Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

When I saw this: 

I thought of the YouTube terms of Service, sections 6.C-E.

And then I was all like this:


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. There is *nothing* in this world cuter than a baby belly laughing.

    And, *nothing* uglier than Bill Schmalfeldt™.

  2. Wait until that kid sends you a DMCA complaint!! Bill will help. He knows the LAW!!! (law of stupid that is...)

  3. Two points.

    I) Krendler didn't write the offending post, I did. My name is right at the top of it and everything. As a foreign national, DMCA doesn't apply to me, although it might to TMZ, depending on where the server is located.

    II) In the coming weeks, William is going to find himself responding to multiple motions from as many as seven different people. I have no specific information regarding any of them, but I expect at least some of them to be very sophisticated and require serious research.

    Is William enough of a DUMBFUCK to file Lulzsuit the SIXTH while undergoing that, particularly when one of the contemplated defendants is outside the jurisdiction of U.S courts? It may well be (but I won't say because I'm a tease) that the laws of my country allow me to file a responsive claim in my own courts, which may or may not operate in English.

  4. Awwwww.... Did DUMBFUCK pull his widdle video down? Double the dumbassery, since no one else watches his bullshit. I'm cracking up like that baby!! Willie the Wanker says my Twitter would dry up without Billy. Cat Lady hasn't realized Billy always comes back to Hoge, since without this dumbassed battle he wages, Billy has nothing else in his life. Now that's just sad.

    1. Somebody must be awfully ashamed of his chronic inability to tell the truth, proving yet again that willful lying is willful. And that could leave a mark when you're suing on the basis of your own "good name."

      It's a tragedy that nobody made copies of the podcast and transcriptions of it ....


    Ho, Ho! What's this? No video? Was Blob's request DCMA acted upon that quickly?

    Let's check:

    Removed by the user? Has Blob hacked into Zombie HQ? How he did he possibly manage to take this copyright infringing material off this website? It's a perplexing mystery of mystical proportions!!!

    And it's too late, DUMBFUCK. The internet is forever.

    1. Note that he removed it, rather than just setting the "no embed" flag. So he's deprived himself of the traffic from the links.

      Bill, being incompetent as self-promotion doesn't mean you're not promoting yourself.


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