Personal Data Harvesting

I figure I might as well be totally upfront about this…

I have contracted with a Nigerian Prince to provide personal contact data from all my readers for an unspecified purpose.  Sorry, but the money was just too good, and we zombies are well-known for not having the most rigid of moral codes.  Tell yourself you couldn’t possibly have seen this coming if it helps.

Anyway, by clicking on this post, I have collected all of your WordPress information into the form below for collation and re-sending to the aforementioned royal figurehead.  If you do not wish to participate, you can select the Opt Out button in the form below and hit Submit.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Personal Data Harvesting”

  1. Ugh.... for the last time it's not Nigerian Prince it's ZAMBIAN PRINCESS.

    Get it right or I'm docking you percentage points of the profit$

  2. Also, regarding Pustule's latest blog post...

    No one is the least bit worried, chubs. You won't be allowed to procede IFP, and you'll suddenly be too sick yourself and too busy with your dying (DYING I SAY) wife too bother with such inconsequential matters as dropping $400 on suit that CAN. NOT. SURVIVE. motions to dismiss. And even if it could, you have no case because you have not been defamed. You've been mocked. Insulted. Parodied. Worst of all, quoted. Defamed? No punkin, no. That's different, and just because you don't understand why, doesn't mean we don't.
    In conclusion, BWAHAHAHAHAHA and HA!

    1. Do you know what else he doesn't understand? Creating, running, and hosting a podcast. He's bad. *SMH* Tis a shame he doesn't have any friends. Someone who could tell him to hang it up, or at the very least, encourage him to stop being the most uninformed, negative, and insulting jackass to ever blight Live 365, Spreaker, BTR (whatever venue he's using this week).

      He never says anything positive... about anyone or anything. And, he entirely lacks any depth or any capacity to understand the issues when he tries to come across as Mr. Politics. He's just all about the hate. I hate Hoge. I hate Krendler. I hate Lickspittles. I hate Christians. I hate Right Wingers. BlahBlahBlah. Yeah. Real deep and informed there. *pfft*

      And, I have no idea who told him that using his voice the way he does makes for good "radio," or if he just came up with it all by his lonesome, but it's beyond distracting and does nothing but come across and juvenile, unprofessional, and ridiculous.

      1. The amazing thing is that he lasted almost three years on xm, even on the show tunes channel.

      1. Wow, Pater, you must be unusually resistant to the Prince's charms. I wish i still had some kleenex.

  3. It is said that certain Nigerian Princes are thought to be in the export Oedipal Troll trade. It is also thought that they export said trolls to ME wearing t-shirts stating " Peace Be Upon Him, I'm A Jovial, Scat, Mayo Milking, Oedipal Troll." Imports are said to be a bit topped though!

  4. Prince Mboto was in my year at Eton as it happens. I'll say hello to him for you down at our club later. While you're harvesting data, the old boy does like his cognac.


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