Good News from Howard County

So the bloviating Trailer Trash Talk Man is more of a raving lunatic than I thought. It was very disturbing to say the least. Bill obviously needs to focus on Gail and her situation and nothing else. I don’t know that he can sustain the mental taxation of both her care and the effort of maintaining these LOLsuits. It seems to be fracturing his mind and in a bad way, more is the pity. I don’t know that I will be making the trip to Maryland any time soon again. Anyway…

The honorable Judge Kramer has taken everything under advisement and will be making a written decision on both of Hoge’s MTDs. She seemed more interested in the whole venue aspect of things, but that might be because I personally am more interested in a ruling on that sort of issue. I already know that TTT Man has failed to state a claim, I just wanna know where someone has to file a lawsuit in these sorts of things.

So, things continue apace as they are at the moment. I am going to eat lunch with some friends and then travel back home. Govern yourselves accordingly!


I see that TTT Man has seen fit to disparage my looks. And make comments about what went down today.

Let’s see.

  • Goth – Guilty as charged. See avatar.
  • Horribly skinny/rail thin – To some I might be considered that. To others, I’m just enough ZombieGirl for them, no more, no less.
  • Jet-black dyed long hair – On occasion. Although I like the black when it has more of a blue tinge. See, again, avatar. Next I will probably go to deep burgundy. That’s my favorite.
  • Bad case of ugs – While I do own a rather expensive pair of Uggs, I was not wearing them today. Sorry!
  •  No eyebrows – While I do pluck my eyebrows, they are still there, I assure you.
  • Skank – Here’s where Billy shows his evil side. All I will say is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I don’t have any issues with my looks.

On to the actual things that matter. You know, the reasons why everyone was at the courthouse.

    •  No Choice to Be There

BZZZT! Wrong, DUMBFUCK! You had EVERY choice in the world to be there. YOU were the one who filed this LOLsuit. And therefore you get to deal with it and all the filings and court appearances pertaining to it. You want that to go away? Drop the LOLsuit. I mean, did you really think that WJJ Hoge was going to lie down and let you kick him like the good Shiloh dog you think he is? Just because you are butthurt? Ummm, that would be a no.

    • Make my wife’s death more convenient for you

Umm, we would prefer that your wife didn’t die. We would prefer that she be able to escape you in some other way, so that she could go on to live a life without your vile presence in it.

    • Things go by their own timetable

Yes, yes they do, don’t they Billy. And much to your own chagrin.

    • And GM Howell wasn’t there

Do you have the gift of the all-seeing eye? Somehow I don’t think so.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

32 thoughts on “Good News from Howard County”

  1. Make sure John takes you to the Chinese place. The food there is wonderful.

  2. It was good meeting you today. Sorry I couldn't stay for lunch but work calls. (Surprised Shakey didn't see me)

      1. I wish it could have been under different circumstances, of course, but it's always good to hear of fellow Zombies being afforded the opportunity to meet in real life.

        Glad you could both be there for John. Supportive friends are beyond valuable. Thanks for being there for those of us unable to do so.

  3. So fatass leaves the courtroom and heads directly to the hospital to be by the side of his beloved, to comfort her in her final moments here for fresh material with which to make an ass of himself on Twitter.

    What an epic DUMBFUCK.

      1. He's banned from the hospital after an incident in the proctology exam room. Patients complained about him trying to sit in on their exams, especially with his "Goatse Fanboi" t-shirt and bag of foot-longs.

  4. The Mayo'ed one is on his soap box again...someone needs to slap the crap out the fat bastard!

    1. Now, now, none of us want violence.

      Besides, no one could swing their arm long enough to get it all out.

  5. Well, at least now when the case gets tossed, Bill can hold his head high and say he neglected his dying wife to give his vengance upon HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE! his very best shot. Of course his very best shot will have failed, and he'll have spent a morning ignoring his dying wife to appear in court in a case he filed, and then he'll have spent the following afternoon on Twitter re-litigating (is that the right term? If he did as badly as I think the first time, I mean) his case against HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!

    Well, it's an interesting set of priorities. You'd think he'd want to be there for her, support her, comfort her, maybe bring a couple pieces of Tupperware for her to open, that sort of thing.

    Oh, and it is interesting about his lies by omission; in his "Bowel Motion to Reply" he mentions frequently how he is a pro-se with a cancer stricken spouse, the implication being HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE! is just a big meanie. Bill just cannot admit the truth under any circumstances whatsoever, can he?

    1. I'm sure he could have asked for an emergency continuance/delay/whatever it's called. I would hope that the courts would allow that. That he didn't even try, and had announced ahead of time that he only would if his wife had died doesn't speak well of him or his priorities.

      1. Yes, but what has he ever done that did speak well of him or his priorities?

  6. @TrailerTrashGuy: It's ovarian cancer, Aaron. And she'll be dead in a month or so. Really funny, huh, you fat pie boy punk?"
    6/3/15, 8:35 PM

    I'm surprised the demented freak doesn't have a Doom Clock ticking down.

    Twitter/Blogs/Podcasts/LOLsuits > Beloved.

    Even if that "month or so" statement is anywhere close to the truth -- Hell! ESPECIALLY if it's close to the truth -- it is beyond disgusting and cruel that he still won't set aside his vindictive, hate-filled, butthurt bullshit.

    He's such a selfish, sick bastard.

    1. And where the hell did he get that phrase "fat pie boy punk" from? Is this some Maryland thing that us folks in New England and the Midwest have missed out on? Or is it some confused creation of a demented mind that no one else has used ever anywhere?

      1. Various bits of my family have been in Maryland since before the Revolutionary War; that phrase is utterly unknown to us, hon.

  7. I have a question...

    After the skanktwat succumbs to ovarian squamous-cell cancer of the heart-failed Sclerodermic kidney or whatever the made-up disease du jour is today, does the smell get better?

    Or worse?

    I'm not sure the AND can be embraced on this one...

  8. So your existence was fictional... Then when it wasn't, Bill had to throw insults.

    I don't think Bill would be able to understand Admiral Ackbar.

  9. I believe Zombie Morgana to be HOT! The Mayo'ed One is just jealous or a Fat Bastard!


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