It's the Little Things, Y'know?

Q: What’s the difference between DUMBFUCK’S wife and any other wife?

A: Any other wife can tell time 

AND make sandwiches for her husband…

AND do the grocery shopping…

AND vacuum…

AND do laundry…

AND manage the household finances…

AND mail LOLsuits…

AND feed, water and clean up after two pets…

AND make sure no one interrupts this VERY. IMPORTANT. PODCAST.
Zombies…anything I left off (besides the obvious bedroom activities that haven’t mattered to DUMBFUCK–by his own admission–for over a decade)?

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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “It's the Little Things, Y'know?”

  1. Any other wife did not have her death bed photo sent, unsolicited, to a public mailbox at a corporation without any explicit or implicit restrictions. Note: corporation. Not an individual.

    1. Well now he has ol' TJ (a "kid" in his 30's) picking up the financial slack.

      Oh yeah. Did TJ ever find a second job to start covering potential legal expenses as well as household expenses?

      And what will be revealed in regards to BS real financial situation?

      Finally, how much more documented spoliation of evidence will BS provide?

      Exciting times!

  2. Tangentially related to this post: I wonder why he only attacks zombie wives/girlfrieds, and no husbands/boyfriends? (No, not really, I've got a pretty damn good idea why, and I think the rest of the zombies do too.)

    1. You mean he's a coward and wouldn't last 3 seconds in duel of fisticuffs? Everyone knows that cowards, like Bill, shoot their mouths off at people he deems as lesser. He counts on his opponents civility while he pushes the line. Imagine if he was in a flame war with someone a bit more aggressive in his home turf.

      And women, of course, are open for misogyny at all times because he's a bigot/racist/homophobe.

      Like I have always said, he is going to mess with the wrong person and this will end very badly for Bill. He can never say he hasn't been warned.

      1. I see he believes he can still kick people's asses. *sigh*

        Dumbfuck gonna dumbfuck..

    2. I still fondly remember when he painted the trailer walls yellow when he assumed the me he thinks is me might find out what he had been saying and visit his front porch. Good times.

  3. I think Shakey is THRILLED that she's gone. Now he can engage in Internet flame wars full-time. Hence the grave dance Gravatar. Just think- she's looking down from Heaven, watching Bill waste his time monkey dancing for strangers. Has to be a little distressing for her. Of course, maybe she is happy about it. In which case she'll have to be looking up . . .


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