I return briefly to let everyone know that my daughter is awake, talking, and she recognizes her parents!  Praise God!

She is pretty much immobile because of all the broken bones.  I’m told a wheelchair will become a fixture, and she will need much physical therapy to learn to walk again after that broken hip heals.  Occupational therapy too.  She’s right-handed, and with her shoulder in ruins, she’ll have to learn to use her left hand immediately and her right all over again later.

She still sleeps a lot, but the docs say that’s normal.  The MRI was good.  She doesn’t remember the crash.  Everyone thinks that’s good too.

Our friend who was driving was discharged last week.  She didn’t leave, of course.  Her daughter stayed another day and they went home together.

There is still a long road ahead for my little Zombie.  Please keep praying for her.

I am not so thoughtless as to neglect those of you who have been praying so effectively for all of us.  Many of you reached out privately and have sent cards, gifts and flowers.  Meal cards have been especially useful.  The poor quality food at this hospital more than compensates for the high quality of care.  Thanks to all of you.  Those of you who hit the the Tip Jar also deserve thanks, but this is a strange case where everyone has tons of insurance, and our provider is way down at the bottom of the list.  Money is not necessary in this context.  Anything that comes in will either be refunded, or more likely used to buy more toys and games for the pediatric ward.

Of course, donations for other purposes are still welcome.  So, if you like the site, or you want to help other causes like paying for Team Free Speech lawyers or enhancing our publication and printing budget, or whatever…the Tip Jar will still be there for you.  Leave a note with your donation, and I’ll see it gets where it needs to go.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “SHE’S AWAKE!”

  1. Great News!! All our prayers were answered. And let me know if you need help with that wheelchair ramp you were talking about.


  2. Our prayers will continue. Both Barb and I are praying for her full recovery. I find that prayers for others help significantly in reducing my own post-surgical pain.

  3. This is wonderful news, for both your girl and all in your family. I am pleased for you all.

    Rehabilitation is long, sometimes painful, and sometimes tedious, but the serious worry is over, and that must be a welcome relief to you and yours. And remember: children are more resilient than we as parents fear.

  4. Great news! And continued prayers. I know PT will be a long and difficult. Bless you and your family.

  5. Such good news! My son and I pray that your discomforts will turn to comforts, your pains to gains, your deprivation to more blessings, your losses to profits, your tears to smiles, your sorrows to pleasures, your illness to wellness, your debts to credits and your dreams to realities.

  6. Excellent news. We came to the conclusion this weekend that my wife will need to have her other knee replaced soon - we are not looking forward to it. Recovery and rehabilitation are difficult both for the patient and the caregivers. Best wishes.

  7. Fantastic news!

    Great to hear the level of support given to your loved ones.


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