Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

And if stupidity were contagious, DUMBFUCK’S blog would have traffic.

And commenters other than it.


Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. I see he's also still 100% positive that Patrick Grady and Paul Krendler are one and the same. Where is his proof of this? Is he even sure that the Paul Krendler posting today is the same IRL person as was posting as Krendler 6 months ago? Or 12 months ago?

    There appears to be a lot of supposition going on over in Elkridge without any real proof to back it up.

      1. He's now claiming that he's posted the proof several times before. The only "proof" I recall him posting was of the same level as his flow charts with all "YES" legs and his "amateur forensic analysis", ie, no proof that any court would ever accept.

    1. Over/under on having a total Felddown cycle before the OFFER EXPIRATION time?

      Not to mention, this is where having a track record of violating agreements tends to sour negotiations.

      I know he _really_ can't help himself, but you'd think with his expert editing and years of prose... he'd have noticed at least one of the three distinct verbal tells (that I've noticed) that differ Krendler and Grady.

      Even if they were the same person, or Krender did Grady a "favor" and shut the website down, this has all the (oft-repeated) hallmarks of the Schmalogic trap.

      "The website went down! So my meritless lawsuit can continue! I've PROVEN THE IDENTITY! JUUUUUUUDDGEE! SEEEE!!"

      His disorder is such that even if he _means_ it today, by tomorrow, it's time to be the "Last Man Standing".

  2. I think he mistakes howling, screaming agony for riotous laughter...

  3. No, Dumbfuck, Krendler is not Grady and Grady is not Krendler. Anyone with a lick of discernment can tell the difference. And no, Dumbfuck, we won't prove it to you. Watching you fail over and over is quite entertaining.
    Dance Monkey.


      As anyone who has read his pleadsings already knows, William doesn't understand civil procedure very well.

      1. Speaking of perjury, I wonder what the reclusive T.J will say in court about rent in October?

        Think he'll walk that plank for dear old step-dad?

  4. I just realized you can see someone's twitter timeline without actually signing up for twitter. I discovered this by clicking on Bill's twitter ID above. And, WOW, did I see some interesting things:

    Bill is claiming that I am somehow part of my wife's business. I suggest he start with a corporation search at the Mass. government website here:

    Not only will it prove that I am not part of that business, it will prove it is a corporation. All public records - he doesn't have to take my word for it anymore. I expect he will apologize in public.

    And did he really just post a copyrighted picture of mine to Twitter? He is a complete and total fuck up. And a copy of the business's trademark? And another corporation's trademark? All of which is a screen cap from my wife's personal blog. I think he is stalking my wife, the limp dick asshole. I hope he keeps digging that hole. Soon enough, it will be deep enough to bury him in it.

    1. An old cow that's been rebranded for the eighteenth time is still the same old, toothless cow it ever was.

  5. Here is dumbfuck again...

    Here's a question you can answer and be truthful:

    How many wives, houses, children, and piles of money have you won in your lawfare? If the answer is none, then what makes you think this time will be different? Have you managed to get any case to a jury? What makes you think your current case will ever make it past MTD?

    BTW: What would happen if YOU were to be sued instead? Do you think your success as a pro-se lawyer would help you win? Do you think you have the legal acumen to withstand a lawsuit that will use your own statements against you?

    I'm pretty sure you won't answer the questions because you and I both know that truthfulness is something you aren't prone to have. Being a professional liar does not bode well for you considering you have made claims and assertions with no factual basis.

    1. I do hope a judge, someday soon, informs Stinky that mockery is NOT defamation, nor is it illegal or criminal.

    2. Let's see, in one tweet, William asserts that he hasn't "decided" if "the little missus is encouraging" defamation, which means that he has no claim. Then a few tweets later, he tells Agiledog to inform her, which reiterates that he has no claim.

      And the dreaded "press release" that brought Facebook to its knees! Oh. Wait.

      William's schizophrenia is in overdrive this afternoon. Is Ripple fueling it? Either way, crazy, drunk and stupid is no way to litigate.

      Public suicides really are the most fun! Actually, no. Counterclaims are.

      1. I got the threats of the press releases too. My local news outlets either a) never received them in the first place or b) circular filed them after they landed in the spam folder.

        Biwwy just doesn't get it that any news organization worth the paper or electrons they print or broadcast with would contact the subject of the release before doing anything, on the very slim chance that they didn't immediately see it for the libel that it is.

      2. The Facebook video press release is among the funniest things I've ever seen, mostly because DUMBFUCK actually looked as though he thought it would accomplish something.

        That goes a long way in proving that he was mentally ill long before any of us, save Howard and Jerry, ever heard of him.

      3. "Whenever I have a bad day, I just look at Bill Schmalfeldt. Then I realize I have so much to be thankful for."

      4. I know you guys aren't going to believe this, but as far as I can Google, "encouraging defamation" isn't a tort in any jurisdiction that publishes law in English.

        Isn't that weird?



    It's even funnier when you realize that William has no idea the hole he's digging for himself. That's going to make the return of "You're Killing Me Bill" all the better.

    1. Why does Bill suck at Tennis?

      (besides the obvious, he's Bill Schmalfeldt)

      He can't serve.

      1. It's better than what happens when he hears the umpire yell "DEUCE".

    2. I have to wonder when he'll realize his statements are evidence he's using the process as punishment. The courts don't like being abused that way.

      At least, courts outside of Maryland don't.

  7. I'll answer one of Bill's questions. Yes. Yes I did file for copyright, and before he posted that picture on twitter. He also proves he doesn't understand corporate ownership. And he has been told not to contact my wife in any way. He has no legal reason to contact her - she is not part of any suit. And he has not added me to any suit yet either - the court docket clearly shows that the summons was returned unserved. I'll repeat: he has been told not to contact her in any way.

    1. One of these days someone will manage to impress upon him that the rules of civil society apply to him too. (Though it will probably take a 2x4 to make said impression.) It is now apparently illegal to not admit that he got his doxing right as soon as he publishes it, though he's also managed to imply that he thinks it's illegal, (or at least immoral) to not tell him exactly who you are the minute he wants said info.

      He makes my least intelligent cat, the one who hasn't figured out that putting down live prey and walking off means the prey will not be there when he gets back, look like an Einstein.

      1. It will take a 5150, and testimony from experts, and the 3-day extended to several months.

        A 2x4 wouldn't work.

        But it might make someone feel better.

    2. So pre-empt him and sue for tortious interference of your business and harassment. Put the lawfare shoe firmly and painfully on the other foot, so to speak.

      Who needs an attorney just pro se it and force BS to spend his time and money responding and possibly being summoned far from his tincasa. I'm sure with the passing of BS wife and the fact he has no drivers license and has attempted to get rid of his car means that he has to be cared for in some capacity by TJ -- running errands for food, prescriptions, etc. We already know TJ pays a significant portion of the bills in the tincasa so it might be possible to ask the court to recognize TJ as BS caregiver -- especially with all of BS whining on Twitter and blogs for three plus years about how much of a poor sick old man he is and how he is limited in mobility and quality of life. If BS wants to play the part of the poor old man dying of Parkinsons then lets make sure the state and the court recognizes his condition and he is receiving the proper care.

      BS is playing his stupid games of starting and stopping lawsuits to harass people so start a lawsuit that HE can't stop at will.

      1. Since he's now talking about commuting between Wisconsin and Maryland to pursue his lulzsuits, one can suppose the Parkinson's is all better now.

      2. Wait, Brett is going to pick him up in Wisconsin? Wonder what line item in the Non-Profit filing those expenses would be.

      3. Before you start the lawfare route, consider the timing carefully.

        Ideally this would be timed to start having court appearances in December or January. Brr. Of course you're near Boston, right? DIdn't the snow pile finally melt early July?

    3. You can tell your local LEOs that the guy is mobile, friends with a bomber who blew up a police car, and posted covert photos of cops who were on patrol at Blogbash. I think the photos are still up at Hogewash, or in the vault.

      1. just say “Google Bill Schmalfeldt.”

        Said that once.

        Cop said "Never, ever, ever again."

  8. Yes, newspapers are quite fond of printing press releases from complete strangers. They do it all the time. And they don't bother to check the facts or anything. I mean, people would never lie in a press release!

    What would be ironic is if the news did contact Scott and he showed the picture of Gail that Bill sent unsolicited. It may even make it into the story, seeing as how it's a key component of what's going on.

    Keep it up, Bill. You're winning!

      1. Yes. newspapers are famous for printing everything that crazy old kooks that think they're Jimmy Olsen send them.

    1. I suspect all the PR written by contractors that he signed of on was lapped up by the press. He's just not sure why it isn't working this time.

    2. He is conflating "newspapers" and "media" with "Breitbart Unmasked".

      Just because pedophiles and terrorist apologists publish anything that is handed to them doesn't mean everyone does.


    There's no copyright notice on the deathbed photo of Gail, either.

      1. I suspect that it will be in the very near future.

        The things William turns into evidence exhibits ....


      Guess we will have to check with the US Copyright Office tomorrow morning and see if that work of art known as "Gail... First Time" was copyrighted. If it wasn't that image just might end up on a bunch of Bangladeshi made t-shirts!

      1. I wonder what tinge of accent the after-hours file clerk of the Copyright Office has? Place your bets, folks!

      2. Copyright begins with creation, filing just makes the claims easier.


  10. Maybe Anal Rape Style should have checked BEFORE he started posting photos.

    1. That would require thinking about the consequences of his actions, which isn't a quality that parades are held to celebrate our drunken, psychopathic friend for.

    2. Did he only rape one girl? Or several?

      Cousin Roy never actually specified the gender of William Schmalfeldt's victim, did he?


          Jump on my joke again, and I'll yank your heart plug. (Death threats! HEENH, HEENH!)

      1. I insist on fairness. Cousin Roy did say it was "someone" he loved, heavily suggesting that Bill raped a human.

      2. Interesting. That's the only remotely actionable thing that's been said about Willy, and he's let it pass with barely a word.

        He's moving mountains (well, trying) to ID Krendler (even though he knows it Grady), yet he has no interest in identifying someone who accused him of being a rapist.

        In Willy's World, that's a tacit admission.

      3. Perry Mason --

        Wasn't it interesting how BS responded to inquiries about his military service earlier this year? You could sense his apprehension at what would be revealed.

        There is just so much fun, fun, fun to be had in that area... but we have to wait.... for the right.... no... PERFECT opportunity to share it all. Won't that be fun Bill?!


      4. More tellingly, he now wants to drop the lulzsuit for much less than he was originally demanding.

        One could read something into that were one so inclined.

      5. Or species.

        On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 5:42 PM, The Thinking Man's Zombie wrote:

        > Neal N. Bob commented: "Did he only rape one girl? Or several? Cousin Roy > never actually specified the gender of William Schmalfeldt's victim, did > he?"

      6. According to the "Rules of Leftists" once you have been accused of rape if you fight it or defend that person you are a "rape denier" or an "enabler." And it doesn't matter if it happened 20 or 30 years ago -- it's the VICTIMS word against a disgusting rapists word -- just look at the Left's treatment of college students or Bill Cosby etc.


        Your a white male. That's all the proof we need to play by the Lefts Rules.

      7. It's a Leftist mantra, A.B.

        "It's not the nature of the evidence, it's the seriousness of the charge that matters."

        It's your game Bill. We can play by your rules too.

  11. No, he's not lying. People don't have to register copyrights in their own names. Why, it could be in the name of an entity set up for the sole purpose of holding intellectual property. I haven't personally seen Mars, but that does not mean it doesn't exist.

      1. Just like he thinks he knows who I am. Based on a name I chose for my email account. Out of a hat. So, of COURSE that is my real name. lolz

    1. Flowcharts have a "No" branch.

      All arrows with Feltcharts are "Yes!"

      1. And once again Willy #FAILS:

        You're a pathetic loser, Willy.


    You know who else is lying about copyrighting shit?

    I don't see any copyrighted works of "Salt Wife in Hospital Bed" or "Gail... First Time (at a truckstop)". Why it's almost a if the fat fuck is a fat fucking liar!

    Bangladeshi t-shirts here we come!

    1. Want a copy? Just wait until it gets introduced in a lulzsuit, and print the exhibit page.

      Isn't copyright law FUN?

      1. It sure would be awful if one of the pro se defendants - who "have all the rights of an actual attorney" - sent a copy of the filing with the picture to the reclusive T.J at work, wouldn't it?

        At a minimum, it would lead to a very uncomfortable dinner.

      2. It makes you wonder if TJ even KNOWS that his step dad took that picture and then sent it to dozens and possibly hundreds of people.

        Gosh I wonder how I would feel knowing my mom is slipping away into the next world and my step-dad s busy taking glamour shots so he can send them to strangers on the internet. I would be quite upset.

        You know what? Someone SHOULD ask TJ what he thinks about that! It may have been BS wife but that is TJ's mom and he SHOULD know what his step-father did to violate her privacy.

      3. What are the odds that BOTH of them suffer from narcissistic personality disorder and impulse control issues?

      4. At this point, we're just verifying that TJ actually has a job. Since he is paying rent, it would be good evidence to ask his employer if he was actually working there and what his position is.

      5. Hey contacting non-parties at their place of work is what Bill does so it HAS to be ok.

        And TJ probably does not know that Bill sent those emails and pictures out to the whole world so someone really, really needs to let him know about that. And that his step-dad sent a copy of the picture to the US Copyright Office in order to secure the commercial rights to it.

        Because that is not creepy at all.

  13. Grouchy Old DJ ‏@NoRadio4OldMen 45m45 minutes ago
    Hinckley is lying about his copyright registration. Your search found no results. Refer to search examples, check spelling or try another...

    Did someone say "lying"?


    -Wee Willy Schmalfeldt

  14. So, Bill said I was lying about the business being a corporation - he was wrong. He said I was lying when I said I wasn't part of the business - he was wrong. He said I was lying when I said I filed a copyright on the picture - he was wrong. You would think he'd get tired of being wrong so often.

    1. No, he's just the eternal optimist. One of these days he'll get it right!! One of these days he'll be that blind squirrel, finally, finally, finding that nut!!

      Or he's just stupid.

      I know, I know: embrace the power of "and".

      1. Difference between the Big BM and a blind squirrel: the blind squirrel is smart enough to find enough nuts to not starve.

    2. On many occasions he's been vehement that he corrects and apologises for errors. I'm sure those corrections and apologies will be forthcoming momentarily.

      Of course that would imply there was a "No" branch on the decision tree, and a preparation and thought that there might be something incorrect.

  15. "Doggy Style. Put up or fess up. And accusing me of rape is about as actionable as it gets. I believe I can get the blog shut down over that."

    William believes so many things that are wrong, but he should certainly try his darndest. Oh, right. He just offered to settle this morning, didn't he? Constantly making and revoking settlement offers in public won't make the judge think he's nuts at all!

    And no one here accused Bill Schmalfeldt of rape, but he is nonetheless an accused rapist. I learned that from "a journalist with thirty years experience."

      1. Maybe he successfully sued Gail's former husband! You know, the better one.

  16. BS: "Your Honor, I'm a poor old man with Parkinsons. I survive on pennies each month and have no money for a $400 filing fee."

    Judge: "Well apparently according to these tweets and postings you have a step-son who offsets the costs of living which you failed to report."

    BS: "No your honor he only started that a short time ago after I filed. I'm living off of beans and white bread. I'm indignant."

    Judge: "But you have $35 to spend on copyrights of photos?"

    BS: "Well you see Your Honor I had to spend that money to prevent people from using my recently deceased wifes picture in any fashion beyond my control."

    Judge: "What type of picture?"

    BS: "Oh it was a picture I took of my wife as she was slowly dying in the most dreadful fashion. I tried to frame it like an Andsel Adams but hospital lighting is only so-so."

    Judge: "So you copyrighted a private photograph that no one else had access to??"

    BS: "Well.... you see I kinda emailed it out to maybe a dozen... or two dozen people and warned them not to share it with anyone else. Because they are sick fucks...err...excuse my language.... they are bad people and would share that photo with anyone trying to hurt me!"

    Judge: "Wait... wait...wait.... YOU emailed the photo? A private photo of your dying wife? A photo no one else would have had access to until YOU sent it to them? A photo you controlled in its entirety by not publishing it in public?? YOU DID THAT?!"

    BS: "Err..... yes?"

    Judge: "72 hour mental evaluation hold!" **gavel banging**

    1. Sure, you try explaining that to the mentally ill.

      They don't get 9/11 and the science behind that was simple!

    2. More like, "144 hour mental evaluation hold. I want to be sure! And Motion to Strike (the Plaintiff)!"

  17. How they do it (DNA forensic testing):

    So, ya gotta ask yourself:

    "Can I account for every last bit of DNA I ever left behind after sex?"

    Having ex-wives and girlfriends that are angry at you complicates that question...not to mention that pissed-off tranny in Japan!

  18. Nope, that's one reason it's a CORPORATION. The rules that apply to the living are different from those that would apply during probate. Of course, probate would only occur if people haven't set up estate plans, which small business owners most likely would have done. Moreover, Massachusetts is not a community property state, so BS is just blowing smoke again.

      1. C'mon you guys.... he got his law degree where he got his college education.

        Oh wait.

    1. He should have never mentioned it. As the old adage goes...

      "It's better to let people think you're stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

    2. Hey, Bill's a retard! Who knew?

      *watches a couple of dozen hand fly into the air*

    3. What a fool of a fool. MA not only is not a community property state, It wouldn't apply in any case.

  19. Well, this is interesting:

    Now, that's a healthy attitude to have. It's good to see that.... oh, wait a minute, what have we here?
    "Stop. Just stop. My wife never did anything to you. Her family doesn’t need to do a search on her name and see the filthy things written about her by you and your readers at Thinking Man’s Zombie."

    That's a head scratcher. I'm sure Aaron Walkers's wife never did anything to BS, either. You know, the one he calls a "mail order bride" and caricatures as an abused woman? She's an attorney, an immigrant married to Aaron, who has NEVER said anything nasty about the late Mrs. Schmalfeldt?

    1. “Stop. Just stop. My wife never did anything to you. Her family doesn’t need to do a search on her name and see the filthy things written about her by you and your readers at Thinking Man’s Zombie.”

      Would his late wife's family like to be informed that Bill has casually shared a near death photo of her with random people on the internet?

      How do you think they would take that kind of treatment of their recently deceased mother, sister, aunt or cousin?

      Do you think they will be understanding of that violation of her last moments of privacy by a narcissistic man who is trying to use her slow demise to further his own insane campaign of harassment and abuse?

      It really makes you WONDER what her family knew about the goings on in the tincasa up to those last moments and when all life was finally gone from her how Bill rushed to the computer to compose an email with a disgusting attachment and sent it to dozens and dozens of people who neither wanted such an image nor expected anyone could be so depraved as to cause such ruin to their spouses memory.

      But don't worry Bill... we will make sure her family knows how you took such a photo and then blasted it out to the world and then rushed to the copyright office in order to secure the commercial rights to it.

      Fairs fair I suppose!

  20. I learned my lesson today looking at Bill's twitter timeline. I have not seen such juvenile behavior since junior high, and this from a supposedly grown man, "Doggy style Scott"? Seriously?

    I have become dumber for doing so, and will never do it again.

    By Mass law, a Harassment prevention order can be granted after three unwanted contacts. His phone calls to our house count as one. His email to my wife via her business is two. If he contacts her again, I will drive her down to the court house and have her file the request for the order. Why would I drive her? Oh, she is currently using a rolly-walker for medical reasons. A disabled woman coming in to ask for protection from an adjudicated harasser that has at least three orders already against him? Nothing like a slam dunk. Three times today Bill said I was lying, and three times I proved him wrong. Think he'll go for four?

    1. Agiledog:

      What do you think he'll do....?

    2. What are the odds he'll do something that damages himself, rather than his "enemies"?

      Technically, that's not odds, I guess.

  21. So it appears that William's Doom Clock for a settlement ran out a couple of hours ago.

    The named defendants had best watch out because now The Diminished Capacity Kid is going to demand even less to make this go away!

    1. At what point will he be offering to say horrible things about himself in public to make the case go away?

      Oh, wait. He does that anyway.

      1. There's always the possibility that he doubles down and insists on driving his short bus directly into the courthouse wall. And since that's contrary to Schmalfeldt's immediate interest, that's where the smart money should be bet.

        If there's one thing that no one has ever seen Paragraph 83 say, it's "What if I'm wrong? What do I stand to lose?"

        Having read all of the motions in this case, the answer appears to be "Virtually everything." William has emerged from his previous flame wars relatively unscathed, but none of them have escalated quite like this before. He could very well think that this one is going to end just like the others. It won't.

        The Diminished Capacity Kid and his Limited Mobility Dancers appear to be having trouble replying to motions from just three named defendants, and he doesn't seem to have considered that the light at the end of the tunnel might indeed be the front of an oncoming train.

        Agiledog has done everything short of actually serve papers on William. I'd be shocked if Mr. Grady didn't seek redress of some sort in the near future and, in the background, I suspect (but obviously don't know) that John Hoge is patiently waiting his extract his several pounds of flesh for William's part in the Grace's Law fiasco. And it's well within the realm of possibility that he could be facing all of the above at the same time.

        His diminutive hero might be able to contend with multiple actions at once, but Kimberlin isn't old, sick, crazy and stupid. He also doesn't publicly kneecap himself on Twitter every day.

        If Bill Schmalfeldt were smart, he would have dropped Lulzsuit the Fifth with prejudice weeks ago.

        But he's not smart, he's Bill Schmalfeldt.

      2. You'd think somebody who cared would tell him about the huge risk he's running if Roy starts submitting.


        Except the only people who care that much are us, not his "excellent friends".

      3. His entire life is a series of dumb risks that he pisses and moans about when they blow up in his face. Whenever he faces even a minor setback in his demented strategies, our conquering hero very quickly reverts to complaining about how he's old, sick and can't blow his nose with his straitjacket on.


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