Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


“Waaaah!  Waaaaah!  Look what a poor victim I am!  Look how meeeeeeaaan to me they are!  Waaaaaah!  Waaaaaahh!




Wait…what?  I thought he already doxed Grace, our San Fancisco hair stylist/fugitive Louisiana midwife or something.  It had to be true because he’s never faildoxed anybody. Just ask John Smith, who sent him a Tub’o’Turds:


But seriously, back to last night.

5 minutes after whining about mean people:



Sure she did.  Still waiting on a cause of death on a notarized death certificate…but we can always speculate…

But never mind that now.  We need to finish with last night’s epic hypocrisy.


What’s the matter, I wonder?  Does DUMBFUCK NOT LIKE THE TASTE OF HIS OWN CEREAL?


I hope that DUMBFUCK remembers during his regular morning F5 RAGEFEST…

…that he’s all het up over…a little ole nobody! 


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. IIRC, Grace didn't send a damn thing to Bill. He had to go deliberately looking for it. And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that avatar a publicly available promo shot from a TV show? Is Bill now claiming that in her final days his beloved was performing on network TV, or is he simply lying again? I guess it goes to show that Bill will sink to any depth, tell any lie to hurt those who have done nothing but mocked him and used his own words to point out what a despicable human it is.

    1. The best way to honor your wife is NOT to assume that the Salt Monster from Star Trek or a rotting Zombie from Walking Dead reminds you of her. This obsession with avatars is not normal. Grace might have a very close interest in zombies, or perhaps she thought since this is "thinkingmanszombie" that an undead picture would be perfect.

      If someone has sent him an offensive picture which really is his wife -- he should take it as the price to pay for being an internet pest. Yes, some people will respond rudely on the internet.

  2. Bill looked in a mirror and did not know who was looking back at him.

    1. Someone needs to send Bill on old sewing machine and some empty mouthwash bottles to remind him what a loser he is.

      Maybe an autographed photo of Bob Barker to tip it in...

  3. PK, the @BlitzParkinson's tweet is a great find, and your observation on Bill and "nobody" is a great one. We have some things to remind Bill Schmalfeldt about today too.

    Like what his former editor had to say about him in 2011.

    Check it out over at Billy Sez.

    More new snarky content later today, too.


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