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  1. i can think of three things offhand -

    A thorough discussion of kidney dialysis which would probably extend the victimhood, wups, I mean Gail's life, for at least a couple of years...

    The correlation between spousal abuse, specifically blows to the kindeys, and kidney failure...

    Regular mention of the fact that he has produced, and continues to broadcast pornographic filth in his podcasts...

    1. A branch off your point number one...

      If Gail is insisting on no dialysis, seeing as how kidney dialysis can be done for years and years before a person actually does shuffle off this mortal coil, does this mean she is actively suiciding? Does she have no will to live? If so, WHY does she have no will to live? Obviously she has a pair of dogs who would be heartbroken if she were to die. What is making her want to choose the sweet embrace of death over the multi-colored, multi-faceted experiences that make up life?


      1. What is making her want to choose the sweet embrace of death over the multi-colored, multi-faceted experiences that make up life?


  2. Can someone find the most recent warning about this from Bill? I think he tweeted something or published something along the lines of "I never published pron of any kind..."

    I'd certainly be able to fisk the one recording I have, but my conclusion would be that he didn't break the law. (Well, God's law, nature's law maybe. Not the "law" law.)

    1. In certain jurisdictions, the mere recording of "enticement of a minor" to commit sexual acts is considered child pr0n - it doesn't matter that the actual act was never recorded. This is where he runs afoul of things and could be prosecuted as a result.

    2. I agree that it is disgusting pornographic filth and a grim look into a sick mind. IANAL, nor a judge, so I don't know if it's legal or not in MD.

      1. As TDPZ mentioned above -- "in certain jurisdictions"

        I could be wrong here, but my guess would be the decision of legality of BS's disgusting, pornographic filth would not solely rest with the state of Maryland considering the sick-and-twisted sociopath has attempted to sell his disgusting, pornographic filth everywhere.

  3. Over and over and over and over again he makes a point to highlight and boast about the fact he is caring for his wife. Really? He's her freaking husband. No matter what he has conjured up in that diseased mind -- taking care of one's spouse by securing their needs are met (IF he's even doing it) is not some extraordinary feat, nor something special and spectacular. It tends to be what spouses do for each -- especially during those times one may be dealing with health issues.

    The fact he has to brag about it speaks volumes about his (lack of) character. He apparently views caring for GS during her illness as going above-and-beyond, and sees this as something he should be commended for doing. He is obviously quite amazed and impressed that he is actually behaving like a decent husband and human being.



    1. Meanwhile, he has no problem attacking (and suing) John while Mrs. Hoge is dealing with her own medical challenges.

      The important question here, though, is why he's so eager to write off "...her... because they know how important she is to me, how much I love her, how she is the best friend I ever had, my most trusted confidant." Someone so important to me would be worth the effort to see that she gets proper medical care.

      Dialysis works, DUMBFUCK.

      1. http://www.bing.com/entities/search?q=elkridge+maryland+dialysis&filters=segment%3a%22local%22&pin=YN405x220289403%2cYN873x110719685%2cYN405x168444597%2cYN403x401539293%2cYN405x7389363&qpvt=elkridge+maryland+dialysis&FORM=SNAPST

        totally safe link, even if it is huge.

    2. Who is actively trying to anger him? Or is he eavesdropping on our conversation? He pretty much has to leave her side to fire up whatever internet capable device he's using and ACTIVELY seek out our conversations, right?

      Funny thing is, on a regular basis, we will talk about something else; and after a day or two he will go WAAAAAAAYYYY out of his way to be so obnoxious as to be ripe for discussion again.

      Ewww, Bill and Ripe in the same sentence. Yuck.

    3. How does one "wanna-be" a Trekkie? Or are we wanna-be zombies? I thought this guy was a paid writer?



      Operative word is WAS.


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