Just In Case You Wondered

Have I mentioned lately HOW MUCH I LOVE LIFE?

Because I do.  There’s nothing like a 5 day monkeydance that bounces that special brand of Elkridge Cray off of law enforcement agencies in multiple states.  I’m sorry some of you got splattered with the Cray; it takes weeks to fade, but once you get used to the brimstone smell it’s not so bad.  That shade of green is actually inoffensive and easy to accessorize, if you’re of a mind to.

Since DUMBFUCK really wants to force me to place obituaries in the Baltimore Sun, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Madison State Journal and the Clinton Iowa Herald, I checked out the prices…whoo boy!  Upwards of $500 to place them all.  I might have to sell my Dwight Gooden rookie card to come up with that kind of scratch.


Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. He's playing dumb. From the latest screed at P-O:

    Now, Grady [sic] is waving it around, threatening to coat the Internet with it. I do not want that to happen. I know that either Hoge or Hinckley sent the photo to Grady [sic].

    Grady [sic] says he will paste the image all over the web unless I “stop” something. But I have no idea what I’m supposed to “stop”?

    The March of Time?
    The Rising Sea Level?
    Doing my laundry?
    Changing my underwear?

    Unless he’s being intentionally vague and doesn’t really HAVE the photo, don’t I need to know what it is that I am supposed to “stop” doing?

    1. I dunno, Shakey, how about stop treating people like shit? No more doxxing, no more stalking, no more lawsuits, no more twitter harassment or podcasts dedicated to your personal white whales?

    2. Also:

      "Yesterday I sent two e-mails that contained a picture of my wife in the hospital two weeks before she died. I was hoping that Scotty Boy Hinkley’s wife, Louise, had a soul. Sadly, I was mistaken because she sent it right to her husband."

      How dare a woman show her husband an email sent by a creepy-ass, deranged cyberstalker threatening to drag her family through time-consuming, vexatious litigation.

      Stalking sociopath. GFY.

      1. I take it there is no report that he requested or demanded that the woman to whom he sent the picture not pass it on to her husband. Not that such a request or demand is worty of anything but hysterical laughter at its bumptious presumption.

        Because you know,, spouses frequently do, and are entitled to do, things like inform each other of strange creepy things that befall them. "Hey, dear, do you know of someone called Witless Willie and what is he doing sending me pictures of some very sick woman I never knew."

        Obviously a woman who would do that has no soul, right?

      2. So, per Hoge, Bill sent this email to law enforcement and WJJ Hoge:

        To: jdewees@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org
        Cc: WJJ Hoge , himself@hogewash.com
        Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 20:28:40 -0400
        Subject: Death Threats, Mocking My Recently Deceased Wife..

        I have never publicized this photo, so if I see it on anyone’s blog I will know Hoge is responsible.
        [image redacted]

        Per agiledog, Bill sent this to AD's wife:

        From: LordofSatire [mailto:lordofsatire@gmail.com]
        Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 8:50 PM
        To: REDACTED
        Subject: Your Husband, the Most Awesome Man Ever
        (bluster and bullshit redacted)
        Note the time.

        Now Billy Sez:
        “Yesterday I sent two e-mails that contained a picture of my wife in the hospital two weeks before she died. I was hoping that Scotty Boy Hinkley’s wife, Louise, had a soul. Sadly, I was mistaken because she sent it right to her husband.”

        So Bill sent it to at LEAST two people, one twenty minutes after he told Hoge's local LE that if it got out he KNEW Hoge was responsible. 20 minutes later he sent it to AD's wife. So if it gets out he does NOT know it was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE that did it!

        UPDATE: This appeared in my mailbox this morning:
        To: jdewees@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org, [redacted]@ccg.carr.org,
        Cc: WJJ Hoge , himself@hogewash.com,
        Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 10:43:21 -0400
        Subject: Death Threats, Mocking My Recently Deceased Wife
        The disturbing photo of my wife in the hospital has made its way to the hands of Patrick Grady of Palatine, IL, a defendant in my Federal Lawsuit, who is threatening to publish it if I do not behave myself.  He described it perfectly, but he hasn’t published it yet. Would someone have a chat with Mr. Hoge and ask him why he would do such a thing as send this photo to be used as blackmail, not just distressing to myself, but to everyone in my wife’s family?

        Note Bill hasn't actually lied, technically. He sent the pic to LE and Hoge, saying if it got out he knew Hoge was responsible. Not that Hoge was in any way obligated not to share, but Bill's grasp of decency may extend to "but Hoge would not do that." Or it may not. Whatever. Who knows how many others he sent the pic to, but we know it was more than Hoge. The next day it's discreetly in the wild and he is asking the cops to chat with Hoge about "why he would do such a thing" as send this photo for use as blackmail. Who said anything about blackmail? All Krendler has is FUN!

        Gee, it would be a shame if Hoge had an upcoming peace order hearing where he could demonstrate that Bill (a) is communicating to him after being repeatedly requested not to, and (b) dancing on the edge of the truth to set Hoge up with local law enforcement for falsified trumped up accusations. Be even more of a shame if local law enforcement became aware of these shenanigans...

        Do they sell popcorn by the pallet? And about a 5 gallon bucket of butter.

      3. I would not put it past the Stalking Sociopath to photoshop the picture himself, anonymously post it on the Internet, and blame it on WJJH or some Zombie Lickspittle.

        He. Is. Just. That. Sick.

        I've never seen anything like it -- this demented freak taking such perverse pleasure in using his deceased wife to harass others and trying to convince people he's a victim.

        Just sick.

      4. Katie Scarlet -

        I understand that Bill Schmalfeldt has no morals, ethics, or conscience. His actions are beyond the pale. He should be shunned from polite society, and impolite society should consider Rule .308.

        I was merely observing that Bill has a certain low cunning, that allows him to predict actions. While he has zero comprehension _why_ it is wrong for him to publish photos of his late wife in her last days, he understands _how_ to use that as a weapon. He also understands, vaguely, that this is a weapon Hoge will not wield. He percieves Hoge's morality, an abstract concept he cannot truly understand, as a weakness to exploit. Hence the past day's events.

        It's like the old cargo cults, except Bill does the motions and gets results. He just does not comprehend why he got the "angry" god, not the "free cargo" god.

    3. this latin f*cker has become aware of a misstatement in the original comment appearing above.

      We wrote,

      He's playing dumb.

      Upon reflection, we recognized that DUMBFUCK's not playing dumb.

      this latin f*cker sincerely regrets the error.

    4. I wonder if Pustule has considered the possibility that one or more of the LE community recipients of his lovely photo might, just might, also be a member of the RWNJ community.

      As to stopping...
      and of course, stop, collaborate and listen

      Stop attacking, harassing, doxxing, and cyber-stalking people over political disagreements.

      Stop suing people because you get insulted over the stupid things you do [see above].

      Stop being such an utterly creepy asshat.

      No one believes you can make yourself do any of the above, of course. DUMBFUCKS gotta DUMBFUCK.

  2. Have many times has Howard Co. Law Enforcement been contacted by out of state Law Enforcement inquiring about this Bill Schmalfeldt person this week, inquiring minds want to know.


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