Totally Billogical!

My heart goes out to the family of any child injured in an accident. But we also know how many times we have been burned by relying on information posted on this blog. Still, I suppose as soon as someone verifies that this actually happened, I would have little choice but to drop my lawsuit against Patrick Grady. Or, we can NOT verify it, I can go on wondering if this is just another lame attempt to punk me, and the case moves on.


So at the time TTT Man left that comment in the Spam folder last week, he believed he was being pranked by Krendler.  But he’s obviously too smart for that!  Or at least, after being punked about 14 times previously … it was convenient to hedge his bets and declare he didn’t believe that Paul’s daughter was injured without some sort of verification.

Of course, by the same standards he holds, it stands up to the very same reasoning to assume that Gail is neither dying, in the hospital, nor even in ill health. After all, there is no independent verification of any of that information; nothing but the word of a known and proven liar.  For all that’s been proved, she’s sitting on the sofa watching the Orioles game.

But, but, but, and AGAIN, But!

Today, Krendler noted that his daughter received flowers from John.

From this one little sentence, and the leaps Billy has made has using the stunning dubious powers of intellect God has graced him with, we can take a logical stab at further extrapolating the conclusions he will reach if he stays true and consistent to his methodology.

Now stay with me Zombie Horde! It gets a bit twisty here.

1. John Who?

Well, given that it’s only the MOST COMMON GIVEN NAME FOR MEN in the entire English language … therefore it must be not just any John, but John Hoge!

John Hoge sent Krendler’s daughter flowers in the hospital!

2. That must mean…

John Hoge knows who Paul Krendler is!!

3. And from here we get...


Now, unfortunately for DUMBFUCK, if it means that, it means something else, too. This is where we pick up where DUMBFUCK left off and finish the line of logic out to its ultimate and totally rational conclusion (if we are DUMBFUCK, that is).

4. So, what else does it mean?

If John Hoge sent flowers to Krendler’s daughter in the hospital, proving that Hoge lied under oath (PERJURY!!ELEVENTY!!11!!!), then that means…

5. Krendler’s daughter is IN THE HOSPITAL!!

And if Krendler’s daughter is in the hospital, then…

6. DUMBFUCK must follow through on his own pronouncement.

I would have little choice but to drop my lawsuit against Patrick Grady.

Because DUMBFUCK is honorable.

Because DUMBFUCK is a man of his word.


Because DUMBFUCK is a worthless, soulless, insane, lying, sociopathic craprolling shitsniffer for whom truth is Silly Putty, to be twisted, bent and smashed to fit whatever magical mold he needs it to fit so that his narrative can advance.

I would cheerfully make the Feldtchart for Billy so that he can see up close and personal the way his logic works when applied to these sorts of situations. 

So we can expect Hoge’s perjury, proved beyond all doubt by the delivery of flowers and balloons to Krendler’s daughter, to lead to the dismissal of his suit against Patrick Grady any day now, right?


The Billogic is unconquerable.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. You spent HOURS today on Twitter, your blog, and making a hatecast, not to mention the time you spent at the courthouse for tantrumsuit. Remember LETS.PLAY.A.GAME? YOU LOSE. I'm back to you dancing on the grave, because you would rather wallow in pointless online warfare than be with your dying wife. Ergo, you can't wait to dance on her grave and attend to your on-line ragefests full time.

    1. He probably can't wait for her to die so that for once in his miserable life, he can be the bride, the star, the center of attention.

  2. I'll take a stab at this.

    Even if what William thinks wasn't patently ridiculous, as is almost everything William thinks, it still wouldn't be perjury.

    For a statement to be perjurous it must be material. I fail to see how the identity of Our Zombie Host is material to any of the actions under which WJJH testified.

    On the other hand, William is a fucking lunatic, but a deeply amusing one.

    1. It's material because John conspired with me and HZIC to create Bill's snail mail letter to John. If you'd just look closer at the Zapruder film, you'd KNOW THIS!

      Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left.

      1. Zapruder film? Some interesting trivia:

        Cabin Boy lost all interest in the Kennedy Assassination when he realized people were talking about a book depository .

        In a History Channel documentary, Cabin Boy played the Grassy Knoll.

      2. Yes! The FORGED snail-mail letter that is OBVIOUSLY a forgery, because when compared to documents we know are authentic, the signature MATCHES and the postmark is CORRECT!

        Why, I bet those evil conspirators even forged the unique characteristics of Bill's printer AND used a tiny paintbrush to add Schmalfeldt's FINGERPRINTS to the pages!

        It must really suck to be Bill Schmalfeldt, with such a skilled evil cabal conspiring against you.

      3. If there's one thing I love about Bill, it's his ability to presuppose something (such as forgeries) and then build the evidence to support it.

        Courts LOVE that sort of thing.

  3. Is he really now referring to himself as trailer trash? If so, he is certainly entitled to his opinion, but generally his opinions are not so commonly held. I am surprised to find that his opinion on this matter and mine are close to identical.

    1. "I am surprised to find that his opinion on this matter and mine are close to identical."

      Scary, ain't it?

      1. Just how does a guy who calls himself trailer trash have the chutzpah to say he has a "sterling reputation?"

      2. Lest we forget... he also refers to himself as a Deranged Cyberstalker.

    2. To be fair, he changed it from yet another ass reference, so he's sort of treading sewage.

  4. another piece of logic is that if Krendlers DAUGHTER is in the hospital, Krendler is NOT Grady, as Grady doesn't HAVE a daughter...

    of course we all know that, and considering Fat Ass has stated in other court documents that Krendler is someone else, he's practically admitting he's using his LOLsuit to harass someone who has a PO against him...

    Way to shoot yourself in the foot AGAIN there, Shakey!!


    1. Ah ha, but HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE still sent flowers to Grady's non-existent daughter. Therefore Grady must have a daughter, and therefore Krendler must be Grady because Grady is the only person with a daughter. Especially a daughter with flowers.

      Or something. I need a Feldtchart to keep it all straight.

  5. And never forget that at the time of Mr. Hoge's previous testimony, he may not know of PK's identity. And has learned of it since. No perjury, no lies, just learning.

    1. Yes, as in two years ago I had no idea Bill was a gibbering hate-sack of moron, but now I'm perfectly clear on the matter.

    2. Well, yes, but that's a perfectly sensible thought, and would tremble in terror at the vaguest glimmer of the beginning of a thought of venturing into Bill Schmalfeldt's mind.

  6. I would be surprised if the Big BM even acknowledged this post. It's inconvenient for his attempts at harassment.

      1. Don't forget, your input is also not to be trusted because you look fourteen. So the Big BM apparently knows at least one fourteen year old with a habit of lying.

      2. "Don’t forget, your input is also not to be trusted because you look fourteen. So the Big BM apparently knows at least one fourteen year old with a habit of lying."


      3. Aww. And I thought I had a chance. Maybe Howard is okay with open marriages...

  7. Bill Schmalfeldt is too stupid and evil to comprehend that one person wishes to be able to honestly say they don't know another's identity, it's not hard to arrange.

    In this case, all Mr. Hoge needed to know is the area where the hospital was located.

    Look up a local florist. Place the order, give then a CC number, and tell them someone will be calling with delivery instructions for the "order from WJJ Hoge"... then e-mail "Krendler" and ask him to call that florist with the information.

    But that doesn't allow Bill Schmalfeldt an opportunity to wallow in his sweaty-palmed happy place, does it?

    1. Or not even that secondary contact by PK, but a third party who does know where PKs daughter is, which could even be a vendor or pay service linked to an address that is not revealed to the sender.

      Still, he might want to consider that "John" is a common given name, and that the sender might not only want to brighten an injured person's stay in the hospital with a traditional gesture of of concern, but take a minor secondary pleasure in the easy baiting of a predictable clown.

  8. I'm pretty sure the flowers came from John F. Smith.

    Most people just call him John, but his really close friends call him by his middle name.

    The F stands for FuckYouYouStupidDumbassTurdessieur.

  9. Funny how liars put themselves into a catch-22 all the time. The fun, however, will be when Grady's response shows up. Let the epic meltdowns of all time begin.

  10. This Tumblr stuff is neat. I shall to try using it more.

    I notice it doesn't have blocks and Protects that cowards like to hide behind. Nice.

    1. The bonus images were a surprise, and would have warranted a Rule 5 NSFW warning.

      1. Whoops! sorries. I shall have to go back a day or two and retcon them from your memory. Anyone I miss on the brain edits should henceforth note the NSFWiness.

      2. It's entirely possible that I know the first one and that she was, in fact, the first girl I ever kissed. That was a very, very long time ago.

    2. Notice how Blob is ALWAYS skeptical, right up until he sees something that looks like what he wants to hear and then suddenly, KREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENDLEEEEER!!! speaks only God's honest truth, AND in doing so he even fills in the blanks of the details he didn't actually say?

      In a way, it must be nice being a DUMBFUCK. It must be sweet when 2 + 2 = whatever you want it to equal.

    3. It's nice to see that William's grief over Gail's impending doom hasn't inhibited his coprophilia in any way.

      He'll always have that to comfort him.

  11. Shithole General Hospital, maintenance department.

    I'm Mr. DUMBFUCK. My wife Twat is in one of your rooms. I'm not sure which one. Could you find out which one and tweet me her vitals?
    I'm kind of a big deal.
    If you do not accomplish this task, I will take that as, BAD, BAD news.


    Life and death stuff like audience free podcasts, readerless blogs and a no follower Twitter feed. Blob, you're such a useless DUMBFUCK. I hope Gail lives long enough to beat your stupid ass bloody.

  13. Bill says this:

    OK, the part where he says "Nor is it mine." is a complete lie.

    How is it that Bill knew about a peace order against Hoge from Kimberlin in reference to BK's daughter and announce it the moment it appeared on Maryland's court website? Not to mention, how did Bill know about Kimberlin's criminal complaint, word for word, unless he was involved? If the peace order and criminal complaint between BK and Hoge was none of Bill's business, then how did he gain access to everything Brett did including the specifics of the complaints?

    Easy: He and Brett talk to each other regularly. They are co-conspirators. They are collaborators. If BK's and Hoge's business is not of Schmalfeldt's, he sure seems to know far more about things that are "none of his business." You can deny it all you want. You can play pretendy about "telling the truth" in regards to Aaron's request to reveal all you know, but you would be hard pressed to defend it under judicial review.

    It would be extremely difficult to sit in a witness chair, and answer the questions of "How did you come to this information and publish it on your blog?" I would love to see you sit in a chair, under oath and penalty of perjury to explain how you were able to gain intimate knowledge of BK's legal dealings with Hoge if all these things were "none of your business."

    .. tick tock...

    1. Don't leave out his introductory crime: trying to bait AW into violating the peace order BK had against him which barred AW from saying ANYTHING about BK.

    2. Most of what we need to know about Kimberlin COMES FROM COURT RECORDS AND HIS AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY!!!

    3. Yes, how did court sealed documents come into Blob's possession?

      Oh, and before you think about invoking the journalist's shield, actual journalists don't get rides to court from the subjects of their reportage, DUMBFUCK.

  14. "At some point, Hoge is gonna have to explain to his lovely wife where all the money went. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that."

    I can see that. But I can't see the wall.


    Well, then....

    This is what you do when you're a DUMBFUCK.


    Followed by 15 tweets is which he fantasizes about me ejaculating for him. That's a damn funny way of not caring, especially when it involves abusing the F5 key all fucking day to see who's saying what.

    You're not just a DUMBFUCK, Blob. You're a sick fuck too. But we knew that. Still, you're so funny when you're dancing!


  17. You will notice that I have refrained from discussing Hoge’s wife and her illness with any specificity. One reason being, IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

    Bullshit. You couldn't wait to insert yourself into what is indeed none of your business, Blob. You did so IMMEDIATELY, and got your dumb ass hauled to court for it. No, there's one reason you don't discuss it with specificity, and one reason only. John doesn't post every blessed detail (and some he hallucinated) on the internet. That is because John is not a DUMBFUCK. Otherwise, you'd be on it like white on mayo.

    For instance, The Moron Known as Pablo shared his “thought” on the fact that Gail’s oncology team followed Occam’s Razor in their provisional diagnosis. The presence of ascites and an elevated CA-125 is usually — USUALLY — an indication of ovarian cancer. So, that is the information I shared on Twitter.

    No, Blob. The information you shared was, and I quote: "My wife has Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. She is going to die."

    Stage IV ???_________________??? is not a disease, Blob. If you don't know what you're talking about, and you don't, you really ought to shut your fucking yap.

    1. He really can't remember what lie he told from one day to the next.

      "Stage IV ???_________________??? is not a disease, Blob."


  18. "And any copying of information from this website will be considered copyright infringement and will be prosecuted as such."


      1. If William is dumb enough to file suite, and I have no doubt that he is, respondents should quote his response to the Hoge copyright suit extensively. Doing so will effectively demonstrate that William is vexatious, brain-damaged, or both.

        As always, the best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.

  19. 1) He's repeatedly sworn to ruin the lives of people who have done him no harm, because they object to a monster living well when he should be, at least, impoverished by what he owes his victims.

    2) He broadcasts every detail of his life, no matter how personal and, frankly, disgusting.

    3) The people he's sworn to destroy have used his over-sharing to ridicule him and expose his habitual lying.

    4) He goes berserk over the consequences of his own action.


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