Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


I wonder what it’s like to be so stupid that you think a) you can sue a lawyer (who made a CAREER of being a lawyer, but must have been really shitty at it because you found EIGHT WHOLE NEGATIVE REVIEWS on a website that wants money to delete negative reviews) pro se, and b) that would work out well for you.

Oh, almost forgot…

Faildox Vinnie says hey.  And he asks, “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU UN-SEND AN EMAIL?


Author: Paul Krendler

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32 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Assuming, for the sake of arguement, that this was Bill actually trying to "punk" folks -

    So Edgren, in all sincerity, showed the judge a pile of evidence that Bill's IFP status is not deserved and he appears to have lied on his federal affidavit. Bill's response is "Gotcha, this ninth item here was just me having funsies!" Federal judges just love jokes like that. The judge may play along, or he may have Bill present his bank records as Edgren requested.

    Yes, our Billy is certainly "winning."

  2. So his attempt at punking required the filing of a motion he clearly did not anticipate, which cites a dozen other pieces of evidence, AND he feigned surprise when it was pointed out that his oh-so-clever ruse was still posted in what amounts to his living room, Twitter.

    Um, no. Occam isn't buying that, and neither am I.

  3. Check EBay for a slightly used, ugly ass fucking urn, with only a faint indication that someone's ashes were in it for just a little while.

    Someone is going to need a couple extra bucks soon.

    1. Check the pawn shops too. Desperate people will do desperate things. And we all know how desperate Billy Boys is now.

  4. How can you punk someone when you had no clue that they would even verify the cost of your vanity hobby that you've had out there for a solid week, announced on your podcast, posted on the front page of your blog, stuck prominently on your Twitter page, etc., etc.? Especially when you were So Proud! of it?

    Asking for a friend.

    Pro tip: even if you were "punking" someone, the courts tend to look unfavorably towards that sort of behavior in a plaintiff just as much as if you were actually doling out $99 per hour for a vanity hobby while being declared indigent. Just sayin'.

    1. How is it that he decided against using LA Talk Radio because it's too expensive after having announced the new time slot his bleating would air in?

    1. After the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980, artists found many uses for volcanic ash. Glassblowers created ornaments, potters glazed mugs and created kitschy knickknacks. There's even jewelry available.

      Just sayin'

      1. I have a couple film cases of that I use for basing miniatures. It makes great-looking "lunar soil".

      2. Or the quick and dirty way..

      1. How do you know you should hang it up?

        When the only way you can get a woman wet is to pour water on her cremains.

  5. Why hasn't the Blob spoken of Vinnie lately? He was absolutely, positive, for sure, 100%, no doubts, can't miss and called the employer SURE he had found an Evil Lickspittle guilty of a capital offense.

    Bill says nobody can post pictures of his late wife online because it is disrespectful, invades his privacy and causes him emotional distress. However, who the hell took the original pictures of Gail? Did Krendler conduct a top secret op to infiltrate the hospital room or the Tincasa to take compromising photos of a dying woman? Ive heard rumors that to defeat the super security system guarding the Tincasa, they fed the dog some meat laced with sleeping meds. Then they had to deal with Shiloh and his brother. 😉

    We are going to hear all about this secret mission by Krendler, Ash & Jane. I'm sure Bill caught the people responsible for the production of these awful pictures, so the gig is up. Team Lickspittle might as well confess and then give Fatboy all your worldly, homes & cash. The world renowned Twitter Attorney at Law William Schmalfeldt navigates the Maryland court system like an 80 year old with a TomTom in city traffic.

    Twitter Attorney Schmalfeldt has hundreds pictures of Gail that were emailed and snail mailed directly to him. Right? He has recordings of people mocking him via telephone and in person. Yes? And all of this evidence is in the hands of the Federal Prosecutors, the FBI, CIA, NIH and the ever so feared Sector Seven. Sure it is? It's only a matter of time before the FEDS round up all the suspects and starts the interrogations.

    The crimes committed boggle the mind. I wonder if they will go for the death penalty on the emotional distress counts? I just hope justice is done, regardless of outcome. But I'd really like two questions answered................WHO TOOK THE PHOTOGRAPHS...........and............WHO FIRST POSTED THEM ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB?????!!!!!!

    Come on Billy Boy!! I'm sure you've got all this information closely as hand, because it's going to be the first questions you are going to have to answer in court.


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