30 thoughts on “Make The Monkey Dance Hall of Fame Induction”

  1. Today's edition of Ye Olde Podcast should be taught in abnormal psychology classes across America for the following reasons:

    1) It began with that silly "The Ram Has Touched the Wall" song, and ended with a gargantuan audio Feldtdown for the ages when William saw what the ram touching the wall might actually look like.

    2) Someone, who in three tries, has yet to successfully argue a motion in federal court lectured at some length what the law is and isn't.

    It was just that incredible. I thought I needed a straitjacket just listening to it.

  2. Hey Blob! The only thing you're entitled to is [REDACTED - PK] You've earned it! Enjoy it!

    Shame you were so busy stroking yourself that you blew right past that last off ramp, ain't it? Who knew that [REDACTED - PK] Oh, that's right! YOU DID!

    Murum aries attigit.

  3. I was talking with one of my girls just now and simply said that Bill had sued a lawyer. I hadn't even mentioned any of his other idiocies yet and you could probably hear her snort of laughter across the street.

    1. I'll say it again. Our Special Needs Boy is someone "who in three tries, has yet to successfully argue a motion in federal court."

      So why not sue a lawyer? What's the worst that can happen?

      God, I slay me.

  4. In fairness, though, I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with the clock-crypt.

    William figured out a way for Gail to keep doing things for him from beyond the grave, even if it only is telling him what time it is.

    1. Is it battery, cord, or wind-up?

      Just wondering how long until... nah. That's over the line.

    2. He said she always wanted to be useful. The fact that he cares so much about her wishes is probably why he set that urn next to a digital clock with a big, bright blue display.

    3. Is it just me, or is the idea of an urn that has a purpose beyond simply holding the remains of your loved one just... wrong?

      1. If you want to laugh your ass off more than following the insanity that is Willy, get to know a funeral director. They have the best stories. Many of them involve the stupid and insane things people do with cremains.

        As an aside I give you, without comment:


      2. One of the most fascinating and amusing afternoons when I was a unit clerk on a heme-onc floor was when several of us got to spend an hour or so chatting with the on-call from the morgue (it was a quiet day, pun not intended). One of the tales was how to bury granny on the cheap. In Iowa, at least in the '80s, you could be your own funeral director which would allow you to transport the body and contract with a crematorium.

        1. Now we know why Bill was waiting on the death certificate to unload the Focus AND planning on moving back to Iowa...

    4. Are you people suggesting that William is something less than a Trump-level of classy?


      1. Perry,

        Now a man can say to his beloved, "Even when I'm gone, you'll still feel me inside of you."


  5. But it needs 21 E's in the front and 21 E's in the back.


    Because the man has earned it, darn it!

  6. I posted this at Hogewash:
    Time to review the check list again.



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