Oh, Yes, We're All Sooooo Evil

Of all the things DUMBFUCK says he doesn’t remembers saying or doing (because NOT DEMENTED), I’d lay good money that he doesn’t remember this the most:

[audio http://stran-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/collette%202.mp3]

Oh, almost forgot… 

Vinnie says “Hey.”

UPDATE – I don’t know why the audio play did not embed in the previous version.  But it’s there now, and everything makes much more sense.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

28 thoughts on “Oh, Yes, We're All Sooooo Evil”

    1. That's thirty years of professional investigative journalism, right there!

  1. I see he is doing his best Southern Baptist Preacher accent here. He must have ordered the HIllary Clinton dialect CD.

    1. What was the point in the good ol' boy accent? Did he think it made him sound more serious? Which is pretty funny given that he spends half his time using southern dialect to try to make people look stupid.

    1. Willy's problem is that he has said so many horrible, loathsome things online in the past decade, that he cannot keep track of them.

      This is a bitchslap of epic proportions.

      1. well that and the fact that he deletes almost everything he's every posted, which he seems to think makes it go away forever.

        but it's all in the vault, ready to be pulled out when needed to show just what a loathsome cockroach he is.

      2. There's a cockroach outside, and he'd like to register a complaint.

    1. You've seen William act any other way when someone doesn't have their foot on his stupid fucking neck?

      The man is an irredeemable pussy.

  2. I don't suppose Willy has had the guts to address this contradiction on his "show"?

    Considering he may be the biggest coward on the internet, I'm not holding my breath.

    1. He will make the following distinction: He was a journalist back then working on a story against another journalist who had biased views and was on the wrong side of Brett Kimberlin.

      Now he is a private citizen and he wants to be left alone so he can continue to do the same shit he did as a public journalist. And in case you weren't aware, he's a crippled 60 year old man with Parkinson's Disease and it's very dishonorable to abuse a demented old decrepit man like him who just lost his wife to a half dozen diseases.

      Or something.

  3. https://twitter.com/Grouch365/status/621773632222556160

    Well, any DUMBFUCKs to whom I need to apologize for anything I have EVER WRITTEN can sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that if, not when, that unlikely day should ever come, my apology will be as heartfelt, sincere and complete as that one was.


    Could someone explain to me how re-posting a picture previously posted by a DUMBFUCK poses any threat to a person's career, without the accompaniment of an obviously righteously intentioned email* to that person's employer accusing him of defamation and misuse of company assets (by someone who so OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T WANT TO RUIN A YOUNG MAN'S CAREER, OH, HEAVENS NO!!!)

    *I mean, taking down the photo is nice and all...but HOW THE FUCK DO YOU UN-SEND AN EMAIL?


    1. Dumbfuck doesn't understand that what he says and does has consequences. Often, not even an apology can get you out of them.

      1. Seems he's facing some consequences now. Pretty dire ones at that.

        [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilZPZawbw5w&w=529&h=382]

  4. Other than to say that I don't believe this will work out the way William thinks it will, I'll present this without comment.


    1. I am trying to remember (a) who IS the plaintiff in this suit, and (b) whether the plaintiff ever involved "kids" of others in his shenanigans.

    2. His brain is going, "You just wait! I'll be on another Hogewash! 'I'm not making this up.' post!!" and you all will be punked again!

  5. Dumbass has always had a problem with precision in his words.

    We did not say she was not dead.

    We said we don't believe a thing he says and would not believe his statement that she's dead until we saw documentary proof of it, aka death certificate.

    Always with him it is the attack on him which he wants to turn into an attack on an innocent target in order to raise a hue and a cry of outrage.



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