Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

8-26-2015 12-23-18 PM


Li’l ole irrelevant me could never, ever get a response from it.  It’s been doing such a superlative job of ignoring this site (wink, wink) and staying below the radar where I can’t see it (nudge, nudge).  It’s got this newfound self-control now, and it never goes silently trolling where it’s not wanted…otherwise how would it know, and why would it care who was trolling it soooo veeeery HARD?

Wait. What?

That’s a response?


I guess it is, isn’t it?

It has called me irrelevant before, and it will call me irrelevant again.  Makes no nevermind to me.  Because all it’s told me so far today is a) it is visiting every day and b) where it is going to live.

8-26-2015 12-53-20 PM

Rule #4.


UPDATE – Irrelevant?

Let’s review: 

I trolling sooooo veeeerrrry haaaaard.  As promised.  Two weeks.

It visits every day from the Crappy WiFi Arms.  Every. Day. If it really wants me to go away…Two weeks.

I made a promise, and I will keep it, but not before it holds up its end of the deal.  But I know I’ll never have to, because…Two weeks…is impossible.

And the clock just reset again.  Two weeks.

It will stop.  I promise. The only requirement is that it goes away and stops doing this:

For how long, do you think?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Since he's not reading this blog at all, maybe he'll let fellow dog lovers know what happened to Raven and Shiloh. If he ever reads this blog, I mean.

  2. I hope SGotCU was transported safely. Wonder if a new "memorial" site was set up at the new digs. All that's needed are a few tupperware tops.

  3. He's gonna live in one of those trees? Wisconsin gets cold!

    Oh well, a step up from the tincasa.

    1. I' m sure a scandal is coming soon when the Bearer of the Sacred Chrono-urn starts running his suck and peeps quickly tire of his incessant bullshit.

  4. Gee, we might never have known *where* Cousin Bill was living, except he couldn't stay away.

    I wonder if they know that he's an alleged rapist?

    Silly question. One of them is *bound* to Google "Bill Schmalfeldt", sooner or later. And you know how gossip flies through retirement homes!

  5. You know, it keeps harping on about "page counts" and how they "plummet" when it's not being discussed. As if that's the only thing, EVAR, that people who blog care about.

    Can you say JEALOUS, boys and girls? I knew you could.

    1. They can't plummet when the meter is stuck at ZERO, can they?

      Yeah, envious.

      (Jealous is a different emotion.

      Envy applies to things you don't have ("I wish I had their page counts."), jealousy applies to things you do have("Keep your slimy dick-skinners offen my chrono-urn!").

      Sorry, letting my inner grammar nazi out for some air... )


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