Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

7-15-2015 9-40-31 AM


Irreverent.  Entertaining.  Cool.

None out of three ain’t bad, I guess…

“Well, at least I have a podcast!  Where’s yours?”

Did you ever have an older relative who seemed incapable of discussing anything other than his or her various health problems, in the most gruesome and colorful detail possible?

“You should see the boil I had lanced on Thursday!  There was pus oozing some God-awful green n’ yeller!  And then last month I had the shingles, all nasty and scabby!”  And on and on and on.  Because the only thing they have to talk about in their lives is this nasty crap.

Some people have boils.  Some have shingles.  Some have podcasts.

The only real difference is that your older relatives have people that can listen without interrupting with hysterical laughter.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Come on now. Boils and pus and shingles can be interesting, and even entertaining, especially if said relative starts singing "Green and yeller, Green and yeller, mother come quick, I'm gonna be sick, and lay me down to die" to go with the description of the pus (and yes, I've known folks who would do that sort of stuff).

    Bill's mangled podcasts, not so much.

    1. The last five minutes of yesterday's podcast was breathtaking! Let's be fair.

    2. That stuff about the family member who talks about their illnesses and the pus and stuff - it was from BS's podcast.

      1. It's good thing there wasn't an autopsy. William would have been there, taking pictures for his blog.

        Private people are known for doing things like that.

    3. Whenever you read something really disgusting at TMZ, remember, it's a parody of something BS said.

    4. Oh, it's hardly surprising that Bill talks about pus and boils, but you have to admit, pretty much anyone else can make it funny and/or interesting, but not our boy.

      1. What the hell do you say to someone to convince them that accusing them of child molesting without a shred of evidence is a good idea?

        Oh, never mind...............

      2. Hey, now, I've got family in Florence. It's actually a nice, quiet little city. Right across the river from Muscle Shoals. Now, if only they could manage to chase out some of the riffraff and improve the city.


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