Gather Round, Folks! Fresh Fucks Delivered at Tincasa Elkridge

Yesterday DUMB???? was all out of fucks to give.  He was struck DUMB????

Looks like the DUMBFUCK’S Fucktruck has made its delivery, because there appears to be a fresh, hot supply this morning:

7-28-2015 9-37-06 AM



But I know of a couple real good ways to prove it ain’t happening at all.  We’ll get to that if you ever manage service.

Which means never.

In the meantime…



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

25 thoughts on “Gather Round, Folks! Fresh Fucks Delivered at Tincasa Elkridge”

  1. Fair use -- he made it news worthy by getting so worked up about it, by sending it to public officials, and by sending it to someone he's suing.

    Emotional distress? Shouldn't have sent it to complete strangers, if it's such a distressing sight to you.

    Invasion of privacy? He published it; the very word means to make something public. And it's arguable whether something you could see walking through the hospital is private anyway.

    1. Has Dumbfuck ever investigated what he'd need to prove for an IIED finding? I'm guessing not.

      Butthurt is still not a tort.

      Better get your shrink on, Shakey. In fact, that may be the smartest thing you'll ever do.

    1. I thought the Acme Law Library was a smaller building, crescent moon on the door, seating for two...

  2. This is a TV Trope, according to the spectacularly well named site

    Whatever you do, don't publish the picture! The world will end! Bad stuff coming.
    He really thinks you can't help yourself. I think you're enjoying the suspense.

      1. Fair use would be to print the photo on toilet paper and sell each roll for 5 bucks.

      2. What if it were to wind up on Imgur, and you just hotlinked it? What if it were posted on Imgur from, say, Slovakia? Or maybe Ukraine?

        What if a DUMBFUCK, for the life of him, couldn't stop being a DUMBFUCK, not even for a second?

      3. If it ever ends up on Imgur, we'll know who is responsible.

        Bill Schmalfeldt, who took a photograph of his dying wife and emailed it to a wide array of people who had no reason to do him a good turn.

      4. It could be his excellent friend with the Eastern European connections and the propensity to spin DUMBFUCK up for the lulz. There's just no telling, except for the part where he took it and sent it out across the internet.

      5. Pablo -

        You mean, where he sent it to Hoge, and seven local LEOs, in the same email saying "if this gets out in the wild HOOOOOOGGGEEE!!!!! dunnit!" and then sent it to a third party's uninvolved wife's shared work account twenty minutes later?

        You really think he would have possibly shown that photo to his "most excellent friend" and chauffer? And do you really think a guy who thought a bombing spree was a great idea to distract the cops wouldn't spread that image to make the monkey dance and attract attention?

        Don't you think even he is sma.... nope, can't even type it.

  3. I still have to admit to a bit of head-shaking sad humor that he still thinks Grady is somehow to fault, or might be to blame, if there (heaven forfend) is an issue with his identification of Krendler.

    Reminds me of... Oh, right.

    [Holy crap, that's huge! (Boy, does THAT sound familiar!) - PK]

    1. Lessee if I can figure this out... Funny thing, among so many funny things, the "disabled" guy is faster then all these people still working to pay for his disability... I think this'll inline the image with the guy in the background playing his part.

  4. Hey Dumbfuck, you stupid fuck, I already told you what you need to do with that copyright. I guess you forgot (you are a massive dumbfuck after all) so I'll repeat it for you. First, you need to roll it up really tight, then turn it sideways, and finally shove it so far up your ass that you choke on it. Got it cry baby?


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