Easy Mistake

Friends, don’t make the error of thinking Bill Schmalfeldt is a stupid man, person, organism.

He’s not stupid.

He’s got a long, long way to go to get as far as stupid.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and Bill?

He’s comfy right where he is.

And he’s FUN to watch, too.

Howard will tell him…we’re not laughing with him.  But we are laughing.

If only we could sue for causing broken LULZ muscles.  Unfortunately LULZHURT is no more a tort than BUTTHURT.

Oh, almost forgot…

Vinnie says “Are you even going to apologize for trying to fuck with my career?”

He also wants to know how to un-send an email.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

29 thoughts on “Easy Mistake”

  1. I've been wondering whether Bill is entering his dotage or his doltage.
    Then I suddenly realized
    I can embrace the POWER!
    There, I feel better now....

  2. Grouchcast365 ‏@Grouch365 19m19 minutes ago
    If anybody owes Vinnie an apology, it would be Grady/Krendler. When you set someone up as a patsy, it's YOUR fault, not mine for believing.

    So now the omnipotent, evil Grandler MADE Willy faildox and innocent man.

    How? I think Willy hasn't thought that part through enough.

    1. No wonder he makes a good far-left liberal. Everything is someone else's fault!

      1. Good Lord, if this EVER reaches a point where DUMBFUCK is afforded an opportunity to try to explain his fabulous theories before a court...


      2. You know no one would believe he actually won a meelion dollars from each defendant unless that many witnesses were on hand to see it for themselves. I mean REALLY! Did he truly believe his boss's suggestion that lawfare would make him rich? REALLY? Like I said...GULLIBLE!

    2. I think Willy hasn’t thought .

      Fixed that for you.

      Also, of course, meaning that his multiple assumptions that he was "set up" and it was Grady or Krendler who "set him up" is totally unverified.

      It's a undrawn Feltchart! All arrows lead to "YES!"

    3. Rereading that tweet it reads clearer as:

      If anybody owes Vinnie an apology, it would be Grandler. When you set someone up as a patsy, it’s YOUR fault, not the patsy.

      Explicit admission by Willy that he is, indeed, a patsy.

    4. No one set the guy up as a patsy. Someone used "vvirgintino" as a handle, and there is no other connection whatsoever. It's just another stupid faildox, by the stupidest fake journalist who ever failed to properly operate google.

    5. No one other than your OWN witless self made you do anything to those young people, DUMBFUCK.

  3. Beat me to it.


    It's never YOUR fault when you fuck up is it Bill? How so you manage not to get the living shit beat out of you when you constantly blame your fuckups on everyone else?

    It was Knots fault that you kept being banned from Facebook even though YOU violated their terms.

    It was Knots fault that you got canned from the Examiner even though you kept breaking their rules.

    It was RWNJ fault that you got banned from Daily Kos even though it was you that kept pissing off the posters there.

    It was Stranahan's fault that you had to call CPS on a made up charge just because he wouldn't answer questions that were none of your business.

    It was Howard's fault that you faildoxxed a poor family in AZ and caused them humilation and pain.

    It was Jerry Fletcher's fault when your faildoxxed a cop.


    It's the Lickspittle/Zombie Horde fault you keep getting suspended from Twitter even though it's you the violates their TOS by publishing personnel info and threats.

    It was Kendrels fault that you tried to ruin some young kids career because you are A FUCKING STUPID, STUPID MAN WHO DOES STUPID, STUPID THINGS.

    Note that this is only a very small sampling of your fuckups Bill that you have blamed on others. Funny that you are fond of telling others to "man up" when you can't even begin to understand that part of being a man is owning your own mistakes.

    Be well.

    1. I'd say that not only does he not understand that part of being man is owning his mistakes, but that he doesn't understand any part of being a man, or possibly even human.

    2. Note that this is only a very small sampling of your fuckups Bill that you have blamed on others.

      Now THAT would be an entertaining blog......

    3. I'm reminded of Bill's attempts at faildoxxing me.

      You know like when he was presented a throwaway email account and immediately google-fu'd his way to failure of claiming I was some video game playing teenager. ("I'll not have my military records questioned by some video game playing teenager!")

      Or when he got an example of a military document with the name redacted and immediately google-fu'd his way to Petty Officer Robert "Bob" Albee. Which of course led to some website with more of Bob's Navy information ("How is it you have a whole WESBITE devoted to you?").

      Or when presented with a list of his previous bullshit jobs he went and checked his LinkedIn profile (where the list was generated from) and saw someone named Andrew Ballard had viewed it... so of course he google-fu'd his way to a fake Facebook page and just HAD to contact Middle Tennessee State University to find out who this person was. Of course he also had to plaster poor "Andrew Ballard's" picture on to his Twitter account...because that's what a sane rational person does.


      Oh... did we never complete the story of that bit of faildox stalkery?

      Let me put it in context for you -- both "Andrew Ballard's" LinkedIn profile and his Facebook page stated he was a GRADUATE of Middle Tennessee State University -- not a CURRENT student there. But Bill wanted info... he already had a NAME, "Andrew Ballard" and the supposed graduation date, but he wanted more than that.

      Bill's emails between himself and the registrar, that is the portions of the emails Bill released on Twitter, are very much selectively edited. Oh... and there is also the fact that Bill called the registrar and alumni services coordinator on the telephone as well (which of course he tweeted about)... but of course we don't have ANY idea what was said. ;D

      You see Bill had attempted over the phone a soft bit of pretexting, a type of confidence trick, in order to get more information from MTSU about poor Andrew. He was rebuffed on this attempt over the phone and decided to switch it up and email the registrar directly in order to try and get the information he wanted -- namely "directory information" for Andrew Ballard. What is directory information? Under FERPA this would be the students name, address (on campus), telephone listing, date and place of birth, participation in recognized activities and sports (athletic teams, clubs, etc) and the dates of the students attendance at the institution.

      Now Bill having gotten one answer from MTSU (no student by that name) decided to try and "verify" some other information -- using Andrew Ballard's LinkedIn profile he tried contacting the listed previous employers to see if they had a record of Andy working there. The LinkedIn profile listed previous employment as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and EHD Technologies -- so off to the phones again for Bill. Unfortunately, they had no better answer than MTSU did on just who "Andrew Ballard" was.

      But did this stop Bill from plastering Andy's picture on Twitter? Contacting his supposed former school or places of employment? Attempting to google-fu his way to Andrew's front door or friends and family? Of course not. Stalkers gotta stalk and Bills gotta fail.

      The only reason Bill wants this information is so that he can use it to PUNISH people through either intimidation ("Add your name to the lawsuit") or placing family members in reasonable fear of their safety (such as posting Google street view images of homes or pictures of children/spouses). Bill does not stop to THINK about what his actions are doing because he doesn't care about whose information it is being broadcast on Twitter - only that his tactics might work.

      And if it's the wrong person... well thats not Bill's fault! You made him do it! You made him click those links, follows those crumbs, type that persons name into Google and you made him spend minutes (seconds?) researching who they were, what they look like, where they live, who they work for, who their family members are AND POST IT ALL TO HIS TWITTER FEED.

      Why can't we all get it through our heads that WE are the ones forcing BILL to do such stupid, stupid acts? /sarc

      Oh well.

      But Bill may have gone a bridge too far in his continual faildox-ery... I won't say how, who or why but.... Bill --

      "Andrew Ballard" says hi and do Be Well. ;D

      1. Oh dear, Willy's been crowing about "A.B." being a successful dox.

        Ooooh, that'll put a dent in the old batting average (do they go into negative numbers?).

      2. I keep pushing the thumbs up over and over, but it only went up by one.....

    4. This Other -- Thank you for the semi-complete listing. The next epic list must be of all the times he was ABOUT TO" do the right thing, but someone else screwed it up. I think the suit was about to be dropped , but then something attributed to Roy set him off. It is not his fault. He said so.

      "NOW look what you made me do." -- The Abuser's Playbook, pg. 2

      1. IIRC, Army Vet posted something very mild, nearly benign, and did not link to Der Fubar. Bill had to seek it out, then siezed upon it as a reason to say "Suit's back on, everybody thank Army Vet for your court docs."

        Edgren then committed assault, by filing a response in court to the man suing him for Half a MIIIIIIiiiiilion Dollars!!!!!" and then "dragged family into it" by questioning Bill's IFP status by quoting things Bill said about TJ... yeah, totally not Bill's fault, how could it be? So Bill threatens Edgren to "tell his son to dress warm."

        Shorter Bill: I fuck up, I involve my family, you call me on it (while calling on them as witnesses, not involving them in liability) (unless they're willing to perjure themselves for me...wait, who would do that?) and I threaten to find some BS reason to drag your son into this.

        Nah, doesn't sount malicious at all. Certainly wouldn't open a person to a countersuit. But imagine if Edgren were as big an asshole as Bill: "Your house! Mine! Tow it to Alaska! Your wife! Mine! Reset the clock to Alaska time!"

  4. Where Willy's feminist credentials are burnished:


  5. I've been fucking Cousin Bill over behind the scenes for decades. I'm a bad, bad Cousin, I guess.

    Most every time Bill has had something break the wrong way, "bad luck", I was behind it, near or far. A few choice words, carefully uttered in the hearing of the right person...and Bill is fucked, again.

    Truthfully, it's was a relief to have the Knot boys pick up some of the slack.

    These days, I barely have to lift a finger, yet Bill gets hoisted practically daily.

    A big "thank you" to all of you, sincerely, who publicize who Bill Schmalfeldt is, and what he does. It is the best way to contain him, and, guess what, non-actionable.

  6. This is also the attitude of a rapist. How many times have you heard these pieces of shit say stuff like, It's not my fault, she was asking for it. Did you see what she was wearing? She should've known what would happen if she went out dressed like that.

    Very interesting

  7. An excerpt, from my comment over at Dave Alexander's blog:

    "I’ve gone to the trouble of setting up some websites, with fake dates going back as far as 18 months, that, should you decide to dox the apparent owners, will lead you to some very, very not-nice people. Suggest you cease your doxxing activities, for your own well-being, as the results are not predictable.

    Be well."

    If Cousin Bill doesn't *quite* understand, I've created a set of "minefields" out there, on the doxxing fields, tailored to *his* activities.

    If he stops doxxing people, then he puts himself in no danger.

    If he continues his doxxing behavior, he may wind up pissing off some very, very bad people. People who are suspected of some very, very bad activities. People who will act out their anger, and who will not be interested in a "but, he made me do it!" excuse. People who are not concerned about committing another felony, and who have the time and resources to come to a tacky trailer park in Elkridge, Maryland, to settle a score.

    Now, I want to be clear. None of these folks have been contacted about Bill, nor do these websites have any false content about Bill, or any content about Bill, at all.

    Nope. What they do have is content that will make Bill think he has found information about people he is attempting to dox. Nothing too obvious, and the majority of it unrelated to me. Any breadcrumbs related to any Lickspittles and/or Zombies have been cleared with those persons prior to publication.

    What these sites do have are breadcrumbs that will lead him to dangerous people, should he chose to follow those clues. I've also injected those breadcrumbs, and correlating other breadcrumbs, into dozens of legitimate sites.

    I've been working on this since his attempts at faildoxxing me. It all went live yesterday afternoon (remember, dates have been falsified).

    Bill, your doxxing activities must stop now. Period. No negotiation, no further hints, and no further warnings. You stop, and you are safe. Don't stop, and the results are *your* fault.


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