You Can Have My Answer Now, If You Like

7-27-2015 10-16-14 AM


UPDATE – Recall this from a recent TMZ post:

There are two ways to end a war.

  1. Completely eliminate the enemy by wiping him from the battlefield eternally.
  2. So thoroughly decimate the enemy that he
    • loses his will to fight; or
    • realizes that he risks the first outcome.

Remember that DUMBFUCK has pretended to lose the will to fight only about 327,000 times in the last several years.  He is a liar and a bully.  He is not to be trusted.  He must be wiped from the battlefield eternally.

No quarter.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “You Can Have My Answer Now, If You Like”

  1. And I may be remembering this incorrectly in some details, but didn't the guy making demands in that scene later wind up in Mister...Cor-lay-OH-nay's pocket after he gutted a hooker or something?

    It's never wise to think yourself invulnerable...

  2. "I decided not to swallow all those many years ago, Bill, in the hopes you would bring so much unintentional laughter to the non-psychotic people on the interwebz."

  3. I would have taken time to ask the court if it complied with the regulations to make the witness stand the attorney and plaintiff table – clowntiff accessible. The entrance and the aisles should be wide enough to facilitate passage for extra large rubber shoes, hoop skirt hips (some clowns not needing this enhancement) that are able to pass through the metal detectors. Accomidations should also be made for little cute monkey diapers and snacks so the clowntiffs have their muse with them at all times.

    Also a makeup mirror and defused lighting is essential in maintaining clowntiff decorum….


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