Sunday Afternoon Break Time: Zombie Awareness Month!

Time to take a walk on the lighter side of being one of the undead and do my part to help educate the masses during Zombie Awareness Month. Because really, all we have is FUN!

The month of May was chosen for Zombie Awareness apparently because many of the zombie movies take place in May. Those who want to get philosophical about that will tell you that it’s because May is when Spring is in full bloom, much like the zombie must be in full bloom in order to have its full horror visited upon its victims. But that’s kind of silly and I think it is just a convenient way to separate zombies from the other creatures of the night who are other than human. Each to their own and all that.

Because there is even a Zombie Awareness Month, this means that there is also a ribbon for those who support zombie awareness to wear. Hooray for ribbons! Okay, well really not hooray, because wearing all these ribbons “supporting” this, that and the other is frankly exhausting. And confusing. But you gotta compete with other awareness campaigns, so a zombie has to do what a zombie has to do.

The ribbon for Zombie Awareness is grey, purportedly symbolizing the shadows that lurk behind the light of day. *sigh* So unoriginal and slightly overwrought, but I guess we will go with it. BUT! Guess what OTHER “issue” has a grey ribbon? Brain cancer awareness. The symmetry there is just too choice for words.

Zombies tap into many cultural fears in addition to just being awesome. Arnold Blumberg, a professor at the University of Baltimore who specializes in zombie culture, states that zombies can reflect society’s fears of terrorism, biological infection, and societal collapse and that playing out zombie apocalypses can help people process their feelings and release some of the fear they may have. In addition, the process of “preparing” for a zombie apocalypse by gathering supplies, nonperishable food, firearms, ammo and water can help people prepare for any sort of natural disaster. Or so says Wikipedia.

We members of the Zombie Horde should probably take a little time out to educate those around us about the issues facing Zombies. But in the end, we do have to look out for number one. And that involves avoiding people who would destroy our brain stems and instead find people who have some juicy grey matter for us to snack upon. Because we are hungry. And brains are only fresh for so long.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Break Time: Zombie Awareness Month!”

  1. Not only do zombie awareness and brain cancer awareness share the same color, they share the same month!

    Someone in the Zombie Research Society has a sense of humor.

    1. For those who missed the memo, the gift shop is located in the Time Machne, west wing, third floor, fifteenth door on the left.

      If you know where the sushi bar is, you can see it from there...


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