Feminist Theory

I must admit, I enjoyed Stacy McCain a little more when he was aiming his fierce wit and intellect at trailer-dwelling cyberstalkers.  I appreciate that he has done a lot of research and become quite expert on the subject of feminism (for a useless male) in the last couple years.  I’m just not as enthralled by the subject matter.

Today he’s done another fine job snarkbombing a whiny feminist who decided “SHUT UP/#BLOCKED” is a winning argument.  I had a comment, but I decided to blog it instead.

I’ve noticed that whenever I read about or encounter an undergrad feminist theorist lecturing about how horrible it is that not everyone takes her seriously, my dick gets hard.

Is that wrong? 


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. We are BOTH going to hell.

    You for writing that... and me for laughing my ass off.


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