What’s the Difference Between Ignorance and Apathy?

I don’t know, and I don’t care…

who @DerpGrouch is.  It’s got “false flag” all over it.

But what I have ALWAYS found entertaining in the most perverse way is the consistent ability of a DUMBFUCK to see something he doesn’t like (but would totally have done if he had the creativity to rise above his obsessive fixation on anally-related Photoshops), declare it defamatory, evil, hate-filled and beyond the pale, and then decide that the best thing to do about it…

…is re-post it.

It is almost enough to challenge a soul to try to create something that DUMBFUCK himself couldn’t justify re-posting.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between Ignorance and Apathy?”

  1. Thing is, what he tweeted looks like HE created a "deadpool" to solicit bets on when someone dies, presumably his legal spouse.

    And that he thinks this is somehow punishment for people who don't talk to him, don't want to talk to him, and would prefer he just leave innocent people alone.

      1. You must, however, admit that he has taken the concept of writing about poop to previously unknown heights of stomach-turning discomfort.

        So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.

        And in his case, certainly more attractive than a deathbed gift of total consciousness.

      2. Ah, it's been done before, and better.

        Suggest you not scrape around in the underbelly of the Web to find it, though, just for the sake of your own sanity.

  2. Cousin Bill ejaculates:

    "I have no idea which of your many sockpuppets this “Derp Grouch” is."

    Um, isn't "Derp Grouch" the sockpuppet, if he's accusing Hoge or Grady?

    Clearly, he's out of his depth on the Innartubez...

    Just like he's been IRL.

  3. Anything that is posted that refers to either Bill or his wife in any way that he finds objectionable is the fault of Hoge/Krendler/Grady cabal in his mind. I have finally quit thinking he couldn't possibly be more stupid then he was last week. After several years of watching him do more and more impossibly stupid things I've finally realized that we haven't even begun to plumb the depths of it's stupidity.

  4. I see at least two obvious tells that the picture was done by his truly.

    I'm sure that he has "no idea" who posted it...


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