What Difference, At This Point, Does it Make?

I’ve been hearing for years now how a certain Texas “grifter,” “conman,” “liar” and “pimp” (“but at least I never called his wife a whore!”) told THREE DIFFERENT STORIES about the stillbirth of his daughter, and how a certain DUMBFUCK’S harassment of him was turned into TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FRAUDULENT FUNDRAISING!!


Three different stories…wow.

That’s, like, a lot.

  1. Scleroderma
  2. Heart failure
  3. Kidney failure
  4. Ovarian cancer
  5. General organ failure
  6. Stage IV stage fright or something
  7. Insertdiseasehereitis 

Dear God, I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

  1. Goose down asphyxiation 
  2. Dehydration
  3. The heartbreak of psoriasis 
  4. Lactose intolerance
  5. Terminal hemorrhoid
  6. Athlete’s foot
  7. Flesh eating bacteria
  8. e. Coli

Right now, I think if I were enumerating a list of differences between a certain DUMBFUCK’S description of the aforementioned Texan and said DUMBFUCK himself, I would say that the separation is illustrated by TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FRAUDULENT FUNDRAISING.

…which really just highlights the notion that the DUMBFUCK understands just how unbelievable his lies truly are.

But I’m just a skanky meth-head with dyed hair (And doesn’t that sound just like his description of one of his hapless ex-wives? Gosh someone is such a misogynist at heart. Shame Shame!) who really, really thinks she’s a zombie according to some DUMBFUCK. So weight things accordingly.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

53 thoughts on “What Difference, At This Point, Does it Make?”

      1. Well, an intrepid Investigative Journalizer would probably start with a call to (410) 740-7600. Of course, you'd also be forced(!!!) to call his wife, and you'd do that by asking for her at (410) 740-7890.

        I learned all kinds of stuff about Investigative Journalizing from a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. I know things!*

        *Like that you're supposed to be a repugnant, despicable heap of vermin feces with no respect for commonly recognized human boundaries when you're Investigatizing Journalisms.

      2. In fact, if someone were to call Mrs. Blob for the purposes of INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIZING, you should try to scare her into telling the truth. That's a trick for Investigative Journalizers.

        I'm thinking that you'd tell her she's headed back to the tincasa if she doesn't play ball, and that Blob will be her caretaker from here on out.

        1. Oh, and don't forget to be an INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIZER you have to write the story by inserting yourself right smack dab into it. Because that's what all the cool kids do these days. *thumbsup*

    1. Sorry, Bill, but what kind of INCESTAGIVATE JOURNOMALIST would any of us be if we allowed the fee-fees of a subject stand in the way of getting to the bottom of such an important story?

    2. U MAD BRO?

      U MAD.

      I'd think an impotent cripple would avoid sexual references, but evidently being humiliated by strangers isn't enough for Bill Schmalfeldt... He has to actively debase himself.

      Bill Schmalfeldt lacks even the tiniest shred of self awareness. How else can you explain a creature that is such an utter failure at all he attempts, yet persists in gifting us with incoherent rants, lame insults, and impotent threats?

      Oh, well. I'm sure deep down, Bill Schmalfeldt realizes that as horrid his life has been up to this point... It's still downhill from here. Perhaps that's why he's such an asshole. Nah. We know (because he's such an over-sharing nutjob!) that he's ALWAYS been an asshole.

      Fuck off and die, Bill. Fuck off and die.

    3. "You first. honey."

      Oh, no. I'm making sure to look both ways before crossing the street, and to always remember to buckle up.

      I have every intention of living long enough to PISS ON YOUR GRAVE, if I have to plant the headstone myself.

      AND, since you didn't bother to deny any of the following, by YOUR OWN RULES OF BILLOGICAL PROOFINESS, it is hereby deemed forever and irrevocably TRUE:

      U MAD BRO?

      U MAD.

      I’d think an impotent cripple would avoid sexual references, but evidently being humiliated by strangers isn’t enough for Bill Schmalfeldt… He has to actively debase himself.

      Bill Schmalfeldt lacks even the tiniest shred of self awareness. How else can you explain a creature that is such an utter failure at all he attempts, yet persists in gifting us with incoherent rants, lame insults, and impotent threats?

      Oh, well. I’m sure deep down, Bill Schmalfeldt realizes that as horrid his life has been up to this point… It’s still downhill from here. Perhaps that’s why he’s such an asshole. Nah. We know (because he’s such an over-sharing nutjob!) that he’s ALWAYS been an asshole.

      AND, in case you missed it the first hundred times: FUCK OFF AND DIE.

      (Reposted at viewfromnl.wordpress.com)

  1. Goose down? Dude lives in a tincasa -- Walmart hyper-allergenic foam is more likely.

    He could have harvested it himself, I guess, but Stage LXCII Parkinsons...

  2. I fairness he's no medical expert and has, if his reports really reflect his understanding. He is a confused person making leaps when none is real, as with his misunderstanding of ca-125 markers and ascites. Especially given her history of total hysterectomy and systemic sclerosis, there are many other things that can account for her presentation. ovarian cancer was a possibility and possibly suspected ...but neither of those two things lead to an "oc cams razor" let alone definitive reason to announce ovarian cancer,

    CA 125 is a protein, normal tissues make it, and it can be elevated by fibroids, ovarian cysts, and also non gynecologic issues...including inflammatory conditions, including systemic sclerosis.
    Systemic sclerosis can damage organs and cause elevation of CA 125 and ascites ....

    Without access to her labs or real history, without knowledge of her cardiac or pulmonary status, just based on the bits and pieces thrown out she may have liver damage from the scleroderma (or some other problem like chronic alcohol abuse.).

    Kidney damage can also cause rises in ca 125.

    Ca stands for cancer antigen, but there are many non' aligning or benign in a general sense conditions that cause elevations of this protein, which even normal tissues make. That would include fibroids, pregnancy, endometriosis...or non gynecologic issues like pancreatitis or and idiopathic rheumatological disease. One interesting thing, is some rheumatological disease is a paraneoplastic syndrome...associated with tumors....and the RD can regress when the tumor is treated.

    I'm sure her situation is complicated and the info he's getting would confuse many people and certainly the mistake-prone schmalfeldt . And anything I have to say would obviously be based on his somewhat incoherent reports.

    1. Or, since I'm much less inclined to generous with Dr. Dickdents, he's just exaggerating, embellishing, and imagining symptoms and syndromes and stages [IV thru ELEVENTY!!] of whatever he's googled up lately, and the Mrs. is not only not in the hospital, hospice, or a skilled nursing facility, but is entirely unaware that she's supposed to have anything new going wrong with her lately, much less killing her.

      Equally likely, in my view.

      If by chance GS is in fact gravely ill, I do wish her well and the fullest possible recovery. If that's not to be, I wish her an easy passing.

      I wish BS all the grief he deserves, no matter what. You know, the karma he likes to mention, from time to time.

      1. Well I apologize for phone-typing. His declaration of a terminal ovarian cancer was weird since, by his own accounting, he had so little foundation to make it.

    2. Something that has always bothered me about this situation is the lack of labwork that I see. Then again, I live and die by my own labwork, literally. Adjustments are being made constantly for me so that I don't become deficient in something that will give me, say, rickets. 12+ tubes of blood every six months if I'm doing just mildly ok, once a year if I'm in good maintenance,

      But back to the real case at hand. It's more of a calling out of Billogic. A grieving father can't make small changes to his tragic story as he learns more information about what he actually lived through without being called out for it. And the whole accusation that he made money from it on top of that. So what are we to make of the case before us? If we applied the same logic, well, you know....

      1. It's sad if he is playing games with his wife's situation. I'm willing to believe he's just mixed up what doctors are telling him. He's not a good....listener. However, I'm also willing to believe AJ's darker take.

      1. Bill's greatest regret at this point is that his wife's condition hasn't given him an excuse to collect, examine, photograph, videotape and describe her feces for a new blog and podcast.

        (Or is it just HIS poop that gets his motor running?)

      2. This whole thing just screams of a carnival barker rolling out a freak show attraction for the crowd to gawk at, and then berating the crowd because she, the freakshow who just happens to be married to the carnie barker, might be injured by the rotten vegetables and insults the crowd is heaving at HIM.

  3. In the case being compared here, there were requests by Bill for names of doctors and such. As usual, there was a level of extortion: Something like 'as soon as I get the information I need, I won't bother you any more. Be well..' NOT an exact quote, but similar.

    I 'm not suggesting that anyone ask him for the doctor's names or doctor's files. I'm just pointing out how much of a jerk he was. There's really no sense in us being equally annoying jerks to him.

    1. If we wanted to really emulate his style, someone would have to point out that most people give their CATS better care (and more respect) than he has for his "beloved".

      The use of house cats as a metaphor for a person's loved ones is an important journamalistic technique, dontchaknow.

      1. If I really wanted to emulate his style, I would take a deep breath, look closely at my reflection in the mirror, then chew on a 12 gauge.

  4. "Dear God, I wonder what it will be tomorrow"

    Possibly this?


  5. Oops! Wrong link. Trying again.

    9 -


  6. Once you get a reputation for lying and bullying, an appeal for sympathy is a witless tactic.

    Is the allegedly terminal illness of Witless Willie's alleged wife causing him significant emotional distress? He says so, but why should I believe any piece of it?

    Let's assume, however, that his statement is true in all respects: the imminent death of his wife is causing him severe emotional distress. Why should I care about his feelings?

    What he wants is for us to transfer the sympathy normal people have for a presumably decent human being at death's door to HIM. What sympathy has he shown to others in similar situations? I can feel for his wife, sick and alone while Willie is gallivanting around in court annoying others with pressing problems, without giving a rat's ass for him.

    1. Ultimately, that's William's biggest problem. As a sociopath, he really isn't sure what severe emotional distress is,so he does an almost comic impersonation of it. However, one who is paralyzed by trauma doesn't normally engage in the activities they did before the distress, such as picking fights and making poopy jokes on the Internet.

      But yes, William does hold himself to a very different standard than he holds others.

  7. Does anyone know under current HIPPA guidelines, can someone release a spouses lab test results when they are incapacitated, or unable to give their consent?

    1. If she's authorized him to receive the information, he can talk about it. If she is not in a position to revoke her consent, and she is being harmed, a guardian can in egregious cases take action to stop him.

  8. Spouses are not "covered entities" under HIPPA, fwiw. Your spouse is not breaking HIPPA laws if they get info legally and choose to share it. And even if you don't give explicit permission for a spouse to know the contents of your medical records or information about your medical status, their insurer or doc or hospital may share relevant information if the spouse who got or is getting care is not around or can't give permission, but only when the covered entity believes, based on professional judgment, that sharing the information is in the patient's best interest.

  9. OK, this is just bullshit:


    That's a TEXT oddity, DUMBFUCK! Your Twitter account is a lie. Delete it.

    1. I mentioned no one in particular. Just some general advice.

      I'm sorry if someone feels they resemble my remarks.

    2. If all the kinds of things Bildo said were libel really were libel, the courts would have waiting lists longer than many people's life expectancies.

      He really needs to learn the difference between butthurt and libel.

  10. Curiouser and curiouser:




    So, they really can't do CT because kidney failure, and what's the point of more tests when she's already swirling the drain?


    Dicking around? Clearly, this situation needs investagatory journalisms. Do we know any investigative journalizers? I'm vaguely remembering some dude in Texas and something about a hamper. Does any of that ring any bells, Blob?

    1. Four whole days to find out what he already knew and clearly stated that he knew is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

      You should sue, Blob. LOL!

    2. Yeah. This is clearly a situation that SCREAMS for incestigational journaljismic expertise.

      Many questions to be "axed."

      For instance... Why no dialysis? Wouldn't that clear the dye for a CT, too?

      If she's clearly Stage IV, how do the doctors know she's got a disease that's STAGED, and where Stage IV is the end-game? Sounds like MALPRACTI$E to this journolismist!

      And, lastly, why won't Bill Schmalfeldt comply with our simple request to FUCK OFF AND DIE?


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