17 thoughts on “What’s All This, Then?”

  1. Yeah. He was quite the unhinged and rabid "tough guy" all day today. Heck. For days and days and days now. *hmmm*

  2. http://imageshack.com/a/img901/935/Ikaqqh.png

    Gone, Bill, but not forgotten.

    1. If I didn't know (Bill) better, I could think you made some of these quotes up.

      But I "know" The Big BM and I know you don't need to make anything up.

  3. "I am the last man standing"

    - the coward who accuses others of cowardice


    1. Not to mention:

      - the liar who accuses others of lying

      - the hypocrite who accuses others of hypocrisy

      - the pervert who accuses others of perversion

      - ...

      Bill Schmalfeldt proves that projection doesn't just happen at the movie theatre.

    2. "...behind the post, filling my undies and watching the fear pee pool at my feet, hoping no one looks back here..."

      Bill's a real "tough" guy...

    3. "...outside the bar wondering if the fight is over and if it is safe to go back inside or should he run home or just find another bar to chicken out in."

  4. http://theothermccain.com/2014/05/24/deranged-cyberstalker-bill-schmalfeldt-doubts-my-expertise-in-crazy/

  5. Let's see how serious he is about this news page thing. I'll throw him a subscribe and see if he accepts it. I will then read his posts and not denigrate him in any way.
    Initiate Test Sequence now.


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