Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Maybe you could file a DMCA takedown notice over a YouTube embed!

That should do it.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. For someone who claims to have had communications-related jobs for many years, that twitter comment was very strangely phrased. It would directly imply that he is accusing this mysterious "Doggy Style" of a rape accusation - that is the only way to properly interpret the structure and contents of the English sentences he used.I wonder if the subject of that derisive name calling is aware that Bill accused him of calling Bill Schmalfeldt a rapist? I wonder if Bill has any proof of that?

    1. One of William's favorite tactics seems to be misdirection, painting many with the actions of one or two.

      Of course, he's also an idiot. There's always that.

  2. He can get a blog shut down over a rape allegation?

    Huh. Maybe he can exchange pointers with Bill Cosby.

    1. Cosby has the better part of a multi-million firm working for him, but the guy who misspelled his own name in two separate pleadings knows better.

  3. If he believes it's actionable, why isn't he suing the original source?

    Is he afraid of what might come to light?

      1. Let me make one thing perfectly clear.

        I'm the real deal, a flesh and blood cousin of Bill Schmalfeldt, not someone's creation.

        Certainly not Patrick Grady's, no insult intended.

        Cousin Bill cannot find me because a) he's incompetent, and will get no help from his closer relatives who do know me; and b) I'm hyper-competent at hiding in plain sight, particularly on the Internet.

        Chew on it, Bill. Dox me again, buffoon.

      2. I think BS would (will?) be quite surprised to find out how many of his estranged and alienated family members have been working behind the scenes for some time. Some of them have axes to grind, some of them have suffered various forms of abuse (verbal, emotional, etc.) from him and some of them find his recent actions quite foul.

        BS keeps putting on his pouty (parky?) face and tries to act stoic despite the fact that the walls are closing in on him. The one person who he had absolute control over has passed on out of his reaches and he is sharing a trailer with a step-son who may (or may not?) have had some of the wool pulled from over his eyes. BS has very few places to turn for support -- his family wants almost nothing to do with him (and he doesn't want anything to do with their "twat slime"), his "friends" have been egging him on for their own amusement and goals, and his last refuge is quite literally with the most contemptible people on earth (terrorist bombers, pedophiles, child pornography consumers, etc).

        It may not be winter yet but winter is coming (see what I did there!) and with it an avalanche which cannot be stopped. It is the accumulation of years of bad faith acting on BS part against family and friends who wish to put an end to his spree.

        It's beautiful.

        1. I must say I was impressed by the veritable army of friends and family who descended upon the tincasa in the days following Gail's passing. I'm sure the outpouring of love, support, casseroles and deli trays was something to behold.

          I imagine the truck drivers local union went in for an impressive floral arrangement.

          I was frankly astounded that, through this outpouring of love, DUMBFUCK still found time to blog and tweet at the Zombies and Lickspittles, but never mentioned the full house of friends and relations.

    1. I seem to remember that, in the days immediately following William's attainment of merry widowerhood, he was tweeting and blogging at a higher rate that normal, which doesn't suggest that he was overwhelmed with well-wishers.

      I think it was within two days that he was actively calling in Gail's kin to read Billy Sez, contrary to the ridiculous assertions in his "settlement offer" to Grady about their googling her name and finding it.

      Remember this?

      1. I remember. The response had us all checking our doors at night, had us in fear of criminal prosecution and damn near forced us from the interwebz.

        It was touch and go for a long while.

      2. His response had me pointing out his antics of merely a thread or two back, offering free corpse shots to anybody who asked and sent him an email. I can only hope some of Gail's kin saw that and clicked through.

        We can mention Gail, right? He only said don't mention her mane. So we can't talk about her hair. Crap, I just did, didn't I...

  4. What the creeper did to me is actionable...reporting me to my local LEOs for posting death threats, not only was that NOT me it wasn't even a death threat. Let us say things might be in the works.

    1. Aren't you in Florida?

      Florida -loves- to extradite.

      Lots of states won't bother. Friend in a local NE policery gets frustrated, they'll stop somebody with lots of other warrants... And nobody wants to hold. "They're not here... Let's keep it that way."

      Florida though... Guy I know left behind $500 owed to the court when he left Florida.

      10 years later, he's a passenger in a car in NM that's pulled over.

      FL sent 2 detectives driving from almost Miami to NM to bring him back.

  5. Speaking of which, he has a REBRAND! new website up at

    The font appears to be a lovely brownish color I'm calling Depends Smear.

  6. It is sad on one level. The guy is the digital equivalent of the homeless bums sitting on park benches. Having conversations with themselves while holding up cardboard signs about some conspiracy or another. The guy hasn't a friend or ally willing to post comments on his websites. Guess they want to avoid potentially irritating him for not agreeing with him in the right way.

  7. ANOTHER domain?

    ... He really doesn't know how to lay low while his IFP application is vetted for truthfulness, do he?

    (The P-word that that can lead to that evaluation going badly can't be soaked up - But might cause soaking of - Depends....)

  8. Okay, he asks me to "put up or fess up". I'll put up:

    Within the last 24 hours, I have written the Judge in the Schmalfeldt v. Grady et. al. lawsuit requesting a clarification of my status. If I am an active participant (even though I haven't been served), I am due all the rights and responsibilities of an actual attorney. Which means that Bill's Twitter tirade this weekend, in which he called me many nasty names, is actionable, as opposing attorneys are due civil treatment in public statements according to the rules of the court. Sanction Time! If I am not active in the suit, then all of Bill's emails about a week ago are a direct violation of my No Contact request, and further proof of a Harassment claim. I also (politely) urged the judge to rule on the 4 motions in front of him, all of which make my status moot, and would also allow me to claim Bill's contacts as harassment.

    I have also written the Mass. Secretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division, about a threat made online to interfere with the legal ownership by a Mass citizen of a Mass. based corporation, this threat claiming that a person will somehow take away the ownership. Said claim was made by a William Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD. I included the screenshot of the twitter comment where he made said claim. I also pointed out that since this was made by an out-of-state person, the claim could be referred to the FBI, as they handle all interstate issues.


        He wanted it all! ALL!

        And more RUEING! GO ON! RUE!!!!

      1. BTW, Agiledog, is your wife's firm's motto, "we also walk dogs?"

        Asking for a friend who's a Heinlein fan.

      2. PK - seriously, sat in a room while a Mainland Chinese and a Taiwanese were discussing eating dog. One was saying it was a summer dish, because you spiced it to make yourself sweat. The other said it was a winter dish, to warm you with the spices.

        Seriously, no f'ing clue if they were serious, but I believe it was all an act to get my coworker to run screaming from the room. Which worked.

        Now back to dinner. Where'd I leave "50 ways to wok your dog?"

      3. My first job after college was at a startup firm, making medical diagnostics equipment.

        Every Friday, we'd have a potluck.

        There was a Vietnamese family, six of them, from Grandma Wrinkles down to Cute Young Granddaughter, who were the core of the manufacturing department.

        Grandma always brought these delicious chicken kabobs, marinated in a fish sauce. Tender, toothsome, they always were the first thing to go.

        One Friday, during the potluck, I was chatting up Cute Young Granddaughter, and was looking to curry favor with Grandma Wrinkles (who was giving me the stink eye), so I asked if I could get the recipe. CYG turns to GW, talks in some Vietnamese dialect for a minute, and gets the recipe.

        She turns back back to me, and says, so that everyone hears, "First, you need a tender young dog..."

        I had the kabobs to myself, every potluck after that.

        They were quite delicious, and I still have the recipe.

    1. BS just needs, as all dogs do, corrective training to stay in line or as Howard G. Earl once said you have to bop him on the nose with a newspaper rolled up around a 2x4.

      People like him (ex. pedophile terrorist bombers) need to have their lawfare tactics turned on them -- either the courts agree and they suffer or the courts disagree and it can be used against them when they attempt to file their nonsense in the future.

      If all of BS victims followed through with legal action against him BS would be keeping a much lower profile.

      1. My sister got a dog collar that was set to shock the dog if it barked too loud.

        Which was great, until she rewarded the quiet dog with a bone, and his chewing was too loud for the collar.

        Any chance we could get Bill such a collar? It could go off for DEATH THREATS!!!! Or active WiFi within a hundred feet. Or 4G within two thousand feet. Or sea level above minus ten feet.


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