I Can't Be The Only One

…who thinks that whole abortion would have sounded better if he had ordered the pizza at the beginning and done the show with his mouth stuffed full of tubed meat and secret sauce.

…and then eaten the pizza.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “I Can't Be The Only One”

  1. True, but the Diminished Capacity Kid's executive functioning is impaired. He said so in court.

  2. At least if it were an abortion, he could have parted it out for some extra money. He's actually forking out good money to do this.

  3. I enjoyed the part where he said that the person that killed 4 marines and a cop was probably another right wing nutjob. Of course he could never produce any evidence of a RWNJ ever shooting up a military installation but that doesn't stop good old Bill. Who needs any evidence or a history of RWNJ shooting up military posts? Nope, our Bill just needs to want to slander anyone to the right of Chairman Mao to make really stupid statements like that.


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