16 thoughts on “And So It Begins…”

  1. You are late to the party.

    At least two earlier robot fatalities are known:

    Robert Williams, Ford Motor Company, Michigan, USA, 1979.

    Kenji Urada, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan, 1981.

    Considering how many robot-hours there have been over the last forty years, robots are safer than just about anything else you might encounter.

      1. So that's her middle initial!

        (and yes, I look for Babylon 5 plot points by shopping at Osh Kosh B'Gosh...)

  2. It was inevitable.

    O/T. I will be traveling over the Independence Day holiday and if I don't get on my idiot box before then, I wish you all a great 4th of July weekend. Be safe.

    Grace. I know I don't have to remind you. I am not pretentious. Bud longnecks are fine with me. We look forward to seeing you, dear friend.

    1. Oh, don't you worry none. That old beer fridge in the garage holds its fair share of Bud longnecks along with about a dozen+ other flavors. Hubby and I can most certainly assure you y'all will not suffer from thirst during your time here at the homestead. lol!

      Have the safest of travels. To say we're looking forward to this blessed holiday weekend with y'all would be an understatement. Godspeed, my friend!

    2. Bud Longnecks? Do you live in a Tincasa? I was planning to bring some great beer from my local brewery Clay Pipe Brewing. Their Back Fin Pale Ale is excellent. But I can see it would be wasted on you heathen.

      1. It wouldn't be wasted on me! I heart the Back Fin Pale Ale. But, I'm kinda feelin' a Margaritaville weekend is in my future. Y'all are gonna have to try at least one of my 'ritas.

  3. ...so it begins... How appropriate.

    Bill comes 'a callin'.


    He's now left three comments over at Billy Sez in the last few minutes.

    We seem to have hit a nerve.


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