18 thoughts on “Root Cause Analyses”

      1. I thought what lit the fuse was the narrative-instead-of-news coverage of Trayvon™?

        Yes, and that led him to explore the nature and frequency of black on white crime in general. You will never, never, never hear an SJW mention that because LOOK!!!! FLAG!!!!

  1. And of course the media will never, ever remark on how few of these mass shootings take place in locations where law abiding citizens are allowed to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and carry their own arms.

    I was in Virginia when there were changes in the gun laws to allow make it much easier for people to carry. The Brady Bunch were whining in the media for weeks about how this was going to lead to recreations of the OK Corral on a daily basis and blood would be running in the streets.

    A year later not only had these predictions NOT come to pass, but violent crime had decreased by a significant amount.


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