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  1. He is a liar...nothing coming from this fat bastard can be believed. Liars gotta lie!

  2. Grouchy Old DJ ‏@NoRadio4OldMen 14m14 minutes ago
    What corporation? I sent it to your wife, Hinckley. Why did you send it to Grady? Or did Hoge do that?

    And no more than 3 minutes later he admits he knows he sent it to a public email.

    Grouchy Old DJ ‏@NoRadio4OldMen 12m12 minutes ago
    No, both Hinckley and Hoge want you to believe that Hinckley's co-workers or police officials somehow KNEW to send the photo to Grady.

    So he's suddenly decided "co-workers" actually did have access. (not that anybody has alleged they sent a picture to Grandler)

    Willy, if you make a picture public, people are going to see it. Deal with it.

    2. She let me decide my own career choices (more)

    Uh, are we supposed to think that's a GOOD thing? Have you perused you work history recently?

        1. Less than a minute according to his tale of his experience on stage.

          On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 3:02 PM, The Thinking Man's Zombie wrote:

          > librarygryffon commented: "*snerk* What was the longest he ever stayed at > one position?"

    1. "What corporation"? He doesn't realize that sending it to someone's business address, rather than a personal address, is sending it to a corporation? I know that any email I received on my work address was always liable to be viewed by others in the company, and that's the truth with any work email, especially if it is a shared inbox.

      I find it very hard to believe that Bill didn't feel the need to hide comments such as the one about "swollen anal tissue" from his wife. I can't imagine any wife not being appalled at finding out her husband is sending messages like that one on the XM forum website, especially if they're being sent to underage males.

      And wasn't there something about them having split for a while some years back, but she took him back? I wonder where that fit in with the worst of his online homosexual rape fantasies.

      1. Yes, he is that stupid. You can have a business of one that is a legal corporation. I know that after I finish getting my accounting certification, if I'm self employed I'll probably have a corporation for liability purposes.

    2. She did? By his own words he left XM because she told him she refused to live in NY.

      Of course he may have lied about that like he lies about most things. It's also just as likely he was fired for being a complete and utter failure.

      1. Lots of people commute into NYC from other states. Living in NY is not necessary to work in Manhattan.

  3. Shakey says: "What corporation? I sent it to your wife, Hinckley. "

    Do I 1) prove that he is a liar, or 2) use that as an admission of committing the central act in a major civil tort against him? Decisions, decisions. I know - I'll embrace the power of "and"!

  4. Me: Sure is hot out.
    Perry Mason on TMZ: "See! Schmalfeldt ADMITS he prefers cold weather. So why whine about the effect cold has on him?"


    So which is it Willy, did you send and email to his wife at her work email or didn't you?

  5. Funny thing is, we only have his word to go on that he didn't send the picture to anyone else. He says he didn't, but he's a liar. I don't believe him.

    1. He is not only a liar, he is a liar on this exact issue.

      In fact, he sent this to a local LEO, cc'ing Hoge and six others, saying this pic was precious to him, and since he just emailed it to Hoge, if it got out Hoge dunnit. Transparent gotcha games. Twenty minutes later, he emailed it to AD's wife's shared work account.

      In Billogic, he has sent it to Hoge. At a different time, he sent it to AD. At other times his story has changed, but it has never reflected the above paragraph, despite Hoge and AD posting the headers to the emails in question. Every single story Bill has said about these emails has been a lie.

      So why on earth should we believe that either (a) he hasn't also emailed his "most excellent friend" and his compatriots? Or (b) our Anonymous-affiliated super haxors haven't pulled it off his hard drive? For all I know, it could have been someone on TK that sent it to Krendler.

      1. Or it could be that Krendler just pulled it off his computer between bong hits, while Blob was in the bathroom.


  6. These two questions where posted in the comments section of the “Goodbye, Cruel World, Part the third” post at “Billy Sez”. Bill--AKA Fat Ass Dumb Fuck i.e. FADF--has not answered them so far.
    @rt895 says:
    July 28, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Bill, explain then why you started attacking John Hoge as soon as he started reporting on Brett Kimberlin’s antics? Something about “if you forget Brett exists….” ring any bells? If you don’t I’m sure one of the Zombie horde can provide that screen cap from your Twitter feed.

    @MtinMN says:
    July 28, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Why did you try to get Walker to violate the gag order with regards to the bomber?

    FADF please answer the questions by--as determined by a reasonable person--no I will not tell when that time will expire. If you have not answered them when that time has expired I will--using the reasonable person standard using the information already in the public domain--have conclude that you acted in both cases under the orders of, for the benefit of, and in the pay of BK.

    The clock is ticking and you have all ready had a week and a half to answer.

    see this comment http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2015/07/30/good-morning-dumbfuck-73/comment-page-1/#comment-22185

  7. In which BS declares he will continue his campaign of doxxing and harassment:


    1. "Now I am going to every website where "Gail... First Time" was posted..."

      Better start with Motherless, BangBros, xHamster and xVideos. They may require a credit card though.

  8. Grouchy Old DJ ‏@NoRadio4OldMen 5h5 hours ago
    Who's arguing, Psychopath? I'm just telling you how things are. Now DANCE, you flabby miscreant!

    "I don't talk to anonymous cowards."

    -Willy Schmalfeldt

    Heh. You do now!


    1. He is quite the dancer when he gets moving.


      1. Just imagine how bad Bill was made fun of in school, since he was the chubby child like Chunk in Goonies. I bet they had a field day on jokes about his neck-head alone. I wonder if the homosexual urges caused a teenage Bill to talk about anal sex, anal tissue, anal everything as frequently as he does today. I would LOVE to talk to a few of his high school classmates to get a better idea of just who is Bill Schmalfeldt. And how did his time in school help him become the Deranged CyberStalker that he is today. I wonder if the Lickspittle Army could find any of his classmates over the next few days, so we could continue this investigation.
        " Paul Krendler, please pick up a white courtsey phone for a very important message. Paging the Head Zombie in Charge Paul Krendler, please pick up a white courtesy phone."

      2. That's kind of unfair to Chunk, though. Chunk was much more personable and nicer.

  9. so Stinky has spent most of this lovely Saturday F5ing blogs and tweeting (what he thinks) are snarly insults in response to various posts/comments....
    and he thinks we are the ones dancing??

    there's some grade "A" stupid Billogic there.

  10. Just puttin' this here for no reason at all.


  11. Self awareness fail.... as usual:



    Death of a child? Giddy-fucking-up you right-wing tea-bagger knotsies!!!

    What a disgusting piece of fetid meat.


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