Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Threatened by whom?

A poor, poor, pitiful late stage ELEVENTYFOUR Parkinson’s patient who can’t walk unassisted or go outside when the temperatures dip into the brisk forties, who couldn’t possibly hurt anyone as weak as it is, unless it’s using its magic hand to cripple people it can’t catch as it shuffles along into courtrooms in its rolly-walker at the blistering pace of 10 feet per minute, who could catch a turtle that wasn’t chained down?
What’s a DUMBFUCK gonna do?

Send its sister after me?  

Ain’t it ruff.  Ain’t it tuff.  Ain’t it got the baddest stuff?

Before it calls her out, it should be sure to remind her that my personal two-tiered home security system, which is controlled from a locked box in the bedroom and another in the hall closet, is entirely gender neutral.

And girl braaaaaaaaaaains are tasty.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Wait. You mean the "sister" that's on twitter? That's really Bill? Like Mark in MD, except with balls?

    Oh yes, thaaaaaat sister. Umm hmmm.

    Back to shopping for a new motorcycle....

    1. Dammit, Morgana!

      I was going to say "I fear no man, and that includes your sister," but you went and stomped all over my great line!

      On the other hand, well played!

  2. And we've entered the "tough guy" phase of the Schmycle: the veiled threats, the faildoxes...

    Of course, this is how a normal person grieves, right?

    1. Of course it is, Sammy. I mean, don't you see how much he loved her? CAN'T YOU TELL?That's why a week later he's trying to doxx me and make me "fear" for my future life. Except he has the wrong person. Again. Actually still, but you know.

      1. Not even a week.

        You know, most of us seek solace in loving arrangements for a memorial, listen to great music (I was listening to Juk's Summer Song in the car, it was written after Dvorak and his wife died, very moving), reading the Bible, or other great works.

        Not Bill.

        No, he fail-doxes some random stranger on the internet.

        There aren't enough face-palms for this.

  3. And you can check out DUMBFUCK's latest visit to Billy Sez (complete with a new sign-in. Funny that. We didn't ban his old one...). He definitely loves him some F5. And as always, please click on the pic. Gotta get those rankings up!

  4. Actually, I do not think Witless Willie's threats should be taken as farcical. It is known that people who spoke ill of at least one of his friends have been SWATTED. It is also known that the same friend has been convicted of setting off bombs, one of which blew a man's leg off. And there is evidence, from a source in a position to know but admittedly a source not generally credible, that Willie has, and is willing to use, an in with the Chicago underworld to visit physical mayhem on others by proxy. (I presume someone has archived that evidence by now.) Grady and Hoge have every reason to demand peace orders against him.

    So however absurd it is to think that Willie himself is a physical threat, his threats may incite others to illegal violence, up to and including murder.

    1. Chicago underworld?! I thought we were talking about landscapers!

      Well, that puts a whole new spin on things and I really am afraid!

      Oh, wait...nope. Just gas.


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