Hey. DUMBFUCK.  I Think You Forgot Something

Looks a little something like this?


Normally I wouldn’t have expected a Copyright Law Genius to reprint a copyrighted image (I guess removing the copyright from the image probably makes if Fair Use, have I got that right?), except…

Oh, yeah…now I remember:


How hard would it have been for a copyright law genius DUMBFUCK to follow a website’s terms of service and just…link back to the site, as requested?

Too DUMBFUCKING hard, I guess…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Hey. DUMBFUCK.  I Think You Forgot Something”

  1. perhaps the Truck Stop Vault of Eternal Time Keeping has a L.E.D. system that needs a new battery? If so, one could see that the flickering lights are Morse Code and Shakey being a Semen Expert, thinks he is holding a conversation where Gail told him he didn't need to follow the rules

    1. Yes, but his semen exspurtese was in "speaking into the microphone." He wasn't in the signal corps, was he?

      Or was it vice-versa? The signal corps wasn't into him?

      1. Do you really think a little thing like that would stop him? Why just let him tell you about the time he and and his co-pilot Brian Williams were flying a mission over Macho Grande...

  2. Hey now, he's an investigative journalist with 30 years of experience. Exactly how stupid would he have to be not to know that using someones work in violation of their terms of service plus stripping off their copyright notice is against the law?

    Oh, right. World's Stupidest Man™

    1. Hey, they put it out on the web. So it's fair game for anyone else to use, right? I mean, don't you know you've put it out into public domain by publishing it online? /sarc

      That was the excuse he tried to use for putting my photo in his damn book.


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