I know some of you have commented asking for updates. 

My daughter came through the weekend without incident. The doctors say this is good. There was swelling in her brain which has since subsided; I think that was the reason for the induced coma.  She was taken off those meds but has not regained consciousness.

She’s breathing on her own but only about 70%, so she’s getting oxygen too.

Her right upper body is in a cast.  Her lower body is tractioned to help the broken hip heal properly.

She was given last rites by the hospital chaplain prior to surgery, but it looks like we’re past that now. Physically she can heal, but until she regains consciousness we have no idea if our little girl will come back to us.

Other notes – our friend who was driving and her daughter both have good prognoses. They asked me to thank you for the prayers.

The driver of the other car was on his phone when he ran the light. PLEASE put the damn thing down when you’re driving.  It can wait.

Finally, thanks to John for the flowers and balloons.  I hope she wakes up while they are still fresh enough to enjoy. Grace, where did you find that bear!

And thanks to all of you for the prayers offered.  Don’t let up.

Update when I can.


Author: Paul Krendler

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19 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Great news! Hope it keeps going well!

    I swear, every third driver has a phone plastered to their head -- and it seems like every one doing something stupid has one. I'm not in favor of laws against it, but I could get behind enhanced penalties if you're using your phone and get into an accident.

    1. My state has made cell phone use illegal unless hands free. I swear that every other cop I see blasting past me is holding a phone to his ear.

      I'd love to know what makes a guy born after I got my license that much safer a driver./sarc

      So glad to hear the child's condition is improving!

  2. Thank you very much for the update. The waiting must be terrible for you and your family, and it is unbelievably kind of you to take the time to write out a long and coherent explanation of how your child is progressing when you and yours are under such emotional stress.. Like every other zombie, I hope she continues to improve rapidly.

  3. Thank you for the update. Best wishes for the recovery of your daughter, friend and her daughter.

  4. A million thumbs up for every positive sign and prognosis!

    Also, at least one thumb, Presidio-style, for the other driver.

  5. Thank you so much for the update. Your family has not left my thoughts for longer than a moment. Continued prayers for your beautiful kiddo. I pray she comes back to you whole and full of more life than ever before. May our Great Physician continue to bless her path.

    I, too, am happy to hear your friend and her daughter are physically on the mend. May they, too, heal emotionally very soon from this traumatic event.

    The bear made my heart smile when I found it. Here's to hoping it brings a big smile to your kiddo's face and heart when she awakes here very soon to see it. Glad to hear it arrived. 🙂

    God bless you and yours, my friend. *hugs and prayers*

  6. I see that Mr. Bill thinks that because someone named "John" sent flowers and balloons to the "Krendlers," it means that I know Paul Krendler's secret identity. This is a beautiful example of how the Cabin Boy™ jumps to unwarranted conclusions.

    1. I'm probably not the only person that the Zombie knows who he could call "John."

    2. I don't know who Krender is, but I might know who his lawyer is and could have sent something via that third party.

    Ho, hum ...

  7. Glad to hear some good news!

    Still keeping her in my families prayers!

  8. Very good to hear. Best wishes to all your family in these tough times.

    Be careful of your own limits, it is easy to get overextended with people you care about in critical situations. Take care to prioritize, the Zombie "living" are too important in the scheme of things.


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