Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


You know how I know he’s a DUMBFUCK(ing liar)?

Because when he gets his sticky little pooprolling sausageclaws wrapped around something that “gives him everything,” he always shares it immediately.

Safe link to DUMBFUCK Central Station


Plus, there is the consistently fool circumstance wherein once a DUMBFUCK confirms his confirmation bias regarding how information got from node A to node B, it could only have been done by the people he says,  and only in the manner he decides.

It could never have happened any other way.

I feel bad not letting him know how I’m beating him like a rag doll…

…nah. I don’t.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

75 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. He is such a special little snowflake.

    Wonder in which state he'll next faildox someone and pick up yet another restraining order.

      1. Gotcha covered, AW!!

        Eat nothing for 24 hours prior to the following:

        1. Put a shower curtain on the floor around your computer. Put on your raincoat and rubber gloves.

        2. **GOOGLE "Bill Schmalfeldt"**

        PS: Bill, you are still a LIAR!! Gail declined dialysis because of you and the wretched way you treated her.

  2. However is gaslighting Bill as JR, I say: Well Done!!!!!

    Of course, it's about as hard as catching bluegills or pumpkinseeds in any given lake, but hey, it's still FUN!

  3. He has now physically threatened you.

    For your safety I suggest you stay close to a curb and be ready to step onto it at a moments notice.

  4. Oh come on. You can't fool us. Krendler/Howard/Grace/GM/Grady/HOOOOOOGE has had their teeth punched in. Bill said it so it must be true.

    1. Ya know... I saw a few pics of his "beloved" that he posted, and she was missing teeth.


      1. Bill just referred to his wife as "the nagging bitch she always has been".


  5. From BS's hate blog:

    "Yesterday, I found out the identity of one of the main players in the effort to hurt me by defaming the memory of my not-yet-two-weeks-dead wife.

    Today, the hammer comes down."

    *yawn* I listened to his insane podcast. Nope. No hammers. Just a bunch of psychotic babbling that "Grace" is Jeanette Runyon and Jeanette Runyon is "Grace." He has been clearly told that I am NOT Jeanette. If ANYthing comes of the lies he forwarded to law enforcement, I will take it upon myself to clear things up with them, and I will strongly encourage and work with Jeanette to obtain a Restraining Order against BS and file charges against him if that is an available path.

    Oh. And, I look forward to the Stalking Sociopath posting proof of "Grace" sending him photoshopped images. He has until 7:00pm EST.

      1. Yep. He's working on it. The dumbass truly believes his PD will always protect him against incarceration.

        It will... until it won't. He has definitely earned himself some jail time.

      1. What a sick freak. I am so sorry the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is harassing and threatening you because he hates me and he absolutely SUCKS at d0xing people.

        Your barnacle is taking BS for one heckuva ride. *SMFH*

    1. Oh, but Grace, you can't POSSIBLY not be who he says you are. I mean, he has sussed you out! You are dooooomed! Just like all the rest of us who have told him that we aren't the ones he thinks we are. We should be terrif...

      Oh wait. I'm not frightened. Grace isn't frightened. Jeanette doesn't sound frightened. Jerry doesn't sound frightend. Nor Krendler. Nor gmhowell. Nor Eric. Gosh! It sounds like Bill's Doooooommmm! Isn't just all it's cracked up to be.



    Here's another idea!

      1. The EABOD delivery company lost a valuable customer. I bet they would have wanted her to have dialysis.

    1. Precisely, Pablo.

      I don't give a rat's ass if the demented freak believes me or not. If he wants my IRL identity he's going to have to work for it. I'm not the one working myself toward yet another Restraining Order in yet another state by faild0xxing and harassing Jeanette Runyon. Go for it, Blob. Collect the whole damn set, dumbass.

      And, I see that once again the Stalking Sociopath just loves to put forth his lies with zero evidence to back up his bullshit. He cannot PROVE that "Grace" ever SENT him ANY photoshopped images because I, Grace, never did.


      1. No one sent him a damn thing. He seems to think that the entire internet is directed at him because he's a narcissistic DUMBFUCK.

      2. THIS.

        Just like he immediately and freely admitted that WJJH's "Johnny Atsign" blog post was all about him.


      3. *asserted

        He can't "admit" to a work of fiction being about him. He is not in fact a fictional character, and neither is his email alias.

        The assertion is pretty damning, though.

      4. It seems that the corpulent one has an email alert sent to him when someone @ mentions him. He is interpreting THAT as someone "sending" him something. How much you want to bet that he has a Google alert going as well, a la Kimberlin, where if someone, somewhere posts something with his name he gets an email and THAT, yet again, is you "contacting" him when you did nothing of the sort.

        DUMBFUCK gotta DUMBFUCK!

      5. Bill Schmalfeldt likes receiving Google alerts when his stupid name is mentioned on the Internet.

      6. Bill Schmalfeldt is a big, fat, bald pussy. If he weren't so old, TK would probably take a sexual interest in him.

      7. "How much you want to bet that he has a Google alert going as well..."

        Meh. Anyone -- even Bill Schmalfeldt -- can set up a Google alert. Anyone else remember when Kibo grep'd all of Usenet for his name?

    2. LOL guess what he isn't ever going to be heaing from the Davidson Sherffis Office but you can bet thye laughed at what he called a death threat. And his proof hilarious. It sucks to be dumb and crazy


      He seems to like that picture a lot.

      1. His few followers only care enough to twist him all up, and then sit back and watch him do and say stupid shit.

        Bill Schmalfeldt considers them friends. What a pathetic, desperate loser.

  7. Don’t you get it, Schmalfeldt?
    No one gives a flying fuck what you like or dislike.
    No one gives a flying fuck what bothers you or doesn’t.
    No one is intimidated by the empty threats from your empty head.
    You are a scumbag. You are a clown. You do not get to dictate how anyone conduct themselves.
    Your lawfare is laughable.
    YOU are laughable.
    Now go fuck yourself. Suck it up and shut the fuck up or continue to be our punching bag.
    Your choice, fuckstick.

      1. Avatar

        Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • 5 hours ago

        Is your name "EPWJ"? I wrote a fake review, just like you did. I did not write "Eric P. Johnson of Paris, TN." I wrote EPWJ. That is not forging your name.

        EPWJ > Bill Schmalfeldt • 2 hours ago

        Thanks for confirming to the world that you forged my name

        Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • an hour ago

        So, your NAME is "EPWJ"? How do you pronounce that, moron?

        EPWJ > Bill Schmalfeldt • an hour ago

        As a former GS13 editor, an acclaimed national radio host, I'm shocked that you are clueless, no wait....

        Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • an hour ago

        I am not at all surprised that you are either so drunk, stupid or brain damaged that you think writing the initials "EPWJ" is the same as writing your name. Maybe I meant "Elmo Peter Watterson James."

        YOUR NAME IS ERIC P. JOHNSON. YOUR NAME IS NOT "EPWJ" And I am not going to argue about such a STUPID point. Flake off.

        EPWJ > Bill Schmalfeldt • an hour ago

        doesn't want to own up to blatant forgery while accusing others of forging something you probably wrote (credibility ????)

        Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • an hour ago


        If you EVER write the letters E, P, W, and J, in that order, YOU ARE FORGING ERIC JOHNSON'S NAME!

        Please, stop with the drunk posting.

        EPWJ > Bill Schmalfeldt • an hour ago

        All you have is the fact you forged something openly and refuse to acknowledge it. Good job, I mean, why would anyone forge something - kind of like why would anyone make child porn?

        Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • an hour ago

        Why DID you make child porn, Eric?


        EPWJ > Bill Schmalfeldt • an hour ago

        Funny how some people on their ex employers forum threaten to rape underage boys, even after being told they were underage. Then make sex stories of grade school age kids having sex with adults.
        Yeah and then post pics with young girls on their many disappearing websites making lewd comments.......
        yeah some degenerate people do that, like bring 15 year old Ukrainian girls into the country and have sex with them against their will

        Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • 43 minutes ago

        Why did you do all that, Eric? Do you like bald pussy? Is that it? That's something you need to discuss with your therapist. Now, do not contact me any further. I have no interest in discussing anything with an adjudicated daughter diddler. (Is that why they went to Indonesia? To escape your nightly "tuck in's"?

        Fuck off Eric. You are playing with dynamite and it is ready to explode.

        EPWJ > Bill Schmalfeldt • 37 minutes ago

        In other words, child porn producers hitch rides with terrorists who bring in 15 year olds for love and friendship against their will?
        Also you are replying to me on a public forum correct? Making assertions you know to be false (again)
        Be Well,

      2. Ooooo....Bill (aka Mort), called Eric a child pornographer.....on a public forum. So, that's either libel, or Mort is giving the green light to call HIM a child pornographer.

      3. "You are playing with dynamite and it is ready to explode."

        Good grief. Does that fat, demented, impotent blowhard ever just shut the hell up? BS couldn't even manage to serve EPWJ papers correctly for his idiotic, butthurt LOLsuit.

        The only thing EPWJ would need to fear from BS exploding would be getting splattered with vast amounts of lard and bullshit.

      4. No shit, Grace. The dude's cock hasn't worked in 3 decades and he can barley walk and his old lady chose death over living with him.

        But where supposed to fear him. Impotent fuck.

        Only thing the fat disgusting fuck could bring any SMOKE on is a pole.

      5. "And, then he cracked himself up saying that he had never been told THAT before."

        I'm sure the top in his live sex show didn't care whether Cabin Boy had any equipment or not.


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