Bill's (Not Ted's) Bogus Journey?

As we have seen previously with Bill’s DD 214 and listed awards, there is a discrepancy between what he claims (and has worn) and what official military documents say he has earned. Now we will examine Bill’s claims of participating in the July 1976 mission to evacuate American citizens and other foreign nationals from Beirut, Lebanon — Operation FLUID DRIVE. This operation marked the second time elements of 6th Fleet would evacuate civilians from Beirut, the first time having been conducted in June by a task force now relieved by Bill’s unit.

Bill has claimed for a number of years that he was a member of the headquarters unit (HQ) of the 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit (MAU) out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina embarked aboard the USS Coronado in July 1976.


The 32nd MAU was embarked aboard a number of warships conducting operations in the 6th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR), which happens to be the Mediterranean Sea. This unit would provide the military support to evacuate civilians from Beirut, Lebanon and transport them to Athens, Greece. Bill has also claimed for a number of years that he went ashore at Beirut, unarmed, to help evacuate these civilians as a corpsman.



So let’s quickly recap Bill’s public claims.

  1. He was in HQ32nd MAU
  2. He was aboard the USS Coronado
  3. He participated in Operation FLUID DRIVE by personally going ashore, unarmed, at Beirut in July 1976

First off, Bill was NOT a member of the 32nd MAU HQ – he was a member of Logistics Support Unit 32 (LSU 32).  The 32nd MAU HQ was a separate organization. The role of LSU 32 was to provide logistical support to the 32nd MAU as a whole in the form of technicians, mechanics, logistics specialists and medical support (remember that at this time in his Navy career Bill was a corpsman).

We have proof that Bill was assigned to LSU 32 and not 32nd MAU is in this copy of Bill’s personnel records, showing he was assigned to LSU 32 in 1976.

3At face value we can say that Bill was not a member of the 32nd MAU HQ but WAS a member of LSU 32 as indicated by his official records. As with last week, keep this information in the back of your head as we move further along!

Next, we have the claim that Bill was embarked aboard the USS Coronado during Operation FLUID DRIVE. We also have Bill’s claims that he went ashore personally, unarmed into the teeth of the tiger (RAWR!), and helped evacuate civilians. That makes for quite a heroic story except for a little problem with something called “Published Official Military History.”


That is the cover page from the declassified 6th Fleet Command History of 1976. This contains the chronological listing and official document of events and operations that took place in the 6th Fleet AOR and includes operations, exercises, participating units, etc. Shall we dive into it a bit?5Inside we find a memorandum signed by the chief of staff of the 6th Fleet and indicating that this official history has been forwarded to the appropriate record keeping agencies, including the US Naval Academy and the Office of Naval History, for archiving. This document is an official government agency product and a permanent part of the history of the United States Navy and Marine Corps which was submitted as being true and accurate by the Commander of the 6th Fleet to the appropriate archives in the 1970s.

The listings are by month and day, with significant events indicated.  Continuing on, we find information about Operation FLUID DRIVE – including which ships participated and in what capacity.

6A listing on page “I-7” on 27 July 1976 indicates that a single landing craft from the USS PORTLAND (LSD 37) conducted the evacuation run to shore at Beirut and embarked the evacuees aboard the USS CORONADO (LPD 11) which then transferred the evacuees to Athens, Greece.

Well that’s odd…Bill said he was aboard the Coronado and personally went ashore—unarmed—to evacuate civilians, but the official history of the US Navy says the landing craft came from a different ship.  How did Bill manage to get ashore if the landing craft left the USS Portland, ran straight to shore, picked up the evacuees and embarked them on the USS Coronado before the Coronado left for Athens?

Did he swim across to the Portland?

Bill was so…adamant…in claiming HE went ashore, unarmed, and helped evacuate the civilians.

And yet the OFFICIAL MILITARY HISTORY signed by the Chief of Staff of 6th Fleet and deposited in the US Navy archives indicates that is not the case. Could it be possible that Bill is…lying?

Is there a precedent for such an outlandish conclusion?

Oh, and while we are on the subject of 6th Fleet history…remember how I said you should keep Bill’s assignment to LSU 32 and not HQ 32nd MAU in the back of your head? Well, here is page “III-16” which lists the Marine units present in July 1976.


Oh! Would you look at that — separate listings for “Headquarters 32 MAU” and “Logistic Support Unit 32″…well, I do declare!

Ok, now you might be saying, “The guy is just confused about which ship did what, right?” Why would Bill be “confused” about who did what—thinking the USS Coronado did both the pickup and the evacuation—unless he was not physically present for the operation?

There are strong indications in his personnel file that Bill was not assigned to LSU 32 until after the unit had returned from its deployment. In fact, this conclusion can be reasonably drawn by a comparison of two of the images offered above.  We don’t want to make it too easy, though; it’s an exercise for the reader.  It is entirely plausible to assume, based on Bill’s own statements, that while he knew that the 32nd MAU had participated in the evacuation and that the evacuees were dropped off in Athens, Greece by the USS Coronado, what he did not know were the particular details – that a landing craft launched from USS Portland had done the pickup on the beach and transferred the evacuees to the USS Coronado.

Further, the awarding of the Humanitarian Service Medal (or any medal) is usually not an automatic thing – it is very, very rare for an action to be performed and a medal awarded within a couple of days or even weeks of the event. What most probably happened is that soon after Bill was assigned to LSU 32 (after their return to Camp Lejeune) the unit was notified they would be awarded the HSM for Operation FLUID DRIVE. Bill was in the unit when they received notification of the award, but because he was not present for the actual operation, he was not entitled to be personally awarded the HSM, and thus it was never included on his DD 214 (likewise for his claimed Sea Service Deployment Ribbon).

More likely, Bill knew or learned the dates and basics of the operation (dates, place, ship, and mission) and knew his last unit had received an HSM for Operation FLUID DRIVE.  When he entered the Navy again in 1981, he simply told his story and wore the ribbons. Who at that time would have looked into his records (or cared to look into them) since they knew he was already a veteran of one enlistment and his story would have been entirely reasonable and plausible to anyone – that he had been a corpsman on his first enlistment, had done a Med Cruise with 32nd MAU, participated in Operation FLUID DRIVE in July 1976 and earned an HSM before being discharged in 1977?

We have also seen previously many instances of active duty personnel claiming or wearing unearned badges, ribbons and medals on their uniforms — sometimes for years — before being found out.

When it came time for Bill to be discharged from his second enlistment, the personnel clerk typing up his DD 214 and reviewing his records (schools, badges, awards, etc) only included his actual, provable awards – a National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal from his first enlistment and a Good Conduct Medal from his second enlistment.

Ask yourself again — why would personnel clerks include ONLY those two awards from his first enlistment on the DD 214 for his second enlistment but not include a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon or a Humanitarian Service Medal if he was entitled to them?

And since Bill had to verify his DD 214 was true and accurate why wouldn’t he insist the clerks correct the form to reflect what he actually earned? All he would have had to do is produce evidence from his records (for example his first DD 214) to prove he was entitled to the awards, and the clerks would have included them. But they didn’t. Even though they included the other awards from his first enlistment…that makes for quite the mystery.

Recall also that Bill freely posted a copy of his second DD 214 on the open web ( to prove his military service YEARS before this controversy erupted. In addition, Bill signed the DD 214 in 1985 after reviewing it with the personnel clerks, indicating that it was true and complete – that all of the awards he was entitled to were listed in the document. The veracity and authenticity of that particular document is not in doubt. However, his subsequent claims of valor (and the wearing of decorations he has not demonstrated he earned) cast serious doubts over his war stories.

Of course, we are certain that Bill will say his records are in error (even though they have been in the care of the Federal Government for 40 years) or that history is wrong. (Ha! Ha! And motherfucking HA!) There is even the possibility that Bill—with his history of altering documents—will suddenly find a heretofore forgotten copy of his first DD 214 despite swearing that he relinquished his ONLY COPY to the Office of Personnel Management at his second enlistment. (Isn’t modern technology wonderful?)  Sort of like how he produced a letter of commendation buried in a file cabinet in the days following A.B.’s questioning.

That would be impressive.

Ultimately, we must hearken back to these sage words of advice…




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. Maybe he was on the Lebanese beach each inside each of us. He is an existential sort. I'm not sure that's worthy of a medal, but i'm hardly an expert on foreign militaries.

  2. That assignment is October. I can't decipher what the one above it is. My thinking is that he was with the one I can't make out in July 1976.

    Can I get clarification? Does it change the analysis substantially?

  3. out of 14000 sailors and Marines only less than a dozen and from the newspaper accounts only 2 actually went on the beach, Bill was picked out of all that - I would guess all of them were CIA/Seals and maybe 4 were actually sailors on board a ship. Remember the series of tweets with me that got him to go down this road to stolen Valor. I have some tweets where he wrote in a notebook his adventures - he really lost it that day I think it was during the Marcusso VA Police officer thing

  4. Commodore CumGuzzler's screenshots and the official Navy record have been forwarded to Stolen Valor. In an email to me, they have expressed a strong interest in this story.

  5. This neither proves or disproves Bill's claims about Lebanon, Enlisted performance record NAVPERS 601-9 is only a record of when and where he received a Performance Evaluation. I will note that he has a 10 month span between his eval of 31dec75 from B Co. 2dMedBn, 2d MarDiv, FMF, CamLej, NC and his 1oct76 eval from LSU-32,32dMAU,(DET-C} FPO,NY. From this we know that on 31dec75 he was with B Co. 2dMedBn, 2d MarDiv, FMF, CamLej, NC and transfered to LSU-32,32dMAU,(DET-C} FPO,NY during that time frame. We would need to see his NAVPERS 601-5 to know when.

    1. Being part of the landing force would have most likely merited a page 13 entry.

      PAGE 13—Administrative Remarks, NAV- PERS 1070/613, is a chronological record of significant miscellaneous entries not provided for elsewhere or requiring more detailed information.
      :Note old form is NAVPERS 605-13

    2. Minemyown-

      I would refer you to the NPRC FOIA response from earlier:

      Awards -- NDSM and GCM //nothing else follows//

      If Bill was present afloat for the 32nd MAU Med Cruise he would have earned a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and if he was present for Operation FLUID DRIVE he would have been awarded a HSM.

      And yet the NPRC FOIA could find NO PROOF of his having been awarded them in his archived records. Consider also the NAVPERS 1070/604 is a typed chronological listing of a service members awards and would list them in order of award date:

      1. NDSM -- 1973 for boot camp
      2. Sea Service Deployment Ribbon -- 1976 meeting the 90 days from home port requirement
      3. Humanitarian Service Medal -- 1976 for Operation FLUID DRIVE
      4. Good Conduct Medal 1st -- May 1977

      Are we to believe the personnel clerk when typing his DD 214 JUMPED OVER two whole awards completely? Or that Bill would allow the SSDR and HSM to be left off his DD 214?

      Are we to believe that NPRC (who have held his records for 38 years) could find no proof of these awards when queried with a FOIA request?

      Or is it much more likely that BS was simply never awarded them in the first place?

      1. All I can say without seeing his page4, page5 and page 13, nothing presented proves or disproves his claims about Lebanon, from what I can find the HSM was not awarded for Operation FLUID DRIVE until after he was discharged in 1977.

        Their is nothing in the public domain at this time we can point to and say Bill was on the USS Coronado on 27July1976--all we know for sure is that sometime during 1976 he was transfered/tdy to LSU 32,32dMAU,(DET-C).

      2. Minemyown -

        Even if an HSM was not awarded until 1977 (mind you Bill was discharged in May 1977) that still does not justify Bill wearing the medal without proper award documentation. I could not and did not wear a Valorous Unit Award a previous unit I was in received until the documentation was in hand and entered into my records at my current unit.

        Likewise if Bill was wearing the medal that means he would have to prove he earned it -- either by producing award documentation from his first enlistment or getting award documentation while on his second enlistment. NPRC verdict? No proof of the award in his record.

        Second, Bill also has no Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (despite claiming he is entitled to one) and that particular award WOULD have been entered into his records long before the deployment was over. NPRC verdict? No proof of the award in his record.

        Third, Bill is claiming he was wearing a Meritorious Unit Commendation received during his time on the USS Midway in the last photograph. And again... there is no proof in his records that NPRC could find such an award.

        That's three awards not in his records that he is claiming and wearing.

        Two of those FIVE claimed awards (HSM and SSDR) would establish that he was present afloat with 32nd MAU for Operation FLUID DRIVE off the coast of Lebanon.

        One of those awards (SSDR) would prove he was on that deployment AT ALL.

        And one final though --

        Bill is now claiming that his SSDR is for his time spent forward deployed IN JAPAN. His time in Japan was during his second enlistment NOT his first enlistment. So which is it for Bill? He is wearing a SSDR for being forward deployed in Japan or he is wearing it for a 1976 Med Cruise?

        His stories are not matching his records (and constantly evolving) and his records have been verified by NPRC.

  6. Again, Commode CG Schmalfeldt gives clear and convincing proof that he is nothing more than a low-life liar who has failed in his desperate attempt to create a meme whereby his life has some glory. Sadly and pathetically, he has only given conclusive proof to the old adage "The more you stir a bucket of shit, the worse it smells!!" I am supremely confidant that there are a few Marines from that period who will soon visit the Elkridge Horror to instruct him on the finer points of truth about Lebanon and CG's falsely claimed heroics!

    The foot-stomping will be epic!!

    Billy-Boy will certainly 'make his bones' with Stolen Valor.

  7. So...given the choice to believe what his DD214 says, and what schmutz says...I pick the DD214. One source may be in error, bit the other is a proven, constant liar.

      1. Odd. He completely missed -- or ignored -- the little issue you left as an exercise for the reader.


    Excuse me,


    William hasn't even seen the oppositions to his farcical Motion to Dismiss Lulzsuit the Fifth and he's already publicly musing about Lulzsuit the Sixth! It is to laugh.

    Also, I wonder who'll drive him to court is Wisconsin.

    1. Did Seaman Slurper publish his response on his own site? If so, then what's his beef?

    2. Why do I have a feeling that we'll be seeing today's Billy Blog at some point in the next 17 days?

      On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 3:05 PM, The Thinking Man's Zombie wrote:

      > Neal N. Bob commented: " > > Excuse me, BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! William hasn't even > seen the opposit"

  9. So Bill gets caught wearing unauthorized medals and lying about his exploits in Beirut but his only response is to admit he was "mistaken" about what unit in the 32nd MAU he was in.

    Worlds Stupidest Man™

  10. So let me get this straight, Blob... you're now claiming that you were one of many corpsman stationed among the various ships of the battle group... and that they flew you over to the USS Portland so that you could Mike Boat into Lebanon.

    One question... why would anyone order that?

    It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. By your own admission there were corpsman from your unit already on the Portland. Why would they fly YOU over to hit the beach when there were already HMs there? Were you such a shit hot hard charger that the mission was doomed to fail without a fatass HM3 headed in with the rest of the door kickers? Motherfucker, puleeeeze.

    It's like this, fat fuck... you were wearing salad on your uniform that is not on your DD-214. You are a stolen valor piece of garbage. The sooner you man up and admit the truth... the better it will go for you in the long run. We are NOT going away, Fatass. Keep rocking the lie and you will reap the whirlwind.

    1. Consider this --

      Each Marine unit would have it's own line corpsman -- generally one corpsman per platoon. Those corpsman would have been assigned to their Marine units long before embarkation for deployment in order that they train and live alongside the Marines they treat.

      LSU 32 on the other hand as the main logistics support unit was specifically responsible for establishing and manning the 32nd MAU's field hospital which would receive Marines who were triage in the field by their corpsman and then sent to the rear for additional care by LSU 32 corpsman and the regimental surgeon.

      Why would they send a field hospital HM3 from the Logistic Support Unit ashore (especially one not even from the ship the LCU was coming from)? If Marine riflemen went ashore (unarmed as Bill claimed) why not send their own assigned corpsman ashore with them -- which makes sense and jives with how the military actually works?

  11. Unanswered questions BS has ignored --

    1. Why does your second DD 214 contain medals from your first enlistment but DOES NOT contain your claimed Humanitarian Service Medal or Sea Service Deployment Ribbon? If you were entitled to the awards the personnel clerk would have included them but they did not.

    2. Why can the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC -- the repository for all military records) find no proof in your military records that you are entitled to the HSM or SSDR? A reminder the NPRC have held your records in archives since 1977 and 1985 respectively but they were unable to find proof of your claimed additional awards. Why?

    3. You claimed that YOU personally went ashore at Beirut in 1976 but the official military history states that the landing craft did not even come from your claimed ship (USS Coronado) but from another ship (USS Portland) and the only time the landing craft approached the Coronado was to disembark the evacuees? How could you get from the USS Coronado to shore in light of this information? How do you rectify your claims?

    4. You previously claimed you were in HQ 32nd MAU but now claim you misspoke at the time and meant HQ LSU 32. However given your history of shifting your stories to try and match uncovered facts why should anyone believe you?

    5. Your military records indicate that you were part of LSU 32 Det-C -- that is Detachment C -- which is not HQ LSU 32 (which would have been listed as HQ instead of Det-C) and Det-C may not have even been present afloat in the 6th Fleet AOR in 1976 but had remained at Camp Lejune, NC during the 1976 deployment. Can you offer any proof otherwise?

    6. You indicated that you gave up your only copy of the first enlistment DD 214 to prove to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that you were in the Navy in the 1970's. However, as has been shown previously you had worked for the Federal Government as a civilian as early as 1985/1986. Did you give up your only copy then or some 20 years later when you applied for your NIH job?

    7. Follow up question -- if you gave up your only copy to OPM in the 2005-ish time frame why did you not have copies made or available? Are we to believe that in 1985 you had copies of your first enlistment DD 214 but could not manage to make copies in the 2000's?

    8. You have offered no official documentation or proof from a government source disproving the evidence presented which HAS come from official government sources (NPRC, US Navy Archives, your own military records, etc). Surely if you were able to forg....errr... come up with proof of a Letter of Commendation from the 1980's from a filing cabinet you would have some sort of physical proof to your claims. Why don't you provide it?

    9. You have claimed that it is impossible for someone to purchase medals or ribbons from a store such as the ones being worn by you in numerous photographs. However, it was pointed at that uniform items such as badges, ribbons and medals are easily purchased at Navy Exchange (NEX) or Post Exchange (PX) uniform clothing shops and this is how worn out items are generally replaced. Would you care to modify your claim that this is impossible?

    10. Referring back to question #1: What was the source document that the personnel clerk used when typing your second DD 214 as proof to award entitlement? The only document they could have used to include the NDSM would have been your first enlistment DD 214 and if you were truly entitled to an HSM and SSDR it would have not only been listed on that paperwork but included in your second enlistment DD 214 -- but it was not. Why?

    Be Well.

      1. It's my personal opinion that a lying sack of dog crap valor thief ranks WAAAAAY below a chicken hawk. YMMV, of course.

  12. Hey, y'all remember when I asked whether Bill was wearing five medals as opposed to the two (one with service star denoting repeat award) to which his DD-214 attests?

    Well, Brave Sir William has confirmed it!

    So, now we know that he claims entitlement to a Meritorious Unit Commendation as well as the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and the Humanitarian Service Medal. None of which, of course, are reflected on his DD-214.

    1. Five medals or ribbons "claimed" by BS.

      Two end up on his DD 214.(including one that could NOT have been awarded during his second enlistment because of the time period exclusion)

      Those same two are the only ones verified by NPRC via a FOIA as being in his records (not just the DD 214 but his NAVPERS 1070/604.

      The other three medals/ribbons? Not so much.

      Uh huh.

      And Bill never bothered to get the DD 214 corrected by the personnel clerk before signing it?

      Mmm k.

      I love this line from Bill:

      "The most common error on DD-214s at separation is the failure to include Unit Awards on the document."

      And the most common way of correcting said errors is that before signing your DD 214 you provide proof to the personnel clerk that you are entitled to additional awards that have been left off said DD 214.

      No proof of award? Not included on your DD 214.

      No proof of award? Means you were never awarded those medals/ribbons.

      Wearing medals that were never awarded? Gee... I wonder what that's called.

    1. "If I was his PR guy, I’d have told him to stop long ago. Just stop."


      Is that anything like "No means no"?


  13. Shot: Bill is forgetting this lawsuit business and moving to Wisconsin to get away from all the lickspittles nonsense.

    Chaser: “Maryland Lawmaker Wants To Make Stolen Valor A Crime — July 30, 2015”


  14. I'll simply not that wearing a medal or decoration which one is not entitled to wear is a court martial offense which can result in 6 months confinement and a Bad Conduct Discharge.

      1. Well the basis for questioning his awards is clearly outlined, and comes from his own official record of service and other documents relating to his period of service.
        Bill Schmalfeldt is very capable of mistake; he also lies a lot.

        He hasn't made very clear why his awards aren't listed, or why he didn't notice so many awards were missing from his record, or why the other documents tend to support his not earning the awards.

        He's admitted error about his unit, not that it is an error that makes a lot of difference - where is the support, besides pictures showing him wearing specific ribbons, that he was ever entitled to wear them?

        Why doesn't he clear this up if evidence beyond what has been obtained is available?

  15. I also enjoyed that bit about having "no clips" for the .45 he was carrying or the M16s the Marines were carrying. "Clips"?. Guess he's been watching too many WWII movies recently.

    1. That jumped out to me, as well, AD. But, never having served I am not all that familiar with military lingo, if you will. With that said, the mistaken use of "clip" when someone is referring to a "magazine" is a pet peeve for many (myself included).

  16. I think it’s wotrh mentioning the rise of a fresh dual standerd out of tincasa.
    When cabin boy lays out his suppositions it’s always up to the target of his attacks to disprove the story.
    I don’t see why Krendler shouldn’t be held to the same standard for producing a more factual, evidence-backed piece?
    Until someone proves the story is wrong, I’m just goig to assume it’s true.
    Isn’t that what Bildo would do?

    1. Shoe... other foot?

      Hoist... by petard?

      Whats good for you... is good for me?

      Feldtcharts? Schmalogic? It's Bill's rules... we're just playing by them!


  17. Originally posted at Dave's place but I will cross post here:


    What is most interesting is that ONLY after the official facts came out in these posts about how Operation FLUID DRIVE was run does Bill’s story change to try and meet those new facts.

    For example, he claimed he was in Headquarters (HQ) 32nd MAU which then shifted to HQ LSU 32 which then shifted to what his records indicate LSU 32 Det-C (Detachment – C). As the facts came out the story shifted to try and fit them to the facts.

    As another example Bill never once in all these YEARS of claiming he went ashore at Beirut mentions being choppered to the USS Portland and then going ashore from there and then back to the USS Coronado. However when it was shown in the naval history that the landing craft came from the Portland and how the operation was actually conducted do we ONLY NOW get the story from Bill of being hand selected and choppered over from the Coronado to the Portland before hitting the beach— again trying to fit his story to the historical facts when they are revealed.

    However facts which have come to light that Bill also fails to provide sufficient answer to include:

    1. National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) showed they have no record of awards for EITHER a Humanitarian Service Medal OR a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon from ANY of his enlistments (and no record for his most recent claiming of a 5th award, a Meritorious Unit Commendation).

    2. Bill has shifted his story to being “entitled” to a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon for being forward deployed in Japan on his second enlistment but it (or a SSDR from his first enlistment, i.e. 1976 depoyment) still makes no appearance on the NPRC FOIA or his DD 214.

    3. Awards from his first enlistment (National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal 1st Award) were transcribed onto his second enlistments DD 214 — what was the source document for the transcription? It would have to be his first enlistments DD 214 and if it was that document any other additional awards it contained would have been transcribed along with the NDSM and GCM. However, conveniently Bill no longer has a copy of this DD 214 so we can all go pound sand.

    4. The burden of proof is on Bill to show he WAS awarded these awards and that they are in his records. His DD 214 indicates that he cannot meet that burden of proof, his shifting story to try and meet the revealed historical facts shows he cannot meet that burden of proof, and his inability to address those concerns (by studiously ignoring them) of WHY the NPRC (who have had custody of his records for 38 years) cannot find the proof in his records is the strongest indication that those awards do not exist.

    Be Well.


  18. If an award isn't on your DD-214, don't wear the thing until you get the DD-214 corrected. If you believe SECNAVNOTE 1650, I am authorized to wear a CAR. You know why I don't? Two reasons. One, the damned thing isn't on my DD-214 and I didn't even know I had 'earned' it until 19 years after the fact. Two, it was awarded for BS reasons and I'm not going to wear something that other people had to get shot at to earn when all i did was hitch a ride across a line on a map!


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