Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

 JUNE 24, 2015 – Ruling the world of podcasting on Blog Talk Radio!


JUNE 26, 2015 – switches to LIVE365 after excessive patches of dead air cause the BlogTalkRadio software to disconnect repeatedly.  But don’t worry – this is where ALL THE BIG PODCASTERS ARE!

JUNE 30, 2015 – after all the cool podcasters learn of DUMBFUCK’s arrival at LIVE365, they all demand refunds and bolt for other platforms to avoid the stench of associating with it.  It’s street cred destroyed, DUMBFUCK hangs in at LIVE365 for two whole podcasts (actually just 23% of one if you exclude pre-recorded stupidity, stammering unpreparedness, umms, ahhs, mouth-breathing, bitching about sound quality an dead air), before it is unceremoniously welcomed into the streets once more.

So, it’s back to Speaker!

Five days, three podcasts, three platforms.  Is there a Guinness World Record for biggest failure?  Because this really needs to be checked.  (Would a trophy on the mantel for World’s Greatest Failure, right next to the last empty bottle of mouthwash from Bob Barker, count as an “accomplishment?”) But never mind that, numbskulls, I’m podcastin’.

16,863rd time’s the charm…DUMBFUCK’S got this, DUMBFUCK!  Oh, it’s gonna own that shit! LIKE A DUMBFUCK!  Einstein’s definition of insanity be damned!  Occam’s Razor, too! Just because it has failed for years running, that doesn’t make it a failure! It would still be a failure even if it had never tried at all!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. I'm no photoshopper of Jeanette "Grace" Runyon's (HA!) skill, but I do have enough to pull that off.

      I think DUMBFUCK missed it on ITS first look. It'll be extra-pissed later.

  1. The Liberal Grouch ‏@TheGrouchcast
    Pamela and Dennis Wilson. Both use the same e-mail and Internet handle. Agiledog. But which of them is the one harassing me?

    Another faildox in progress. Yesterday it was Ashley Allison who Mort accused of being agiledog. Had her picture splashed on his timeline and everything. And wadda ya know? He scrubbed it! Guess he was wrong YET AGAIN!

    What a douche.

    1. He better be careful, those dog agility trial people are hardcore fanatics...

      They'll show up, and fuckin' train those mutts of his to run around, jumping over stuff, weaving through the table legs and the rolly-walker, all as fast as possible!

      He'll never be able to podcast, or sleep, again!

    2. I wonder when he'll realize EVERYONE is "harassing" him. Even jungle tribesmen who have never seen a telephone, let alone Twitter, are making fun of Mayo Man.

    3. I don't know who any of those three people are. He could not find his ass with both hands (probably can't reach it anyways).

    4. BS asked me about these people I've never head of them until now just like I never herd of Grady untill BS insisted I knew this person. I really wasn't paying any attention to the creeper

  2. So let me get this straight... tweeting about WJJ Hoge, complete with @mentions that generate notifications and send the tweets into his timeline, is NOT contact much less harassment.

    But leaving blog comments about William.... HARASSMENT!!!!!!!1!!!!!ELEVENTY!!


    Does he mean like this?

    1. And this?

      1. And this description of the "death rattle"?

    2. No one... and, I mean NO ONE... could disrespect his "beloved" the way BS disrespects/disrespected his "beloved."


  4. He accused me of raping my children yesterday, all because he coudnt own up to the forging of a review in my name and creating sex stories between grade school children and adults including rape of a child

    1. Nothing occupies that freak's diseased mind but vile filth.

      And, considering Bill Schmalfeldt referred to you by your real name (and, not just your pseudonym), his disgusting and false allegations are libelous.

      Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

    2. What a vile vile monster he is...50 years ago he would be in a state mental institution and medicated for his delusions. He doesn't belong among the sane

  5. I am Grace.

    "I am he as you are he as you are me
    And we are all together"
    ["I Am The Walrus"]
    (With any luck, this will drive you even more insane than you already are.)


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