Awwww…How Sweet!


He wants to say goodbye!


WARNING: DUMBFUCK IN DENIAL – I didn’t make this coward’s bed of stolen valor, and if it’s lumpy, don’t t blame me.

Besides, I’m sure his pals Bunny Boy and Wire Cutter know The Real Story and are standing solidly in his corner, right?

Oh, that’s so cute!  Though I will miss the deadly strains of Ssee you in court.”  I never get tired of hearing that one.

This will make him, what?  0 for 6 combined against me and Grady?  What is that word he likes to use?



Oh, I wish he wouldn’t tease me like that!  He’ll be back and whinging before noon Saturday, and we all know it.

It’s a nice try, though, calling 16 months of getting his ass kicked a victory because he surrendered to prevent 17.  

I told him to think about his end game…

Two weeks – a promise as sacred as any I’ve ever seen him make. I could write a press release it would make him feel better.  Or create a blog exclusively dedicated to leaving him alone.  Every day, a post about something that has nothing to do with him.  The possible topics are legion:

  • Making a podcast that’s interesting.
  • Spelling one’s name correctly in legal documents
  • Personal jurisdiction
  • Proofreading
  • Dying with dignity
  • Wearing pants
  • Dog wrangling without whining
  • Minding your own business

The list goes on…


Ah, yes…the conceit that my objectives must be the same as his objectives.  And the added conceit that he must be the only thing in my life that’s FUN.

As far as I’ve ever been able to tell, his objectives are an audience, respect, celebrity, a sense of power.

Mine is FUN.  And there’s plenty of fun things out there to see, do, and write about.  And I’ll be doing it long after he’s shriveled away and dumped in the Clockwork Urn.  Or will Anyone even claim the ashes?  Maybe someone will just dump them in a little mayo jar. Or maybe a descendant will take them, mix ’em up with a little twat slime and make paste.

One thing is certain – when I shrivel and die, I’ll do it with a lot more dignity than him.  And he – yes, even he – will die with more dignity than he allowed his wife.  That photograph.  Disgusting.  Morbid.  It takes a truly diseased mind to shoot that picture.  Multiply that fevered insanity by 10 and you might approach the mentality of a man who would email that photo to his worst enemy.

And the copyright the photo in an attempt to rectify his mistake. For Fuck’s Sake.

(As an aside…Operation DOWNFALL cost less than $35.  I win.)

A man who would do that hates his enemy more than he loves his wife, I think.


I’m touched-truly touched-that he would burn seven tweets of his most impassioned apathy on someone as #irrelevant as your humble Head Zombie.  I didn’t know until now how much he truly don’t care what I think or say.  I’m gratified beyond words that he couldn’t be bothered to muster up the guts to say farewell.

Oh. Wait.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

29 thoughts on “Awwww…How Sweet!”

  1. Reading the oppositions to his motion to dismiss is going to be a joyous experience. Just the idea of seeing "Oh no, he doesn't!" in print is going to warm the cockles of my heart.

    He had the opportunity to do this a month ago and blustered it away. Hope he hasn't transferred title on Tincasa while the IFP motion is outstanding.

    Speaking of which, nice of him to leave the reclusive Thomas J. to answer questions about Deal Old Dad, innit?

    As an aside, I would encourage everyone to start reading about local rules and procedures for the Seventh Circuit. William has "moved on with his life" dozens of times now, yet he never truly goes away.

    Finally, if I'm wrong and Schmalfeldt does n fact wander off into the mists of time, I would encourage you to keep TMZ up. He can't not engage in flames wars, harass and stalk. This would be an invaluable resource to his future victims. Having his playbook available would make their lives much easier than ours have been. And FUN!

    1. No, no! I made a promise. I'll stop if he can stay gone from the Internet for two weeks straight (and please notice I have never placed any caveats or exceptions on that - if he tweets, if podcasts, if he blogs about Scott Walker, writes a poem about mayonnaise, or anything else, I stay).

      And the next day, all the content will flip over to

    2. Hmm. Then I guess somebody might have to mirror the site.

      You aren't litigious about copyright, are you, Krendler?

  2. Looky looky.... ANOTHER Navy stolen valor douchenozzle.

    Maybe Schmalbalz and this guy can get together... exchange recipes or something.

      1. Or you can just buy what you want online.

      2. "During questioning…Brown admitted he was never a Navy Officer nor a Navy Seal.

        Deputies say he allegedly purchased all of his military insignias including the Navy uniform at a local Army/Navy surplus store."

        "A leaker like Grady seems to believe you can just show up at work the next day with a new ribbon and no one will notice. Not sold in stores!"

        -- Grouchy Old DJ (@NoRadio4OldMen) August 12, 2015

        #BillSchmalfeldt #StolenValor #DerangedCyberstalker #Liar

      3. And of course Biwwy would have had access to the Base Exchange Uniform Shop. I was with my husband on several occasions when he had to buy replacement ribbons. He just picked them out of the drawers (along with the stars and Es that went on some of them) and went up to the cashier and paid. No one asked to see his record for him to prove he was entitled to wear them.

  3. Grady

    Now that he has dismissed his suit with prejudice (that's what he did, right?), it's safe to come out of the closet as it were and admit that YOU ARE INDEED Grady.

    You could do it so subtly he would never notice: just write "0 to 6 against me" instead of "0 to 6 combined against me and Grady."

    By the way, if you do shut down, I hope Howard Earl will continue in your place. He could call his site "The Spa: Come Here to Get the Cure."

  4. So... Bill will no longer complain as we start to hammer away at his Bestest Buddy, the Dread Pro-Se Bombapalooza Headmaster Brett Kimberlin?

  5. I'm wondering if there is much of a market out there for podcast/internet DJ's who lie about their military service. And who would listen to someone, whether on a podcast or in a court of law, who is now known to be a liar about so many things.

    Also, BS never once offered a coherent reason for why he continues to support and call someone a friend who not only stated that he sabotaged military equipment but was also convicted of severely wounding a fellow veteran (not a #chickenhawk) and his wife with a bomb placed at a HIGH SCHOOL football game.

    You would think someone who alleges to place so much value on HIS military service would take umbrage against someone who performed the above acts -- especially with regards to Carl DeLong and his family. To think a man who calls others #chickenhawk turns out to be a man whose own military claims fall far short of the truth -- and yet he cannot find the intestinal fortitude to denounce BK for what he did to a fellow veteran with that bomb.

    Interesting, no?

    BS is a typical leftist -- if it threatens The Party then he will ally with anyone for anything to destroy the threat to The Party. BS and his morality have been bought for cheap and used like the tool he is.

    This is why his last refuge is among pedophiles, terrorist bombers, drug smugglers, child porn consumers and those who lie or exaggerate about their military service - a fitting group to be associated with.

    Nice friends you have there!

    Oh and BS -- Do Be Well.


  6. Did any google where these medals are for sale - like at every PX and every Army navy store and they can order the for you

    Did anyone report him to The shore Patrol? There is no statute of limitations on this type of missrepresentations in the military.

  7. Hmmm Racine police asked me last summer to alert them if he travels or moves to Wisconsin. Deputy Chief Todd Shulz of the Racine PD - give him a call, Wisconsin has a dim view of its underage female citizens private photos being put on websites that also promote child porn and rape of underage children

    They will be VERY interested if he comes within their jurisdiction

      1. Racine told me they had an official interest it may have died off after a year but I doubt it. I will travel up to Wisconsin myself as they asked and present his harassment of Wisconsin children and women in person

      2. GM,

        He may not have a choice, was the trailer in his name or hers,? was the car in his name or hers?

      3. GM and BusPassOffice --

        In regards to whether or not BS is moving and who owns what property now since Gail's demise we should also ask -- just how well are BS and TJ getting along?

        Is it it a comedy like that behind Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar?

        Or are things not really going that well in the tincasa and necessitating BS "get the hell out of Dodge quick"?



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