$350,000 – Nope, change that… $385,000 and counting!

I had a thought that flittered through my head the other night. Come join the romp with me…

  • Kelly M. Gore
  • Jeanne M. Gorenz
  • David C. Gould Jr.
  • Susan C. Governale
  • Jeffrey M. Grace
  • Patrick G. Grady
  • Gerard E. Graf
  • Robert J. Grahek
  • Christopher M. Grandpre
  • Thomas D. Gratham
  • Nancy Gilly

What do these 10 11 people have in common? Aside from the fact that I actually know NONE of these people except by dint of their having had poo flung at them by a certain someone.

Well, here’s one thing…if DUMBFUCK is serious about his whole right of publicity and “controlling his name and his image” and yadda yadda yadda bullshit bullshit bullshit, he’d better start writing some $35,000 checks, tout de suite!

I hope he does realize that that is the full and logical conclusion of his utter assininity. And you know what they say about gooses and ganders and yummy sauces.

All we have is FUN! around here! LOL


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

30 thoughts on “$350,000 – Nope, change that… $385,000 and counting!”

  1. Oh, didn't you hear? Both Congress and the Maryland legislature passed another set of laws that apply only to William.

    The voices in his head told him so.

    1. Voices in his head? Harumph! Harumph I say! That would imply that he is in some way not entirely sane.

      It was the little people that live in his shoes. Their names are Elmer and Tinybeast and whisper to him their secrets, late in the evening.

  2. I've already told him that he needs to write one of those checks to me, since I'm in his damn book. He's trying to make money off my name. If he was published through a real publisher, he'd have had to get a release from me, which, surprise, surprise, he wouldn't have been able to do.

  3. https://twitter.com/audiooddities/status/608683950542848000


    Worry not, brother! Fair or not, you can be sure you will be mocked for your epic stupidity. Now and forever, amen!

    1. Yeah, it's a victory of the Judge decides you screwed up...

      Or perhaps maybe nolle prosequi..

      1. When your opponent says you screwed up, and the judge agrees, that is a........?

      1. The Tincasa hasn't been overturned. Does it have hurricane straps? (and does it count as success?)

        Maybe he needs hurricane straps for his legal briefs.

    2. Remind us, Blob, what you had to say about Hoge's Motion to Dismiss your LOLsuit, at the time. You know, to save us from having to go to the vault and dig it up. Do you remember what you said (now deleted) about it, Blob?

      Something tells me there's ALWAYS going to be a reason why THAT one doesn't count. The reason for that is that you are a DUMBFUCK.

      1. He is more than a DUMBFUCK. He is the sorriest excuse for a human being that I have come across. He lies. He lies because the truth does not matter to him. As much as I will enjoy hearing that he has left this world, I'd be even happier if he realized just what a scumbag he is. Waking up every morning to the realization of what a vile, contemptuous, craven piece of filth he is would be a just punishment for his crimes against his fellow man.

    3. What a weak-minded POS Bill is to keep harping on the "he lied to me" line.

      1) You werent lied to, you were given conditions and failed to abide by them. 2) It was YOUR responsibility Bill, no one else. 3) Banging the drum on this makes you sound like a bigger puss than your other complaints. 4) You constantly declare Hoge a monster, then declare you expected to trust him. Which is it?

    4. "...besting me in battle?"

      It's a shame the man of the house, Twat, will be nipples north soon.

      What will the two remaining ladies in that trailer do?

      1. I get the feeling that Blob is going to acquire a habit of falling down the stairs,

  4. All you have shown me is hate. Everything I know about you is ugliness, filth, deception and vile harassment.

    And Bill seriously wants us to believe that he has ever shown any of us anything but hate? We know far, far, more about him than he even imagines he knows about all of us combined, and I can safely say that everything we know about him is "ugliness, filth, deception and vile harassment".


  5. If you hate me, that’s your business. You’re wrong, you’re basing your hatred on a false premise, but it’s no skin off of my nose. Hate away.

    Your hate, your problem. Not mine.


    Right now, all I have room for in my life is love.

    And blogging about the people I hate with every fiber of my being but simply can't quit. Like HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!

    1. False premise? I've read what you wrote, coprophile. And, contempt isn't quite the same as hatred.

      Even your whining about all you have room for is love, while still hammering away at the refresh button, is contemptible. Fuck off.

  6. I would like to congratulate William on Gail's continuing improvement. It seems like it was just last week that she wasn't supposed to make it through the night. 27 different diagnoses later, the prognosis is for a fall funeral.

    But worry not! At this rate, Our Lad will be howling to the heaven's that his beloved won't live to see George assume the throne and become King, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith!


    1. What's worse is that she won't live long enough to see Barbara Streisand's 17th Farewell Tour or The Diddler lay a glove on HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!

      God willing, she'll still be around for the return of Crystal Pepsi.

  7. "If you hate me, that’s your business. You’re wrong, you’re basing your hatred on a false premise, but it’s no skin off of my nose. Hate away."

    Dummy, considering the number of people that are part of this enterprise of mocking you, if we truly hated you, at least one of us would have acted on that hate and drug you from the Tincasa and shot you in the middle of the street. Or at least beaten the everlovin' tar out of you. But that hasn't happened, because we don't hate you. We never will.

    That is the only explanation for why you are still alive, or, at least, not drooling on yourself in a home somewhere because you will never recover from the savage beating you endured.

    No, Shakey, you are not brave for "standing up" to your critics, because, let's face it, none of us are going to do much more than send you a tub of fertilizer (They.Sent.Me. SHIT!!!!)

    We don't hate you. It's far worse than that. We think so little of you that we mock you.

    I'm always torn. I enjoy pushing your buttons, and keeping you too occupied with impotently lashing out to continue victimizing people like the Stranahans. But you are God's creation, and he wants a real relationship with you. He can't possibly want you to spend all day fighting your "enemies" on the Internet, but there is not enough room for both Him and your ego. "But I will reply, 'I never knew you. Get away from me . . .'"

    So I choose to poke you, hoping that EVENTUALLY, something will sink in, before its too late.

    Your obsession with your "reputation" stands between you and God. You have little time left. I beg of you that you should reconsider, Your "reputation" is a trifle compared with spending an eternity with the creator of the universe and Gail. But you would sell eternity to exact revenge on someone you believe has offended you. The consequences for that folly are terrifying.

    1. "Your “reputation” is a trifle compared with spending an eternity with the creator of the universe and Gail."

      It's obvious that, despite any claims he might make, Nill is not a believer.


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