26 thoughts on “Say There, DUMBFUCK!”

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    Doesn't a DUMBFUCK usually publish the e-mails he gets that are even the teensiest bit incriminatory of his enemies? But he isn't now, you say?

    Maybe because a DUMBFUCK is talking to himself again.

    1. He always publishes the ones that he thinks gives him everything. ALWAYS. He can't help crowing about his supposed "victory" over RWNJs. Nevermind that they never, ever turn out to be what he thinks. Such a DUMBFUCK.

      1. So, Ms. Runyon has published a DUMBFUCK'S emails and two hours after I said that he was a lying. forging psychopath, a DUMBFUCK still isn't running anything to verify his claims.

        Because he's a lying, psychopathic DUMBFUCK!

        I'd turn down dialysis if DUMBFUCK was behind Door #2, too.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt is a unapologetic sadistic LIAR. Bill Schmalfeldt is a SNITCH. Bill Schmalfeldt has no friends beyond the cabal that surrounds and fawns over convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin who is still on parole for his criminal activities.

    The word on the street is that Schmalfeldt and his stepson have almost come to blows over who has to take care of their dogs. Apparently, his stepson told Bill to pack a little sand along with all those foot longs and mayonnaise.

    Any one wishing to donate sand for Bill's new Doggy Litterbox should send their used Kitty Litter to freshen up the Tincasa as Bill's used Depends are starting to fester and mildew under the sink.

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    Yes, Blob. You're the DUMBFUCK. You were born a DUMBFUCK and you're going to die a DUMBFUCK. I'd ask it to explain what this newly imagined crime is, but that would only encourage it.

    1. He's a DUMBFUCK because no one believes him, ever. Hell, some of us were uncertain if he was even telling the truth about his wife's illness and passing.

      Which is one hell of an endorsement saying, "You lie all the time."

      1. "Exeunt Twat. Send footlongs and diapers of appreciation to this address."

  4. Wasn't a DUMBFUCK saying not long ago that Runyon was cooperating and "giving up names"?

    Turns out a DUMBFUCK was, in keeping with his "sterling character" and "journalistic ethics", lying. That could come back to bite him in court someday, assuming that it gets as far as a hearing, which it won't. The past is a remarkable predictor of the future.


  5. Say what you will about Gail effectively committing suicide, but it wasn't irrational.

  6. https://twitter.com/TheGrouchcast/status/615337958183309313

    Maybe child pornography. Just sayin'.

  7. https://twitter.com/Thegrouchcast/status/615345218334789632

      1. No one ever has, no one ever will.

        FOUR lulzsuits in thirteen months, not even one hearing. Calls to God knows how many law enforcement agencies and, so as we know, not one person was ever even questioned by police.

        William is a useless, impotent blowhard and the dictionary definition of a DUMBFUCK, but the author of Paragraph 83's ignorant, drunken psychosis is endlessly entertaining.

        I wonder if his wife told him why she was killing herself before she did. I'll bet she did.

        1. Hey, let's be fair—he got a hearing on Hoge's motion to dismiss. Which was granted, of course.

          To quote William…


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