116 thoughts on “Guess What Just Hit PACER?”

    1. And every time you do that, you establish a strong relationship between Grady/Krendler and the State of Maryland. Why he's practically a resident now that you've delivered a package for him. (No, I don't know how he was supposed to file motions without actually having them delivered to Maryland.) If only Krendler/Grady had stolen a joke once told by a guy in living in Delaware, but who frequently visits Maryland, there'd be airtight evidence of conspiracy based in Maryland, which is after all another nearby state.

      Am I right?

  1. Wow, it appears that Mr. Grady spelled his name properly each and every time!

    It really IS possible!

    1. http://ia801502.us.archive.org/0/items/gov.uscourts.mdd.315389/gov.uscourts.mdd.315389.12.0.pdf

      Anybody seen my forklift?

      1. OK, I think Bill had it almost right the first time: "I'm just going to stumble into court and fuck myself."

        You don't always have to make it to court for that...

  2. This is a good one.
    "ALS Scan, Inc., 714, Indeed, the fact that the cited case was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction appears to have escaped "plaintiff’s notice entirely. He has cited a case that supports Mr. Grady's while undercutting his own.


  3. William, William, William,

    Before you get all dox-happy, you might want to check some relevant statutes.


    By the way, we already know you're a DUMBFUCK. No need to keep proving it.

    1. I was shocked to see that. A "folder?" For all the crap he keeps, waiting for the moment to spring the trap and send us all to jail, I was expecting a petabyte hard drive.

      1. Probably makes me a real crappy person... but I will.

        There is evil in this world... and there should be gladness when it shuffles off this mortal coil.

      2. I can't be the only one who enjoys watching the Diminished Capacity Kid try to turn each of his lost flame wars into the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and subsequently have upwards of a dozen law enforcement agencies collectively ignore him, can I?

        People who list the birth of their children as the greatest thing they've ever seen obviously need to get out more.

  4. Anyone else notice that one he wants to cast aspersions on Grace/Grady/PK/LR/HOOOOOOOGE he says "Google them". But if anyone suggest folks Google Bill, he freaks out and screams about how the results are all from people that don't like him? Not only is he the World's Stupidest Man™ he also captures the title for World's Most Unaware Man™

    1. Actually, the Schmalfedian views on his own Google results are (surprise!) somewhat conflicted.

      When he threatens to tell newspapers and U.S senators on us, he assures us that the Google trail will be seen by everyone as a "RWNJ smear." It's just that obvious!

      But according the lulzsuits (they are many for they legion), it has irreparably damaged his good name and, I swear this is true, his opportunities on the lecture circuit.

      Yes, a man who says that he can't walk without falling down and going boom would have been travelling the country, telling all that would listen about his disability,were it not for us. One supposes he would be travelling by limo and private jet with ramps built hither and yon to accommodate him nationwide.

      I guess my point is that he's a liar and a lunatic. Too bad a jury will never get to hear that.

      1. At least they make a plane for him already......


      2. Having flown to Iraq in one of those beasts I can tell you with 100% certainty...

        It ain't big enough for that two ton pile of gelatinous fail.

  5. In reading Mr. Grady's filing, it is now clear that Schmalfeldt v. Grady will be the fourth of William's five lulzsuits in the last thirteen months to be summarily dismissed. The fifth was withdrawn two days after filing in a remarkable display of cowardice.

    Let us now move on to William's haughty and hysterical threats to send everyone to jail. In the last several months, William has told us that he has contacted at least seven law enforcement agencies in multiple states alleging all manner of deeds most foul. His forgery fantasy alone has been peddled to the FBI, the United States Postal Service and police departments or court commissioners in the Maryland counties of Carroll, Howard and Montgomery. Thus far, no one has been "frog-marched" anywhere, despite the Diminished Capacity Kid's repeated assurances to the contrary.

    Why bring this up, other than all-around hilarity? Look at the above and ask yourself, "How would a reasonable person view such conduct?"

    1. A reasonable person would be sorely tempted to ensure that a 5150 hold was placed on the person who had been so wildly flailing about trying to hit others in such a manner. Because it is obvious that the flailer is out of his FUCKING MIND!

      1. And you'll note that I left out the legion of faildoxxes, which warrant a chapter of their own. they display malice, negligence and perhaps mild retardation. According to Captain Morgan's own filings, "Paul Krendler" is in fact four different people, depending on which court he's in.

        Off the top of my head, William has "identified" Krendler in sworn filings as being;

        1) Patrick Grady
        2) Chris Heather
        3) "Howard Earl"
        4) WJJ Hoge

        Grace has now been at least two different people, and Howard has been something like ten. Cousin Roy was once doxxed as two different people in 24 hours, but The Diminished Capacity Kid seems to have settled on his being George Howell.

        Best of all, William always insists on a jury trial! If DUMBFUCK could fashion one of his lulzsuits properly, that would actually be a sight to see.

      2. My favorite example of William's masterpieces of moronic hyperbole was his description of the Mysterious Slovakian Horseshit Caper as "biological war."

        Can you imagine a juror anywhere in English-speaking world who wouldn't pay good money to sit on a panel charged with judging him, his "sterling character," and the good name that he just can't seem to spell? I can't.

      3. And now he's identified "agiledog" as 4 different people in 24 hours. The derpitude is amazingly strong in this one.

  6. Looks like Bill got booted off Twitter....again, for harassment and stalking. In other words, he got kicked off for being himself.

    1. But ... but what about his brand? It was already hobbled by his going through three podcasting services in five days, but whatever will he do without the twitters?

      1. You have to give the soused psychopath credit for going three whole weeks without a suspension.

      2. Jeanette should demand an apology with a DOOM CLOCK and unspecified dire consequences.

        Say, 6:59 PM EDT? I have an engagement.

  7. Neal said, "Cousin Roy was once doxxed as two different people in 24 hours, but The Diminished Capacity Kid seems to have settled on his being George Howell."

    We have a new record: in the past 24 hours, BS has has accused four different people of being "agile dog." A young woman in NC, a husband and wife in Virginia Beach, and now a man in Massachusetts.

      1. Nope, I mean this one:
        Check the right-hand margin for his Twitter feed at the time. He doxxed a young woman named Ashley Allison and accuses her of being Agiledog and "harassing" him. Then this morning, he accuses two people in Virginia Beach and deleted the previous tweets. He has now purged his blog of the story he posted accusing the VA couple. All saved, by the way.

    1. The really great part is William now saying "before you call this a faildox."

      What? Like the other three times in the last 18 hours that you've "identified" agiledog?

      For what might be the first time in human history, we're watching a cartoon of man become a cartoon of what he was.

      On the other hand, TJ continues to allow him around sharp objects, so the problem may soon fix itself.

      1. I think my favorite is still the time he doxxed a police officer in VA as Jerry Fletcher. Oh my the FUN! But I must be mistaken. He has NEVER faildoxed anyone. He said so himself.

      2. Yeah, William would never LIE. Except for all the times that he does.

        He was born that way.



    Safe link: https://web.archive.org/web/20150630192448/http://patriotombudsman.com/2015/06/30/dog-trainer-tormenting-recently-widowed-disabled-man/

    1. I notice all the "torment" consists of comments Bill Schmalfeldt had to seek out.

      "Your Honor, he had to actively seek these comments out. I was not harassing him -- it's not my fault he's a masochist."

  9. Bill has said several times during his latest round of fail doxxing that he has sent complaints to the local police of the misidentified innocent folks he is harassing. When he realizes that he has yet again royally fucked up and harassed another innocent family, does he then contact the cops again and admit to his massive fuck up or does he just leave another innocent family twisting in the wind while he slithers back into his hole?

  10. Do you think he realizes that the newest post on the blog this ID links to is over 5 years old? Do you think he is even smart enough to know what cyber-squatting is? Considering he couldn't even follow the link at first, and faildoxed three others before trying with the name associated with the blog, any guesses just how wrong he really is?

    BTW, the name associated with that blog is the same as the brother of a person who shot a president. Can you guess how many google hits that name yields?

  11. What a fuckin' crybaby. None of those posts he cites are harassment. Who does he thinks is going to see that post anyway? His followers? Good thing my LULZ muscles are limber.

    Oh, I know who will see it! The Shirley, MA media. Ayuh. Well, what BS seems to forget is that REAL journalists do research before they write things for mass consumption and I would be willing to bet that they will probably either take the initiative on their own or they will be asked to search the internet for "Bill Schmalfeldt". Odds any potential story that is sympathetic to Bill survives that exercise?

    Hey, Shirley, MA, media: Google "Bill Schmalfeldt". Check out his connection to notorious bomber Brett Kimberlin who has been flying under the radar. Look into Tetyana Kimberlin's false police report against a couple of guys shining a light on evil cockroaches.

    Play that game, Bill. It sounds like FUN.

    1. BS is dumber than a rock they Davidson country Sheriff's are not going to pay attention to a letter or email. If he wanted to file false charges he is going to have to do it in person. And now they are completely aware who he is.

  12. One of the subtle, but legally correct, aspects of Grady's work is the complete silence on whether or not he is Krendler. (It has of course no bearing on the issue of jurisdiction.) Has anyone perceived how crazy that will make Witless Willie, who appears to believe that a failure to deny is an admission?

    DUMBFUCK does not begin to do justice to Willie, who NEVERTHELESS is the smartest among TK.

    PS Grace spreads marmalade on the babies she devours for breakfast. How do I know that to be true? She has not denied it, has she?

  13. Next time Shaky, put "if your honor hasn't found in favor of my suit by close of business 5pm today, I will assume that I've won." in your complaint.

  14. Just had to send this email:

    Chief Goulden, Chief of Police, Shirley, MA

    My name is Scott Hinckley and I am a resident of Shirley. Below, you will find a harassing and/or extorting email from a person by the name of Bill Schmalfeldt or Maryland that he has sent to my email address. He has also now called my house twice, and left messages, and sent additional emails – all in a single night. He says I must talk to him or the police – what I need to talk to the police about other than his harassing behavior is unclear to me. He is upset that a group of us make comments online about him and his behavior. We do this at websites he has been banned from because of his uncivil behavior – we do not do this at public sites.

    I have never met him. I have never talked to him. I have never called his house. I have never sent him messages via email (other than copying him on this email. I have never contacted him via social networking sites, but he is now trying to harass me by “friending” me on Facebook. I acknowledge that I am the person who uses the screen name agiledog – I have used it for years. But I have never used it to contact him.

    My wife is now fearful that this man intends to cause us harm, especially since he knows our names, phone number and address. This man is a known associate of the Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedway_bombings). Several of the online community that discuss Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin have been SWAT’d since they have mentioned them. I am concerned that one of Bill’s associates may do the same to us.

    He (Bill) has now started sending my wife emails – she just forwarded one to me. I will come down to the station tomorrow morning during normal business hours to file a complaint about him.

    I copied Bill on it.

  15. Since you are reading here Bill, let me say this clearly:

    You are to cease and desist all contact with me, my wife, or our places of business. You are not to call. email, send letters or use any social media to continue to contact us. Any attempts to do so will be considered further harassment from you, and I will pursue all legal avenues to obtain my goal of you ceasing to contact us.

    1. If you have to get a court order, make sure to include Cabin Boy's classic quote about how peace orders are meaningless, and request that the order come with pre-declared penalties for violations.

  16. I wonder if Bill apologized to the other three people he faildoxed as me before he finally clicked on the link of my screen name?

    1. I just want to be clear about this: he faildoxed you twice even though he had a link to you?

      1. G$-13, huh.

        He's a wily one, to be sure.

        But, but, but, agiledog, that would mean that you -lied- to us! Why that's...that's... Wait, that's not illegal.

        Seems like FUN.

        Good luck, AD.

        Gotta collect 'em all!

    2. I guarantee he didn't. Bill doesn't give a fuck what happens to the innocent families he harasses. Hell, he has no cause of action against you except butthurt in the 5th degree and he wants to smear you in the press.

      When thinking about Schmalfeldt it's always good to remember this quote from Ken White (Popehat)
      " Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness."

  17. "Much in the same way “Paul Krendler” and “Kyle Kiernan” chose THEIR names right out of the blue… just to FOOL me. Right."

    Bring it bunny fucker.

    You haven't got clue one about the truth and you never will.

    When you croak (soon will be too late) you should only be allowed to be cremated as all worthless people are cremated (I still don't think she's dead so this doesn't apply to her) so they don't take up the valuable space needed for us worthwhile people and also don't lines and shoving at their gravesites waiting for a chance to desecrate them.

  18. MEMO TO DUMBFUCK: Hey, DUMBFUCK, if you have to seek out comments you don't like (especially in places you are not welcome,) they are NOT harassment. If you are calling, emailing and otherwise annoying people who have told you not to contact them, that IS harassment. Note the difference, DUMBFUCK.

    1. I'm almost left to wonder if this is an attempt to -get- free medical and mental health.

      "Somebody's -got-to throw me in a 3 day hold!??!"

    2. And falsely accusing innocent people in a public forum is a no no. I hear Ashley is NOT amused.

  19. "... I will not add him to the lawsuit ..."

    What lawsuit?

    The one against Grady? The singular...Oh, my.

    Oh, Bless His Heart.

    But... Sorry, right right, don't educate the uneducateable.

    But that's... That's. Bless His Heart.

    1. I should sue Mort for being a douchebag. It has as much legal standing as his case of butthurt.


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