC’s records both say he should only have TWO MEDALS/RIBBONS… which look like this:


Then why, at the beginning of his second enlistment, was he wearing 4 ribbons?



In this graduation photo from DINFOS School at Fort Benjamin Harrison, he was wearing the same 4 ribbons:


And he was still claiming them at the end of his enlistment in 1985:


Boy oh boy, was he wearing some extra salad in all those pictures. That looks like a Humanitarian Service Medal and a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. The HSM was awarded to personnel for their participation in Operation FLUID DRIVE in July 1976. The SSDR is awarded to any Sailor who deploys to sea for at least 90 days away from his homeport.

Unfortunately, Bill’s records and his own statements attest to the fact that he NEVER QUALIFIED for a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon for his second enlistment. He never spent the minimum amount of time away from his homeport to qualify. But if the personnel clerk put his NDSM and Good Conduct Medal from his first enlistment on the DD 214 for his second enlistment, why didn’t they also put in the HSM or SSDR as well? And as it appears they did not include them, why didn’t Bill have them correct the form before he put his signature on it, thus verifying it as true and complete?

We know that Bill could not have earned his SSDR on his second enlistment, from his own statements. It’s not hard to understand why, considering that during his second enlistment he spent more time as a patient, under treatment, as a student, or as a transient (in between postings) than he spent aboard ships doing his job.


Here’s your quiz:

So why are two medals from his first enlistment (NDSM and Good Conduct Medal) shown on his second DD 214 but not the other medals/ribbons he was shown wearing (Humanitarian Service Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon)?

We know he is entitled to at least the minimum of the Good Conduct Medal and the NDSM, or else those citations would not be on his DD 214.  We also know that the the eligibility period for the NDSM is outside the time frame for his second enlistment, so he was ineligible for it at that time. Finally, we know that for a personnel specialist to place any awards on his second DD 214, that spec would need a source document (such as his first DD 214) proving he was entitled to those awards – and that document is conveniently missing.

Oh, but wait…Bill also had to verify that his DD 214 was complete and true, including his awards at each separation. When you separate, you sit down with the personnel clerk and go over every single line of your DD 214, checking for errors prior to you signing it and being discharged.  It is in all parties’ interest to make sure the information is complete, true, and accurately represents your service. If there are discrepancies, you get them fixed before signing and walking out the door, because that DD 214 is now an authenticated legal document.

And leaving off two important awards that Bill earned makes for an impressive list of big goofs…it would mean the Navy personnel specialists missed it when reviewing the form with Bill in 1977 and again 1985, that Bill himself ALSO let it pass before signing off in 1977 and again in 1985, and finally, that NPRC missed it when reviewing his records in 2014 and again 2015. Six misses by three different parties, all with a heavy investment in getting it right. Talk about a hat trick!

I am sure that when we hear from Bill and his enablers/apologists, it will be all about how the Navy got it wrong, NPRC got it wrong, his records are incomplete and “How could he wear those ribbons on active duty without getting busted???”

Or…we may not hear from him at all…

Well, there are plenty of examples of ACTIVE DUTY military personnel—including high ranking ones like E-9’s and O-5’s—wearing unearned medals or badges*. Some wore those medals for YEARS before being caught. Just because Bill wasn’t caught back then doesn’t mean anything – the records are what they are and the paperwork is what it is.



I will also add that if Bill Schmalfeldt would like to contest the veracity of this research and the documents contained in the Federal Government and NPRC archives in a court of law (by trying something as foolish as filing another lawsuit), I would be only too happy to allow him a chance to perjure himself. Oh…and to enter forever and ever and ever into the public record the evidence of his stolen valor.

I will also say that in the event of such an ill-advised lawsuit, I will absolutely request (read: subpoena) any and all documents held by National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis which would not normally be releasable, as well as all records held by the Department of Veteran Affairs, looking particularly for disability claims which may have been made in less than good faith based on his military records and personal actions.

It would indeed be a shame to find out in a courtroom  that he may have falsely claimed additional injury or illness from participation in certain actions, operations or campaigns for which he was later compensated by the VA.  Such actions would absolutely be criminal offenses, and prosecutors would face no statute of limitations (because receipt of payment from the VA for benefits obtained by fraud resets the clock each time a payment is accepted).

Oh…he might also want to brush up on US v. Alvarez, and maybe go over to “This Ain’t Hell” and read their permanent post about stolen valor and libel/defamation claims in regards to potential cases of stolen valor: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=39711.


What Really Happened In Beirut?

*These are just a few examples of service members wearing unauthorized awards on active duty, including the Command Sergeant Major of the United States Army and the Chief of Naval Operations of the Navy. Some of them had been wearing the awards for YEARS before being caught.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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    1. This is BS playing with words again. "I qualify" - notice he didn't say, "I received" or "I was awarded."

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      He doesn't say he got the award, and he doesn't deny the allegations in this blog post. This is his shtick, remember - "I never CALLED his employer!" - Just emailed them repeatedly, that's all.

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    1. Aside from being a hypocrite as you point out, he is totally wrong. The facts of who served in this country's armed services IS the business of every citizen, as is any claims for service that are not actually true. It is called Stolen Valor for a reason.

      1. Foreign military medals aren't in my wheelhouse. William's lying and hypocrisy, on the other hand, very much are.

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  11. Well Bill did QUALIFY for a National Defense Service Medal for the Vietnam era awards period and obviously was awarded it in his first enlistment. And the navy personnel clerks put it and his other first enlistments Good Conduct Medal on his second enlistments DD 214 (which included a second award of the Good Conduct Medal)

    You would think the clerk doing the typing would... you know... SEE those additional awards Bill is claiming in his records and include his claimed Humanitarian Service Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

    But the clerk did not. I wonder why?

    And NPRC says that it is not in his records. I wonder why?

    And Bill HAD to sit down and review his DD 214 before signing it to ensure it was complete which he did by signing it.


  12. So now I'm wondering, did he attend his DD 214 review wearing ribbons he'd not been awarded? If so, you'd think the reviewer would notice that they were not mentioned on the record and correct it immediately. My guess is, he didn't wear them, as doing so would be too risky.

    1. We're talking about a guy who has misspelled his own name on legal documents. He may have just signed it without checking anything.

      1. Sure.

        But the award documentation would have been in his personnel file on a NAPERS 1070/604 which is a chronological listing of his awards. Each time a sailor receives an award it is typed in chronological order and that becomes one of the source documents for generating a DD 214.

        Those records are sent to NPRC at discharge and held in the archives. When you query NPRC about service records they look at not only the DD 214 but any other proof of awards contained in the official military personnel file -- if the find proof it is included on their response.

        As we can see from the posted response from NPRC they did not find proof of those awards (HSM and SSDR) in his records. Not only that but they were queried TWICE and still found proof lacking.

        Hard to believe the proof just vanished from his records held in archives since 1977 and 1985.

    1. There are a number of them including:

      Guardians of Valor
      This Ain't Hell
      Stolen Valor
      US Army WTF Moments occasionally busts out phonies of all persuasions

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    Sorry fuckface, you DID wear medals you didn't earn. Look at the pictures you posted. How many medals are you wearing? Look at your DD214. The definitive LEGAL proof that YOU stated was accurate. How many do you see listed? Are you grasping the problem yet Dumbfuck?

    1. "What are you going to believe, sworn government documents or my Twitter feed/"

      This is why I love him!

      1. Yeah I love how the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has had custody of his records since 1977 and 1985 respectively but when queried about what the records contain they come back with -- National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal.

        And nothing else.

        Damn right-winger knotsies broke into the archives and pulled a switcho-changeo-rearangeo on the files!

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    Within a span of 15 minutes, he earned, no wait, was awarded.

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    1. Sometimes the truth emerges in spite of your best efforts to suppress it:

      Did he just write that the theory that he wore medals he was personally awarded has been debunked?


  17. https://twitter.com/NoRadio4OldMen/status/631538692604035074

    Which is why before signing your DD 214 you ensure everything is TRUE and COMPLETE and if it is not then you provide the personnel specialist PROOF of your entitlement to awards or schooling which go on the DD 214.

    The personnel specialist HAD PROOF of your entitlement to a NDSM which was NOT POSSIBLE to award in the 1980's due to the exclusive eligibility periods and they included it on your second enlistments DD 214 (along with a Good Conduct Medal you were awarded in May 1977).

    And yet those same personnel specialists DID NOT include a HSM and SSDR which would have been on the same source document proving your entitlement to a NDSM and GCM from 1977 -- your first enlistments DD 214.

    Your grasping at straws Billy and its sad.

    1. Just looked at my DD-214. All my service ribbons (SASM, PLDC, NSR, AOM) all were listed, as well as MSM, ARCOM (3), AAM(4), GCM, and National Guard medals.

      I guess he didn't care? I can't imagine that someone like Bill who needs aircraft carriers of validation didn't validate his awards? Maybe there are a few Captain's Masts he wants to talk about?

      1. I can say unequivocally that there are no records of NJP (Article 15's/Captains Mast) in his records. I know that many on Team Free Speech may have been hoping for such a revelation but his records do not contain any indications of punishment or captains masts.

      2. Gee, I was under the impression that investigative journalists with thirty years experience actually double-check and verified documents before affixing his signature to them.

        Maybe this explains the state of modern journalism.

      3. AB,

        Yeah, I know non-judicial punishments don't go in the record. That doesn't mean they didn't happen (SWIDT?)

        That being said, how does one like Bill, who exalts his military service, go that many years without EVER getting some kind of commendation medal for all the "talents" he claims? I would bet there are a few NJD's in his history.

      4. MJ-

        During the period that Bill was in the service (1970s and again in early 1980s) the criteria for award of the Navy Good Conduct Medal was 4 years of good service -- that criteria was in place from 1963 to 1996 when it changed to 3 years good service.

        This would mean that any NJP after his first six months or so in the service would have made him ineligible to be awarded the GCM -- but we know from his records that he received two (one in 1977 and the other in 1985).

        Also he would have been ineligible for promotion and his records indicate he was promoted on time (with peers) and was never demoted.

      1. Bill: "Oh you have NPRC response letters, copies of DD 214's, copies of my personnel files and photographs? Well......... take that! Ha! I told you so! See!! SEE!!! HEEEENGH!!!"

        Team Free Speech: "That's a random militaria collector forum posting, dumb dumb. WTF?"

        Bill: https://thinkingmanszombie.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/14.jpg

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    I was wondering if anybody was going to approach that DD-214... Which suggests -other-problems to my eyes...

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  20. https://twitter.com/NoRadio4OldMen/status/631540922719715328
    1. If he ever gets off the pot, he cannot dismiss it. He has to ask the court to do so, and he shouldn't be surprised if the motion will be opposed.
    2. "I am going to dismiss the lawsuit and move because Grady says he caught me wearing medals he says, but cannot prove, I wasn't awarded." Nice try at building a strawman to save face. He is thinking about moving to dismiss because David is kicking his butt, and so is Grady.
    3. Interesting parsing of the language, YET AGAIN. And Krendler did just prove it - the DD214 has a presumption of validity, and the burden shifts back to BS to prove that it is incomplete. This can be done with accurate documents, not forgeries.

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    "RE-3P- Physical disability (includes discharge and transfer to TDRL). Obesity. Motion sickness. Disqualified for officer candidate training."

    Obesity wouldn't surprise me at all... That E-5 pic in summer whites? Fatfuck looks like hammered dogshit in his uniform. If I had been his LPO he would have been on permanent head detail.

      1. Would he have considered that punishment? I mean, we all know his... interests.

    1. Motion sickness and he was in the NAVY?!

      Isn't that like, y'know, taking a tank jockey MOS when you're claustrophobic?

      1. That's a list of things that -could- trigger that code. He's got the disability, for falling down a ladder, so they may not even have specifically calling out his obesity, much less motion sickness.

      2. From what I have read... There are two different codes for disability. RE-3P and RE-3T. Hard to say what the exact circumstances are regarding the end of his 2nd enlistment... but looking at his fatass neck in the E-5 pic, his bodymass index must have been off the charts and he most likely was a "mando commando" (mandatory PT for being a fat slug).

      3. Oh, and AFH... I call shenanigans on the whole falling down the ladder story.

        If that Tub O Shit fell even two feet, he would have went straight through the hull and sank the ship at her moorings... 😉

  22. I have my dad's DD 214. I have read it, and understand it. Which has made BS's just a little eye-brow raising.

    Not having served, myself, I tend to keep my head down in these discussions. But...yes, generally, you don't let your awards get left off.

  23. Does anyone believe that a man, who posed for this photo with his collection of awards, overlooked his awards on a DD214?

    1. He certainly seems like the personality type who seeks and demands validation through physical awards (medals, certificates, plaques, trophies...etc) and if he was in receipt of them he would ensure his records were complete and accurate.

      You would also figure that the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), the archive for storing official military personnel files, would have managed to find proof in Bills nearly 40 year old records (of which they have been in custody of since 1977 and 1985 respectively), not ONCE but TWICE when queried to do so.

      And yet the NPRC was unable to find ANY proof of Bill's claimed Humanitarian Service Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon in records that have been stored for nearly 40 years.


      1. Ok, I just want to ask this because I don't know a whole lot about service medals. The two "extra" ones not on the service record - would they be "ship-wide" commendations that entitle him to wear but that wouldn't be listed as a personal award? I once had a colleague win a Nobel Prize, sort of. It was a shared, a collective prize that went to an organization - a bunch of docs who were essentially petition-signers.

      2. Onlooker-

        They would have been "blanket awards" the HSM for everyone present on Operation FLUID DRIVE and the SSDR for anyone deployed more than 90 days from their homeport on the deployment.

        Having said that the awards would STILL have been entered in chronological order on his NAVPERS 1070/604 under "Awards" regardless. In fact aboard ship when the vessel reaches the minimum "cut-off" point for time awarding the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon it is mass entered in to the files by the personnel specialists.

        The same with awarding the Humanitarian Service Medal -- when the unit was notified they had been awarded it a blanket set of orders would have been cut and entered in the personnel records of all the eligible sailors or marines. That is -- a typed entry in chronological order would have been made on his NAVPERS 1070/604 under "Awards" and a separate paper (orders or certificate) would have been added to his personnel file.

        When it comes time to separate the personnel specialist typing a sailors DD 214 gets to block 13 "Awards" and would then flip to the section of his file with his NAVPERS 1070/604 which has a typed chronological listing of his awards. If there is an award missing the same personnel specialist would then go through the file looking for proof of the award (ie, certificate or orders). If he does not find proof in those two places then he will not enter the award on the DD 214 since the sailor fails to have proof of eligibility to wear the award/ribbon/badge.

        The redundancy of copies of certificates and typed entries is so that when it comes time for the sailor being discharged to review his DD 214 he has the chance to correct discrepancies by providing proof of being awarded those ribbons/medals/badges.

        No proof. No entry.

      3. Nope. The 'extra' two are awarded individually. Plus unit citations are usually noted on the DD214 as well if you were part of the unit when it was awarded.

      4. Wait, did they fly him to Japan? Would the Order of the Shellback be in there somewhere if he sailed across the line?

      5. Gus Bailey--

        BS never met the minimum requirements for awarding the SSDR during either enlistment or it would be in his records -- he barely went to sea for at most a few weeks at a time and never far from his homeport.

        When he traveled to and from Japan (MULTIPLE times) during his second enlistment it was by air.

        Bill is a dirty wog.

    1. Over TWO enlistments, Jeanette.

      His military service was exactly the same as every other endeavor in his miserable life...

      He was there collecting a paycheck... nothing more.

      1. I know, anything less and he would be a civilian.....
        I have to give him credit though my creepy stalker never made it past A school but claimed to be a Navy Seal

    2. Mine wasn't much more to write home about. I've got two GCMs listed on my DD214, an ARCOM, an AAM, a safety award, and an overseas service ribbon. But then, I've never told any exotic tales of my military derring-do.

      1. Service is service, and as I told someone today, the military needs cooks and techs just as much as it needs shooters. The problem comes when someone gets frustrated with their lot in life, so they start shading things. And then before you know it you have some guy claiming to be Special Forces who in reality, maybe served food to them once.

  24. Oh, and may I just be the first to explain that the reason it's even an issue is that Bill Schmalfeldt has poked into dozens of other people's private lives. Posted pictures of their kids, hinted at child abuse and negligence in the death of a child. Threatened additional disclosures to employers and the community.

      1. Which in itself would be a nothing-burger. Just like, as an isolated incident, any of his various faildoxes would be. If he had -only- asked the Stranahans intrusive personal questions, NBD. Combine that with accusations of prostitution, child abuse, etc., and then make a fucking career out of harassing people, and suddenly, the google results for your name start to look a bit...disreputable.


  25. https://twitter.com/NoRadio4OldMen/status/631551923892543489

    "You're all CHICKENHAWKS! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to run away from my own lulzsuit and take my Twitter account private again."

    On another note, does this mean that Broadway Bill's Wikipedia page needs to be updated?

    1. We should wait because at the end of P. Krendler's post it said:

      "Stay tuned for the next installment: What really happened in Beirut?"

      Sounds like quite the show!

    2. Grouchy Old DJ ‏@NoRadio4OldMen 12:56 PM - 12 Aug 2015

      "The Last Podcast Until I Relocate http://noradioforoldmen.com/2015/08/the-last-podcast-until-i-relocate/ …"

      I post this with no further comment:

      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FjWe31S_0g&w=854&h=480]

    1. It seems like it was only Sunday that William was going to own half of Mrs. Agiledog's business.

      Oh. Right.

      1. I think Bill's new plan is to simply move to the state where he is planning lawfare and suing in state court and then moving on to the next victi...err.. defendant. That way he CAN'T screw up diversity of citizenship.

        No word on if he will spell his name right on the paperwork though.

      2. With the statue of limitations running and an as yet unresolved IFP issue still out there? That would be a stunt well beyond William's ability.

        I have every confidence that he'll try, if only because he can't stop dancing for us, but he will fail.

      3. Can you move into a state for purposes of establishing venue for an event that happened before you moved?

        Asking for a friend.

  26. Grouchy Old DJ ‏@NoRadio4OldMen 4m4 minutes ago

    Motion to Dismiss written, will mail tomorrow. Goodbye,


    What does the Superior Intellect say about that?


  27. Like AB, this subject is one to which I can speak with absolute familiarity.

    That being said, my only conclusion can be nothing other than he is a B.X. Ranger.

    1. I wanna be a Chairborne Ranger
      Papercuts are my largest danger
      I'm a coward, a c*nt, a dirty old REMF
      My disability check pays my rent

      So many good cadences the Army doesn't let you sing anymore.......

  28. Bill is proud of the medals he earned. I know of a soldier who earned 3 bronze stars, 2 Air medals and 2 army commendations. That soldier's name:

    Carl DeLong.

  29. The only times I wore ribbons was for INSPECTIONS. On my ship if you where wearing a ribbon or medal, the LPO checked your service record to verify that you were entitled to wear it. If you where caught wearing a ribbon or medal you where not entitled to, departmental punishment was the minimum, most times it was Capitan's mast. You became automatic not eligible for advancement on your next evaluation.

    1. On my ship, you had to wear dress uniform for Officer of the Deck watch... which included your full ribbon rack. And God help you if it came to light that you were wearing unauthorized salad. If you were lucky it would be Captains Mast. If you were not so lucky, a large Bosun Mate would give you a wall-to-wall tour of the nearest paint locker.

    2. Look over BS personnel records of assignments and compare it to a "normal" sea/shore rotation for an PO3/PO2. The guy bounced from place to place to place and quickly.

      The majority of BS transfers in his second enlistment are PCS in nature -- either school enroute to a new duty station or as a loss from one ship to shore due to injuries and limited duty, etc. He really did not spend any significant time at one location (Yokuska as a whole doesn't count since he bounced all over the place there). Most organizations saw him as deadweight coming (limited duty/recovery/patient/student) and probably shuffled him off out of the way without too much leadership oversight.

      In fact when he was at NAS Leemore for "limited duty" he was working at one of the base clubs as his full time navy job. That's not exactly the environment where people ask a whole lot of questions or care about you and your past since you're a temporary file filling a billet that they couldn't find a civilian to do. Most of his enlistment was "make work" in nature and not very career enhancing.

      Even his "vaunted" time aboard the USS Midway has significant gaps after only a few months where he was sent ashore to work an office job in Yokuska on and off again until the Navy decided to beach him for good.

      I would be surprised if anyone at all those units bothered to crack open his personnel file (the old style NAVPERS 1070/600 brown folder) and look any farther than his "assignment history" before shaking their heads, closing it up and putting him in a billet somewhere he wouldn't be a problem.

      1. I am forever grateful that I was in a unit that did not and could not tolerate dead weight or under achievers. We did have our fair share of tools that managed to somehow make it through jump school and arrive at our unit but they never lasted long. As a matter of fact, they didn't last long in division. They were promptly shipped off to some leg unit where they were less likely to get people killed.

  30. "Motion to Dismiss written, will mail tomorrow. Goodbye"

    If this is true, which I doubt because Bill is a liar, then a Motion to Strike will be following shortly. I want the Motion to Terminate IFP and Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice ruled on first. It is no longer good enough for Bill to simply walk away - he needs to pay a price for his actions. That is what you get from me when you threaten to damage my wife's hard earned business.

    1. It's so cute how Bill thinks he just gets to file a motion and walk away.

      Reality is a cruel bitch. Get ready to meet her, Bill.

      1. Karma is only a bitch if you were one first. A lesson BS will never, ever begin to approach the remotest boundary of learning.

  31. Since the government documents are most likely inaccurate let's put this whole thing to bed.

    And by " to bed" I mean ALL OVER THE FUCKING INTERWEBZ.


  32. So he really didn't attend the Wednesday school of Journalism and BusPassOffice?

    I'm sooo disillusioned.............


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