Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Let’s get a few things straight. That picture up there?

By using it on Twitter, DUMBFUCK has granted any Twitter user access to it and license to re-use it.  The same is true of EVERY OTHER PICTURE IT HAS EVER POSTED TO TWITTER.

Like, for instance, this one:

This is really one of my very favorites.  I could give you a dozen other examples, but the point stands.

Put it on Twitter, give up control.

Also, those laws DUMBFUCK likes to toss about like a fart in a hurricane?  One would think that by this point in its illustrious legal career it would have learned that the law doesn’t mean what it says it means just because it says it does.  There are a couple of reasons I generally refer to DUMBFUCK as a DUMBFUCK: first, it simply fits; second it’s just a lot easier than typing adjudicated cyberstalker, adjudicated cyberharasser, subject of multiple peace orders in multiple states, proven liar, whining, humorless dickbag.

See, some crazy old fart-sniffer taught me a valuable lesson.  I have a First Amendment right to write ABOUT anybody I please.  And if an average, everyday DUMBFUCK doesn’t like its own cereal…  

…it can always dial WHINE-1-1 for a 

And just in case it forgot, I packed its new smartphone in its




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

44 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. You had best be careful, Paul. DUMBFUCK will sic his lawyer on you!

    Hey, I managed to say that with a straight face.

    Now, if you'll excuse me .... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. I do not think the Twitter terms of use is that broad. My reading was that the use of an image on Twitter gives other users of Twitter rights to use it on Twitter, i.e. retweets, etc. as well as use by third parties making Twitter programs but not to use it in other aspects, other than the normal fair use types of use. I will defer to a lawyer on this, but I think there was recently a case were a news image was published on twitter and a lot of companies used it in their newscast without paying for it. They got sued and lost. Of course that image had significant commercial value.

  3. Moreover, the terms of the license granted by posting pictures on Twitter grants the right to use those pictures in derivative works. For example, ...

  4. My attorney advises me that I am required to inform you that you are not allowed to use my name or image without my permission. Please remove all such instances. This will be my final request. The next one will come from my attorney.

      1. Commentary, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving seems to be fair use to me.
        Not many people can do all of those in the same piece. You sir are to be congratulated.

      1. Sleaze, Slyme, Kraft, Kunning and Guyle, Whipson, Chaynes, Dewey, Fleesum and Run.

    1. Interesting.

      BS claims he has an attorney today (July 7, 2015) but last Thursday (July 2, 2015) he filed his most recent BS v. The Universe lawsuit as a pro se.

      I wonder if he actually coughed up the filing fee or is he still trying for the "in forma pauperis?"

      1. That is a very interesting question indeed. Of course a DUMBFUCK hasn't actually hired a lawyer yet, it's just publicly musing about it. When it learns the difference between a retainer and a billing schedule, I suspect its manic phase will come to an abrupt and entertaining end.

        But yes, I do believe that a DUMBFUCK has a legal duty to report its changed financial circumstances to the court and reimburse any costs spent on its behalf as a pauper.

      2. And it stands to reason that a plaintiff has a duty to immediately notify defendants of any change in representation, including contact information.

        On the other hand, a DUMBFUCK might easily hallucinate away the difference between "thinking of hiring" and actually having an attorney.

      3. But yes, I do believe that a DUMBFUCK has a legal duty to report its changed financial circumstances to the court and reimburse any costs spent on its behalf as a pauper.

        I'll be sure to help Billy along and let them know about his newfound sack of cash. Funny what 'refusing' dialysis gets you.

      1. As soon as a DUMBFUCK stumbles upon a new legal theory or interpretation, the clock starts over. The only prior acts that count are those of the defendants. It's a brand new world for the Plaintiff. I thought everybody knew that.

    2. An attorney is suggesting that a plaintiff directly contact the defendants that he is suing instead of doing it on his behalf. Why yes, I'm sure that's exactly how life works!

      1. Well if his "attorney" is someone who spent a lifetime wishing he was an attorney (and imagining he was a rock star, and Tony Montoya, and what every woman under the age of 16 wants) then, yes, that's exactly how it works.

        I wonder if there are laws in Maryland about making legal demands while claiming to being advised by an attorney....

      2. If a DUMBFUCK is soliciting settlement offers, presumably financial, while representing himself as acting under instruction of counsel, that might just constitute fraud.

        Again, I'm neither an attorney or an American, so checking that might be wise.

      1. That's assuming Bill would follow the attorney's advice. Has he ever done that?

    3. Fucking liar. Shut your cock holster, Shakes.

      You don't have a lawyer. You're too fucking stupid to retain an attorney.

  5. Good heavens, I really want to know who that attorney is. I think there might be a valid bar complaint there, I didn't know that by merely passing the MD bar, one could tell people that they have lost their Constitutional rights without any due process.

    I know what my attorney would say if I asked him to send a similar notice to anyone. But then unlike a certain party, when I'm doing research, I don't stop as soon as I find something which seems to support me. I certainly wouldn't have earned two master's degrees if I had ever produced work that shoddy.

  6. I have been comparing BS exhibits from the Hoge v Schmalfeldt and the Schmalfeldt v. Grady et al. The exhibit A in the Schmalfeldt v. Grady [REDACTED - Please don't educate the monkey. - PK]

  7. Just out of curiosity, that picture of Bill Schmalfeldt looking like Jupiter with the Great Red Spot...

    I'm having trouble remembering... Is that the one where he said on Friday that he fell over while trying to "pet my dog" then Saturday he got a rather nice piece of Tupperware with a fine Slovenian product, and immediately claimed he fell from the stench of the fine product, and this was ASSAULT!!!!! and then in another day or so claimed he had made his now departed spouse open the tub that from pictures he posted appeared to be clearly labeled "horse shit?"

    Is that where this picture is from? Or am I misremembering things. Because reading this, what I'm remembering seems kinda nutty. Almost like a pathological liar kept posting things, forgetting that what he posted the previous day is forever.

      1. And a DUMBFUCK started making noises about "biological war." I still giggle like a girl when I think back to that.

      2. Neal -

        That avatar and "gigling like a girl" just don't work together.

        So you know.

    1. Yes. But, you left out a couple of points:

      After he tweeted on a Friday night that he fell bending over to pet the dog (with the picture), he then sent an email to law enforcement (the next day, IIRC) stating that he fell from receiving the tub of fertilizer.

      Then he went on to claim he made his "beloved" open it because he can't (Stage Eleventy PD and his hands or something), and she proceeded to literally vomit.

      1. I stand corrected. I recall the LE angle now.

        Dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck, but our Bill is an overachiever.

      2. Dr. Mike's comment reminds me of a couple of expressions that seem apt:

        Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

        And, if you can't be a good example, at least be a good bad example.



    Oh, sweet Jesus, please let me breathe.

    Fuck it.


    He really said that, didn't he? I didn't just dream that tweet?

    William is going to finance a multi-state, multi-defendant (including an actual lawyer) lulzsuit with the proceeds from a 2007 Ford Focus?


    And the best part? Maybe one of the greatest things I've ever seen? He started his podcast announcement that he's hiring a shyster by saying "And I'm not stupid!"

    But he did absolutely no research on what lawyers cost, or what a retainer even means! None! Zero!


    Oh, god, my fucking spleen hurts. I think this is the end. No man can possibly laugh that hard without going into, I dunno, stage four kidney failure, or something.


    This is even better than "biological war" and didn't think life COULD get better than that.

    I think my throat just collapsed.

    William is officially the greatest man alive!


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