Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

I hear it’s MOVING DAY!

Speaking of a beatnik’s bongo drums, why did your “good bud”-dy run you off?  Was it because you put his business interests at risk by waving him like a shield in defense of your bogus IFP petition?  Or is he just big and strong enough to back it up when he tells you to shut off the goddamn microphone and get a job?

I was sure that when you decided you were staying put at Showplace Tincasa that you were going to make that stick.  

Not really – it was HORSESHIT (Aaaaaaauuuuuughh!!!!!) all along, wasn’t it?

And have you [DON’T EDUCATE THE MONKEY! – Thanks, PK] yet?  If not, don’t worry. Probably nothing will happen.

You seem mad about something Hoge said.  You’re not mad at me, are you?

Because I would hate for you to go away mad.

I just want you to go away.

Be silent, and stop visiting my website.  Toodles!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”


    Willy is incapable of telling the truth, even when he knows that everybody else knows he's lying and there's indisputable truth he's lying:

    That isn't your tweet Willy? Really? You never said that?

    Prove it.

    What a lying sack of shit.

    1. Willy is incapable of telling the truth,

      As a result, he's as consistent as the Knights and Knaves islanders, and you can suss out not just the truth, but what he knows.

      I'd say it was his disorder, but it's really not, not the constant spew of stream-of-consciousness, I think it's just he's that dim.

  2. I am moving because the love of my life is dead and I have no reason to stay in Maryland. I am going to live near my sister and Gail’s family members.

    And that is the worst news EVER for Hoge.

    What, now you're going to get your SISTER to beat up John? It has to be her because Gail's family members don't want anything to do with you. Remember how you sicced them after us........and nothing happened?

    Is that the other "weapon in your arsenal" (giggle)?

    1. You know what would be awesome? A nice line of folks on either side of the walk leading into the dementia center he is moving into holding up signs about his Stolen Valor with pics of him wearing his unauthorized medals and blowups of his DD214. Along with selected quotes from him al la Billy Sez. I would pay good money to see a vid of that.

  3. Be silent, and stop visiting my website. Toodles!

    You know that's impossible for him - he can't give you up. His obsession with you has gone over the line into the mentally disturbed.

    1. Gone over the line? He flew a C5 Galaxy cargo jet 10,000 miles deep into the zone and hasn't even landed yet.

  4. Originally from Wisconsin myself,(no longer a resident there), I can tell you that they have plenty of whiny lefty assholes for BS to couple-up with. He will be welcome by that crowd anyhow.

  5. No, he's not slinking away from a fight, although he did say to me that I filed my counterclaim "as he walked away from a fight" and that all I did "is launch a sneak attack on a retreating foe who had given up the fight." But, no, he's not slinking away. He's running away, like the coward he is, with his tail and his lawsuits tucked between his legs.

    1. Fucking Proggs. They always think that a fight is over just because they decided to walk away from it. That's going to work out as well in Afghanistan as it did in Iraq.

    2. First, he ran; now he slinks.

      Let's see. He started the law suit and added a bunch of defendants. Apparently quite macho.

      The defendants responded: the nerve of those creeps. So he RAN, screaming, for the exits: please, pretty please, dismiss WITH PREJUDICE my own suit without even any IMPLICIT promises from agiledog, Grady, Krendler, or ash(?).

      He cannot, however, admit the known truth that three times he has sued Grady and wiffed. And how many wiffs now against Krendler (was that eight)? Incompetent cowardice is hard to admit too for anyone. Much better to bring out 'Boveitall Bill, the Wisconsin Whiner, and SLINK away in a stink of scatologically puerile insults. The stinky slinker.

  6. Nothing says LUV like photographing one’s wife in last moments of life where she looks like a victim from Dachau and sending said photo around the world as some sort of bizarre blackmail.


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