Good Morning, DUMBFUCK, Part II!

18 hours ago:


Then, reality set in…apparently someone learned what it means to “relate back.” (take a guess which two folks already knew that…)

And now? 

Sorry, but even a DUMBFUCK should know that you can’t get the genie back into the bottle once he’s out.

DUMBFUCKS really shouldn’t worry about whether we think he’s a cowardly, sand-filled vagina. (I do, but I would never presume to speak collectively for the members of the Horde.) He also shouldn’t worry about whether we think he’s an idiot (even global warming skeptics recognize this as “settled science”).

What’s really funny is the memories of “if Hoge wants a war, he shall have one,” and yesterday’s “I have nothing but time on my hands” laid against this:

So sad…😢😢😢…even though it’s an obvious lie.  I guess DUMBFUCK didn’t take my advice about endgame strategy.  

Now might be a good time to think about it…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

37 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK, Part II!”

  1. Word has reached me that Shakey says he will dismiss any defendant that apologizes for mocking his wife. I challenge him to produce a single instance of me mocking his wife. He did not include any such claim about me (or my evil alter-ego Christopher) in his fatally flawed "amended complaint", nor did he include any screenshots of me mocking his wife in his extortionate emails to me, my wife, and my local police. I will not apologize for something I did not do. I have mocked him many times - I NEVER mocked his wife. He, other the other hand, caused great fear, worry, and embarrassment in my wife with his unsolicited and threatening email to her business, something I will not forgive or forget.

    And I wonder what Pam and Dennis Wilson or Ashley Allison would have to say about Shakey, besides "cease and desist, asshole"?.

    1. I truly regret that Pam and Dennis Wilson apparently did not avail themselves of the provision against doxing in Virginia law.

    2. We keep warning him that someday he's going to pull this crap on someone who doesn't care about the Rule of Law and who has friends with names like "Guido" or "Vinnie" or "Sergei" who really, really like the idea of a road trip to the Baltimore area.

    3. I apologized to Gail's brother for my occasional rude use of Gail to get Pustule's goat, and that is the only apology from me that will be forthcoming.

      However, unlike Mr. "I apologized to that thieving pimp and his whore wife! Even though I was totally right to accuse them of killing that baby!", I will not repeat the conduct for which I apologized. So there's that.


    You sure could, DUMBFUCK!

    You could continue to delay what you now know to be the inevitable conclusion. Vexatious litigants gotta vexatiously litigate, after all.

    But then again, that's all part of the game, isn't it? After all, if you were to drop the LOLsuit voluntarily, you'd have to endure the victory chants of your detested lickspittles as they spike the football. Can't have that!

    No, instead, you will drag this out and have it taken from you rather than give it up of your own volition. Then you can woe-is-me to your heart's content about how there's no justice.


    1. Either way, there will be football spiking. Just delaying the inevitable.

      Butthurt is not a tort, nor a crime.

    2. Holy shit. That really was all that made him change his mind?

      Leads me to think the whole thing was a ruse, and he was just looking for an excuse to play martyr again. Then he got bored and settled for that.

      Gee, I wonder what he'd have done if someone had said that Bill Schmalfeldt, of Elkridge MD, demented (protected opinion) adjudicated harrasser (says MD, IL, and I want to say AZ?) and self-described deranged cyberstalker, producer of boy-scout related audio kiddie porn, has a very nice little tincasa and I hope his new clock and coffee maker match the decor.

      1. Of COURSE he was looking for an excuse. It's what he does every. Single. Time. We could have predicted it from miles away. In fact, some did. Billy is nothing but predictable.

    3. Hey, can somebody please explain to me how the dead require apologies? Does it make them feel better?

  3. Is it me or are the links to several pictures broken? I've tried phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop and neither will render the 2nd or 3rd image.

  4. I was looking at the amended complaint (on pacer, since I haven't been served yet), and I realized he dumbfucks ON. THE. VERY. FIRST. LINE. He couldn't even get the name of the court spelled correctly.

    1. Look at the original complaint, agiledog. He couldn't get his own name right in that. And that's the second lulzsuit he's done it in.

      Getting sued must suck, but it must soften the blow to have it litigated against you by a DUMBFUCK!

      1. Just in case you don't believe me.

        I have it framed on my nightstand. When I get blue, I look at it and suddenly feel better.

  5. The thing that convinces me Schmalfeldt is a danger to others is his inability to take responsibility for ANYTHING. It's always "look at what you made me do" -- and I've never seen people with that attitude turn out well. Couple that with his poor impulse control, delusions of grandeur and persecution, and you have a recipe for a tragedy.

    (Danger to himself? I don't care.)

    1. Classic basis for a criminal mind.

      Criminals are never are responsible for what they do - it's always somebody else that "forced" them to do the crime.

    2. "Danger to himself? I don’t care."

      Never happen. Bill Schmalfeldt™ loves himself too much.

      1. The CURE! will solve everything. Bonus:

      2. "Bill Schmalfeldt™ loves himself too much."

        Proving once again that love is blind.

    1. How gracious of Witless Willie. The fact is that he can never be sure that he has undone the damage that he has intentionally tried to do. It is nice to know that he can occasionally pull his head out of his ass, but it hardly excuses him from wandering around most of the time with his head firmly implanted in his favorite orifice.


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