So This is How He Wants It? Cry Havoc!

And let slip the dogs of war!

It seems that Bill “Fair Use For Me But Not For Thee” Schmalfeldt has posted an email he received from Aaron Walker in response to one of his empty, self-serving requests for a “moratorium” on family insults.

He had the gall to open the post with this twaddle:

©2015 by Bill Schmalfeldt

Aaron responded with both barrels. Add in the devastation of several mortars, some fixed artillery, a small aerial bombardment and for the cherry on the insult to injury sundae, a particularly well-placed shot from a flaming trebuchet.  In other words, well within the bounds of reason. My particularly favorite part was when Aaron said “and if you don’t like what I am saying now, maybe you shouldn’t have written such a fucking hypocritical request.” Yeah, go figure.

In return, Billy-boy offered to provide Aaron’s contact information so that anyone could contact Aaron to “tell him what you think of his letter and this blatant extortion.” I actually might take Billy up on it just so I can send Aaron one of my world-famous cheesecakes if that’s the sort of goodie he likes.

Now, we here at The Thinking Man’s Zombie would never, ever, ever think of doing the same, as Billy refers to himself as a “private citizen.”  And he is clearly in a difficult place emotionally since today ends in “y.”

But, if you would like William’s home address so that you could drop off a nice footlong-and-mayo casserole while he and TJ wait for when the vigil ends, or if you’d like to call or email him just to let him know you’re thinking of him, you can find that information conveniently located in the signature block of every LOLsuit he has ever filed, including several failed ones against the HZIC of this very site. And let’s not forget the LOLsuit that includes Patrick Grady as well if we are being fair.

Feel free. I’m sure he’d appreciate the gesture.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

44 thoughts on “So This is How He Wants It? Cry Havoc!”

  1. Here's an interesting bit from Cabin Boy's post:

    "Earlier today, before I took Gail to the hospital, I sent an e-mail to Aaron Walker at Here is the content of that e-mail, in full.

    My wife is on her way to the hospital in an ambulance right now. Might you pass the word among your friends that a moratorium might be called for out of respect for human life? They can pick up where they left off when she dies.

    So, his wife was on the way to the hospital in an ambulance while StalkerBoy was writing a bullshit email before he took her to the hospital himself even though he doesn't have a license?

    Wotta maroon!

    1. Normally I'd let that slide as the result of figures of speech, vagaries of the English language, etc. But this is a professional, GS13 level writer! No way something like that would be the result of sloppiness. No, no, with this brilliant wordsmith it couldn't be anything other than intentional lying.

  2. OK. So we know what kind of a Christian Human Being Aaron Walker is. I am not allowed to contact him? I would never dream of it.

    You just did it, you stupid son of a bitch.

    God must laugh His ass off when He contemplates what an epic dumbass He created in one Bill Schmalfeldt. He must be like "Yep. The duck billed platypus, the Blobfish, pandas too dumb to fuck and Bill Schmalfeldt. I made nature hilarious!"

    1. Hey, a judge let him get away with it because "his motives were good". So he's doing it again.

      The problem isn't just Cabin Boy, it's the court system that indulges him. Maryland is for stalkers.

  3. This is a good look for court:

    His e-mail address is Tell him what you think of his letter and this blatant extortion.

    If you want his home address and phone number, send me an e-mail at, promise me you are not going to harm the delicate flower, and I will send you the info.

    I didn't harass him, your honor! I tried to get other people to do it!

    1. Just what does Cabin Boy believe the "right to publicity" is about, again?

  4. So, despite endless demands he cease his unlawful direct contact to Aaron, Bill writes him an e-mail asking him to pass the word to his "friends" aka the Evil Cabal oppressing poor Bill to cut him some slack.

    If Schmalfeldt was actually asking in good faith, he could just have easily sent his message through Mr. Ostronic... Just as his offer of "help" to Mr. Hoge could have easily been made through a third party to avoid BREAKING THE LAW.

    Bill Schmalfeldt's insistence on direct contact shows he is not acting in good faith.

    Now, what has Aaron done to earn Schmafeldt's weasel-worded accusation of unchristian-like behavior?

    Pointed out HE has not engaged in attacks against wives and family.

    Pointed out Bill Schmafeldt's execrable behavior in this area.

    Pointed out that he is not responsible for the actions of others.

    Pointed out that if Bill doesn't want to see mean words directed at him, he should quit obsessively seeking them out.

    Pointed out that if Bill were actually contrite, there are tangible actions he could take to make amends.

    Pointed out that this contact was ILLEGAL, as Bill has endlessly been informed that his contacts are unwelcome and must cease.

    Pointed out that he was keeping his options open regarding legal responses to Bill Schmalfeldt's illegal behavior.

    What a heretic Aaron is! :0)

    Bill Schmafeldt must be crazier than a shithouse rat to post those e-mails and expect any normal human being to come away with anything negative towards Aaron or positive towards him.

    The bottom line is that, yet again, Bill Schmalfeldt is exploiting a pretext (HIS WIFE'S IMPENDING DEATH, I MIGHT ADD, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!) in order to continue to harass people who have told him to go the fuck away.

    Oh, and if Aaron had been "nice", and said, yeah, I'll ask people to ignore you for a while, you just KNOW that his kindness would be repaid with a "FAILED LAWYER ADMITS LEADERSHIP AND CONTROL OF EVIL CABAL!!! INTENTIONAL INFLICTION!!! ELEVENTY!!1!!111!!" tirade.

    Fuck you, Shakey. I hope fondly that your remaining days are so filled with woe, misery, impotence, pain, and humiliation that the Lake of Fire in HELL is a blessed RELIEF.

    God knows your passing will be a relief to EVERY SANE HUMAN ON THE PLANET!

    1. Completely agreed. In fact, based on the Blob's posting on this situation with his wife, as well as a few other details that are not public information, I would say at least 50% of is completely made up or exaggerated. And I'm being generous with my downplaying. I don't doubt that she is seriously ill. But the rest of it? Let's just say that it is not all quite kosher.

    2. I hope she hangs on long enough for Dumbfuck to get himself put in prison where he won't be able to spend the last days by her side. Then maybe, with any luck, still be locked up during her funeral and miss out on that also.

      1. That would be his opportunity to finally be the bride. If his wife's funeral can't make him the star, what can?

  5. While I should be surprised, this is pretty predictable. Bill contacted someone who does NOT want contact, and uses an illness of a third party as the pretext. Bill gets a response -- which he claims not to expect. Then he turns from pathetic Bill to angry Bill.

    His wife is dying and Bill is on the internet. IT IS ALL ABOUT BILL. I'm having a hard time finding how this is at all unique.

    1. You are right, it is totally predictable. And it is disgusting, as always. Billy just can't imagine that anyone wouldn't want to hear from him. EVAR! So take his e-mail, bitchez!

      Damn, he's stupid.

    2. Gail is just a prop for Bill's ego-masturbation. Her dying only makes it better. It's been the same with everyone that's ever regrettably been in his life. They have no lives or purpose other than to reflect his "glory".

      It's why so few have stayed or even acknowledge his existence. It's why he'll die alone, stinking up the trailer for a month, eaten by his own dogs.

      1. The only proper way to use the word "glory" when referring to Bill is to ensure that the next word in that sentence is "hole."

  6. While Bill claims his wife lies in the hospital he posts this shit. Bill is a piece of shit. EOM

    1. Remember that the pool is for guessing correctly when It stops claiming she is dying not for when she actually goes. If she really dies, sad face and no one wins.

      1. Not True, if she goes tits up at least SHE wins....escape from Shakey's clutches is it's own reward....

  7. I can't find the "thing of value" Aaron is supposedly trying to extort from Shakes the Clown...
    isn't that a key part of any accusation of extortion?
    Maybe Shakey should review some of his extortionate demands he's made of others for reference before accusing anyone else of extortion.

    1. Oh, but Jinxx, that would require *self examination* and we all know that Billy can't do that. The sensory overload just might make his deep brain stimulation short circuit and then where would he be?

  8. Two assessments of Bill from Hogewash that need to be repeated, over and over again:

    Number 1: "No, he’s a clinically insane demented freak moron who thinks he somehow has the authority to enforce rules that he just makes up as he goes along."

    Number 2: "He just happens to be what’s commonly spoken of as a nutbag, a loon, a demented freak, a crazed cyberstalker, a sociopath, etc."

    The world will be a better place when he leaves it.

  9. What's the big deal?

    If she has a larger than normal heart, wouldn't that compensate for his, which is two sizes too small?

    1. Remember, the Grinch was salvageable, after a moment of self-awareness and realization.

      Don't see that happening with this guy.

      1. So he's more the Ron Howard Grinch movie than the TV version, then -- utterly unsalvageable.

  10. Bill Schmalfeldt is a fat, weak, simpering, deluded, piece of shit. Even on his best day, his mother looked at him and cried to think that her body hadn't miscarried the cursed fetus that grew to be the largest waste of oxygen ever thrust upon the Earth. A living Bill Schmalfeldt contributes less to society than his dead brother.

  11. Since PK can't be here, I've got the duty...

    Cousin Bill, yer still a DUMBFUCK!!!

    That is all, we return you to your regular programming...

  12. Would someone please give an update on how the child is doing. Compared to her wellbeing, Witless Willy is less than insignificant.

      1. No, Roy; it's not obvious. Remember, Bill is a sociopath. You actually have to tell him to care for other living things; it doesn't come naturally to him.

  13. Well, to be fair to Bill (yes, I just threw up in my mouth a bit) for a writer of his stature and significance, changing the actions of ALL of his commenters is as easy as changing a pair of socks.

  14. If Gail passes away tonight, I will call the Howard County courthouse tomorrow and ask for an emergency rescheduling. Hoge may wish to read my blog in the morning before making the trip to Ellicott City.

    That, in itself, is far more compassion than the man has ever showed me. I don’t want him to drive all that way for nothing.

    WTF? His wife is dying and he's only going to ask for a continuance if she's already dead? He's not going to ask for one to spend time with her?

    And what is this compassion he's talking about? Telling John Hoge to check before going to the courthouse? Saving someone a 45 minute drive is a pretty strange definition of "compassion". And I do seem to remember John either asked for or agreed to having 300+ charges nolle prosed, which at the time Bill thought was very nice. Most people would think not being prosecuted on that many charges a far greater kindness than not having to drive for 90 minutes or so round trip.


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