Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!



DUMBFUCK must have thought these were smart; he must have thought there was some kind of wisdom in posting them. 
I don’t see it.

Can anybody explain DUMBFUCK’S reasoning here?  Other than the obvious “INSANE DUMBFUCK IS FUCKING INSANELY FUCKING DUMB,” what is the point he’s trying to make here, regardless of whether he can prove it or not?

Help me out here…

Oh, almost forgot…

Vinnie says hey.  He still wants to know how you un-send an email, but now he wants to know how you un-send an email with a truly gruesome picture attached. I blew it up poster-sized, put it in a very tasteful frame, and hung it on my Zombie Wall of Fame, right next to my autographed photo of George Romero.

It’s okay that I sent Vinnie a copy, right? I didn’t post it, so I figured nobody would mind.

You know who else might like copies?

  • David Edgren
  • Agiledog
  • Roy Schmalfeldt
  • Grace
  • Ashterah
  • Howard Earl – I think he might like it the most!

Maybe you folks should shoot me an email if you want one.  Or maybe I should just email it out to every email address of every commenter here.

Sounds like FUN.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

54 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. "Loco-motion"

      Look at Billy doin' the same old dance now
      (C'mon Billy file that loco-motion)
      He knows the judge will like it
      If you give him a chance now
      (C'mon Billy file that loco-motion)
      He thinks because he's pro-se he can do as he please,
      Meanwhile the judge is thinking "Oh no, pro-se please!"
      So come on, come on,
      Serve your loco-motion on me.

      Watch him delete his blogs now
      Wait five minute, Podcast! he's back...
      Billy hasn't got the knack

      Now that you can file it
      Let's make a Feldchart
      (C'mon Billy file the loco-motion)
      Diagram Billogic like a smelly wet fart
      (C'mon Billy file the loco-motion)
      Keep it nice and simple now don't lose control
      Or else you might just realize you have no soul
      So come on, come on,
      Serve the loco-motion on me

      Got to delete your blog now
      Come on, come on,
      File the loco-motion on me

      Move around the courtroom in a loco-motion
      (C'mon Billy, pro-se loco-motion)
      Scream it at the judge if you got the notion
      (C'mon Billy, pro-se loco-motion)
      There's never been a case that's so easy to lose
      You can't even figure out
      What court to choose
      So come on come on serve the loco-motion on me
      You gotta flap your lips now

      Look at Billy doin' the monkey dance now
      (C'mon Billy file that loco-motion)
      The Sherrif served him papers
      And he pissed his pants now
      (C'mon Billy file that loco-motion)
      He's seen his buddy Brett go and do it for free
      Its easier and safer than a bombing spree
      So come on, come on,
      Serve your loco-motion on me.

      Come on, come on
      Serve the loco-motion on me
      Come on, come on,
      Serve the loco-motion on me
      You gotta flap your lips now

      [repeat & fade]

  1. Witless Willie says that Willie's motions were written by Willie himself. Based on their competence, it seems virtually certain that is the truth. Willie wonders whether Grady and Edgren can say the same. It is virtually certain that both could say the same. It is absolutely certain that if either did say the same, they would be liars: Willie did not write their motions as is self-evident from their competence.

    I sort of get why Willie believes that Grady, who is not a lawyer, is not writing Grady's motions. It must humiliate Willie to see how inferior his motions are to Grady's. But it gives a clue about Willie's self-regard that he cannot put his mind around the fact that he is not as good at motion practice as a lawyer. The final irony is that Willie at least seems to believe Walker is doing the writing for Edgren and Grady, but I seem to recollect Willie being very disparaging about Walker's legal competence. So even if Willie is right in his beliefs, it merely demonstrates that he is incompetent.

    1. Consistency, maturity, self control. Demonstrate any of these traits and they kick you out of Team Kimberlin.

      Paul, is this the picture of Bill's wife in the hosp[ital? The one which Bill sent to various LEOs and John Hoge? The one which Bill was seemingly frantic about NOT having published? THAT picture? You Zombies have ice running through what's left of your veins./

      1. You mean the one Bill emailed, unsolicited, to Hoge knowing Hoge wants NO CONTACT, also emailed at the same time to various LEOs saying "if this gets out I know Hoge did it!!!!" and then proceeded to email to an unrelated third party at a shared work email account twenty minutes later?

        For a guy who doesn't want that picture on the internet, he sure emails it to a lot of people.

  2. Well, for reasons I can't explain, Bill has decided to complain to me about the Vinnie pic here. Like calling the electric company when the cable goes out.
    His whining, and Billogic might be worth a read. My response might also be worthwhile. Or not. But it's free, here:

    1. I suspect it won't be long before you are fingered as the culprit who set up poor, poor Vinnie.

      On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 10:28 AM, The Thinking Man's Zombie wrote:

      > Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave) commented: "Well, for reasons I > can't explain, Bill has decided to complain to me about the Vinnie pic > here. Like calling the electric company when the cable goes out. His > whining, and Billogic might be worth a read. My response might also be > worthwhile. Or not. "

      1. Oh worse. I set up Vinnie, Bill, another kid named Charlie... I kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, erased Nixon's tape, deleted the Clinton emails, put estrogen on Bruce Jenner's Wheaties, caused the Beatles to break up, and I put the timers back into the Impala.

  3. I've got your print framing right here. The prices are very reasonable.

      1. It would be a fabulous way to enhance one's sterling reputation.

  4. (Apologies for the posting on multiple threads)

    An excerpt, from my comment over at Dave Alexander’s blog:

    “I’ve gone to the trouble of setting up some websites, with fake dates going back as far as 18 months, that, should you decide to dox the apparent owners, will lead you to some very, very not-nice people. Suggest you cease your doxxing activities, for your own well-being, as the results are not predictable.

    Be well.”

    If Cousin Bill doesn’t *quite* understand, I’ve created a set of “minefields” out there, on the doxxing fields, tailored to *his* activities.

    If he stops doxxing people, then he puts himself in no danger.

    If he continues his doxxing behavior, he may wind up pissing off some very, very bad people. People who are suspected of some very, very bad activities. People who will act out their anger, and who will not be interested in a “but, he made me do it!” excuse. People who are not concerned about committing another felony, and who have the time and resources to come to a tacky trailer park in Elkridge, Maryland, to settle a score.

    Now, I want to be clear. None of these folks have been contacted about Bill, nor do these websites have any false content about Bill, or any content about Bill, at all.

    Nope. What they do have is content that will make Bill think he has found information about people he is attempting to dox. Nothing too obvious, and the majority of it unrelated to me. Any breadcrumbs related to any Lickspittles and/or Zombies have been cleared with those persons prior to publication.

    What these sites do have are breadcrumbs that will lead him to dangerous people, should he chose to follow those clues. I’ve also injected those breadcrumbs, and correlating other breadcrumbs, into dozens of legitimate sites.

    I’ve been working on this since his attempts at faildoxxing me. It all went live yesterday afternoon (remember, dates have been falsified).

    Bill, your doxxing activities must stop now. Period. No negotiation, no further hints, and no further warnings. You stop, and you are safe. Don’t stop, and the results are *your* fault.

    1. BS has no impulse control.

      He lashes out as soon as he has the tiniest hint of someone doing something (real or imagined) against him. Just look at this whole Vinny incident or any other number of BS faildoxes.

      BS is is a stupidly impulsive person who takes out the frustrations and anger he has about his own life and reputation on others. There are no "innocents" in BS view (again look at the Vinny incident) just targets that he has to destroy as quickly as possible. If he belives you have slighted him in any way, no matter how minor, he rushes off to publish pictures of you, your home, your family, to contact your schools, friends and employers and to dig up as much dirt as he can whether it is true or not. These are not new tactics in the world:

      The underlying message BS is sending to these people is one of intimidation. It doesn't matter if BS is CAPABLE of actually causing physical harm to the person or not but of whether he makes his victims (or their families, employers and places of association) FEEL intimidated. How would one feel if you walked to your front door and found a manila on the step envelope with pictures of your wife, children and place of work inside?

      That's the BS method... just using Twitter and WordPress instead of manila envelopes.

      And just like every goon and thug he tries to justify it and explain it away. "But I'm the VICTIM! THEY MADE ME DO IT!! THEY MADE ME POST THOSE PICTURES, NAMES, EMPLOYERS TO TWITTER!! They are at fault not me!"

      BS is never at fault for his actions... because we made him do all that. /sarc

      BS will continue his campaign of harassment and faildoxery for as long as he can get away with it.

      Unfortunately for BS... the times, as they say, are a' changing. ;D

  5. Bill has been told many times that one of these days he is going to faildox someone who will not just shrug it off. There will be real world, PHYSICAL, blow back. There are people out there who will not even stop to listen to Bill trying to explain how it wasn't his fault.

    And these people could be anyone. A Doctor. A Lawyer. A Junkie. A Thief. You never really know who the psychos are. The real life Dexters, Hannibal Lecter, etc.

    It seems that Cousin Roy has decided to help along that scenario of faildoxing the wrong person.

    It's War Games Bill:

    The Only Way To Win Is Not To Play!

    1. Of course the person he faildoxes doesn't have to be a psycho. They just have to have deep pockets and a pitbull or two who have passed the bar.

  6. Cousin Bill shakes his fist, and belches:

    "I am an emotionally devastated man who lost his soulmate. I have nothing you can take. I've lost everything important. Don't test me."

    Heh. You are a sociopath who spent the final months of the life of your "soulmate" screeching at people, real and imaginary, on the Internet, while you ignored her.

    You've never had anything worth the taking. You never had anything important. Nothing has changed.

    If you don't want to be "tested", get rid of the computer, stay off the Internet, and stop threatening people.

    He's threatening to make websites dedicated to pictures of certain people and their families.

    That will go well. Be sure to tell the cops "they MADE me do it", you pathetic puppet.

  7. Grouchcast365 ‏@Grouch365 2h2 hours ago
    Ashterah may wish to consider what a website devoted to images of "Sarah A." would look like.

    You mean one of YOUR websites? BWAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

    It would look like every one of your other websites.........nothing.

    "What if someone made a website that nobody visited, would anybody notice?"

    -A philosophical question sure never to be asked in any classroom.

    1. The expenditures on a new domain should be enlightening to the judge. Especially for a sight that has a half-life of mayo left in the sun.

      1. Apologies, down twinkles will be interpreted as a need for brain bleach.

  8. Grouchcast365 ‏@Grouch365 2h2 hours ago
    I am an emotionally devastated man who lost his soulmate. I have nothing you can take. I've lost everything important. Don't test me.

    I'd like to see a list of all the tweets, blog posts and podcasts (add up those hours, plus prep work) that Willy did in the week leading up to his wife's death. I do recall someone castigating him for ignoring her in her last days and his pathetic answer was "I can see her watching TV from where I'm sitting".

    No Willy, don't try this "soulmate" crap on us or someone may actually compile that list, and it won't look very nice for you.

        1. Still appropriate. I guess he has one, of a sort. I know Father Paul believes Bill has one. Between Bill and God I suppose.

  9. Thanks for the pic.

    You think I'm an asshole?

    Wait until you see what the guys I forwarded it to do with it.

    Shakes says he has nothing to lose? Watch him lose his SHIT. AGAIN!!

  10. I'm glad we've had your "last words" (yeah right) on this subject.

    Not that anyone gave a flying fuck about your preceding words on this subject.

    Eat a pistol, asswipe.

  11. Grouchcast365 ‏@Grouch365 56m56 minutes ago
    Wow. I kept the morons busy ALL DAY with barely a word. Relaxed, watched TV, cleaned the place up a bit while they hated and wasted a day.

    Lemme see; 4 threads (Hoge, TMZ, Billy Sez and, uh, that other place*) with probably less than 100 comments between them and at least 25 unique commenters leaves you with an average of 4 comments for an entire day. Considering I put as little thought into my comments as possible for fear of drain bamage, along with the fact rebutting Willy (OOPSIE POOPSIE!) takes no intellectual effort at all, that means people probably spent all of 5-10 minutes mocking the moron. The rest of my day was spent on more intellectually rigorous endeavors, like sleeping and cleaning out the lint in my belly button (Willy, when's the last time you saw yours without a mirror? )


    Anyway, I only takes a moment to put a coin in the box to make the monkey dance, which is, after all, what we do.

    *Dave, I keeeeed. 😉

    1. Also Bill puts out so much stupid in so few words we could theoretically spend hours mocking the stupidity of one tweet.

      1. He did run out and get a smartphone, and a new expensive coffee pot, as soon as the purse strings were his.

    2. Lol. I spent all of about 10 minutes on that post. Maybe five minutes writing replies here and there. The rest of the day? Well, first I got a new dishwasher. Then I was eating lunch with my family, then cleaning up my house, playing with the kitties. You know, fun Sunday stuff. Oh, and I scheduled a post for tomorrow morning to drop. That was it. Good times, good times. And now, I'm off to bed! Nice, relaxing Sunday. 🙂

      1. Hey, DPZ, any idea what Twitter's response might be to a creepy sixty-year-old man, a convicted harasser, a collector of restraining orders, and an alleged rapist, posting pictures of young ladies forty years his junior, with vaguely threatening captions?

        When he's already made treats against people that very day?

        When he's been kicked off Twitter multiple times before?

        Just asking for a friend...


    Shorter Bill: "Spoliation of evidence."


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