Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


How about this one?

What about this little tyke?

This guy’s dead, so he’s ok.

Here’s an old favorite.

Oh, look! A goose!

How about him?

Or this fella? Can I use him?

Pretty sure you don’t hold any copyright on this one.

What about this young lovely?

What a handsome gander…

I have no idea who that lardassed kinky sex freak is…

Looks like the planet Jupiter. (Thank you, anonymous commenter that I stole that line from!)

Now this one I know I can use (isn’t he FRIENDLY?), because you leave it in my Spam folder every day. Did you ever get the railroad tie removed?

I get these two confused…

What’s my point? Good question!

Here’s my point:

…some time ago, a wise man (and when I say wise man I mean a complete idiot) taught me about a concept called Fair Use. He even had a handy chart:

I especially like that 10%/1000 maximum word limit on text…

What I learned from this complete idiot is that standards (especially his) are tremendously flexible, even from minute to minute, depending on what he wants to steal or what he wants to protect. Plus everything’s gotta be registered and approved with the right forms and shit like that.

And I have a whole collection of pictures of hospitalized women that aren’t registered either. Might make a nice collage out of those someday.

Until then….

And let me leave you with a heartfelt farewell from one of your favorite folks (and friend):

Now take this^^^^^

and stick it in this…  



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. He just can't hang on to a twitter handle, or a wife...or his sanity

  1. You last pic is a dup of the second to last one. Intentional?

  2. Looks like Bill is getting a taste of his deadlines. A book about Gail? Sounds interesting. Anyone want to come up with a cover image?

    1. They created a "reimagined" salt vampire for the Trek reboot movies. That seems appropriate.

  3. Hey, I just got some advice from Blob's lawyer!

    First, let me say I am sorry for this dilemma you are experiencing. No one should be forced to endure harassment.

    That said, your ability to seek recourse may be limited...the reason is tied to the "right of free speech"

    Generally speaking, there is no law against folks being "jerks"...people are free to be verbally mean to others (both in person and over the internet). The right to free speech carries with it the right to say negative things about others.

    The best thing you can do, Dumbfuck, is to turn your computer off, take it to a laundromat and put it in one of those heavy duty industrial washers with extra rinse and extra spin. That's a good boy.

    Then, take those pants off and burn them.


        Click on "Does a private person who blogs have any legal recourse against other blogs that..."

      2. Wow that was Rich. Even as twisted as Blubber puts it, with outright lies (no, nobody is emailing him), the lawyer still tells him he is out of luck, and blubber continues to ignore the advice.

      3. Funny he did not mention using other peoples images in a book he published for sale either. eh? Looking forward to ordering a copy of the new book about his wife when it goes live.

      4. BS should be suing himself check out his answers to this question. Use Pablo url and click pn"I have been the victim of online harassment by three specific websites. On two of"

        PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF PRIVATE FACTS - Legal action may be taken if an individual publicly reveals truthful information that is not of public concern and which a reasonable person would find offensive if made public.

        The only one disclosing private facts is BS.

  4. Best. Blog. Post. EVAH!

    Bill Schmalfeldt™'s double standards always tend to come back to bite the huge hypocrite in his ample arse.

    Slow learners be slooooow.

    1. What's that expression again?

      "We've upped our standards; now up yours!"

  5. A very comical if not circuitous way to tell you no one is taking your LULZsuit seriously and you should eat a shotgun, Seaman Slurper.

  6. Again with the, "...I or my attorney will be watching..."
    And this fuckstick is supposed to be some new age Mark Twain? Please. He is semi-retarded on his BEST day.

    A says to B "C is a moron...he was diagnosed with acute, severe stupidity".
    IF C has never been diagnosed? A is liable for defamation. A stated a false fact that would harm the reputation of C.
    In your case, even lacking the diagnosisyour question to me undoubtedly proves you are extremely stupid, so no defamation exists.

    You big, fucking simpleton, you.


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